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From Sanctuary Shard


The Alfarian race come into being during the Thorn King Era, they are primarily a Rohirrim and Ljósálfar half-Aelfeyn, but most of the kingdom of Midgvegr included the Jotunn as well, so many Alfarians have Jotunn blood. Alfarians are a curious race with a complex duality, their elven side leads them to the study of the sciences and intellectual pursuits, their human Rohirrim side is far more martial and wholely nordic in temperament and culture. Most Alfarians are of the nobility, as their inclination towards estate management and leadership makes them ideal leaders. They are elegant and charming speakers with a forthright nature that even the most grumbly of Jot appreciates. However, Alfarians, like the Trow have terrible tempers. Scholars suppose it is the combination of Jotunn and Alfar that creates this curious sided effect. Unlike the Trow, Alfarian parents actively work to train their young children to control their temper and keep their composure.

They are typically pale-skinned and pale-haired, though rarely as pale as their Ljósálfar or Alfar ancestors, some Alfarians even tan and may have hair as dark as light brown. Their ears are slightly pointed and they are tall, easily reaching seven to seven and a half feet.

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