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The Muiri have developed many origin stories over the millennia and throughout the vast worlds in which they inhabit. Stories of fairies, nymphs, and otherkin are told time and time again around fires, and as bedtime stories. But it will be here on Sanctuary, which the Muiri call Tèarmann ap Dídean, that the Muiri will come to understand a new origin story; a tale of iron and ice, of a great black dragon that rules the moon-bright sky, and the elements of water and air that infuse their very nature. Some still deny they are part of the Muiri, but iron is their kryptonite and by this all Muiri are known.

The Muiri organize themselves in the traditional way for the fae, by Winter and Summer Courts that move between the kingdoms willynilly. This is not a land-based organization like the noble houses, but rather simply two political groups that function with no greater goals than to influence the game to their own benefit. The Summer Court's motto might be defined as "You're not doing it right", while the Winter Court's motto is "You're not the boss of me." Sufficed to say that without the pull of ancient tradition, which has become magical geas, the courts would have dissolved. Instead, they are frighteningly effective at influencing the native population. Read More ...

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  • All Muiri are weakened by Iron.
Physical Traits
In almost all cases, the Muiri have non-human physical features and the ability to glamour or shape-shift.


Sub-Race A list of the most populus Muiri sub-races.
Cathe Nghêl
Like all Muiri the Cathe Nghêl are descendants of the Children of the Forest who first inhabited Cuiveinen. Like the Otherkin the Cathe could once found all over the mainland, but it has been a long time since they have been heard from as a people. Some of them can be found in small clusters in Underhill, going by the name of Meer. The name is said to be a shortened form of "a meer shadow of themselves", or perhaps because the Cathe, unlike most normal cats love the water. Read More ..
H Erlkin.jpg
The Erlkin of the central northern forest are a direct descendant of the Children of the Forest and bear many similarities with the Huldra of the east. They take their name from the legend of the Erlking, a Forest Lord who is believed to steal away children and travelers. The legend of the Erlking grew up during the Thorn King Era and most tales include stories of his supposed court. Read More ..
The Huldra-folk of Midrvegr are relatively common as they managed to hide amoung the more human population there. Anyone who has studied the history of Cuiveinen will immediately notice the similarities between the Huldra and the earliest tales of the Children of the Forest. In fact, the Huldra claim that they are the purest of the Daoine Sídhe, perhaps even their predecessors. Their claim has met with some support from historians in Meissa as it is wildly known that Midrvegr suffered the least amount of racial blending. It is possible that it was the Tuatha De Danann who gave the Children their proto-gaelic name. Read More ..
Otherkin are Muiri who's natural form is that of an animal yet have the ability to glamour themselves as human. The culture and traditions of Otherkin vary as wildly as that of any natural animal, yet as they are both sentient and able to speak humanoid languages, they have developed complex cultures which have taken on any number of human traits. However, Otherkin do not consider themselves to be "two-natured" as many of the Lycanthropes do -- for them, their animal form is their true form. Read More ..
In their human glamour most Sylphin have done their best to appear both uninteresting and unassuming. While they are certainly capable of gathering glamour about them to turn the heads of human males and females, notice was not to their advantage. The Andals and other humans who followed the Thorn King quickly learned that a Muiri's glamour could be broken with something as simple as an iron nail.
Ancient & Rare Races
The Children of the Forest are not currently playable as a race. All other sub-races for Muiri listed on the Travelers page should be played as Travelers rather than as native.

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