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From Sanctuary Shard


Like the Drokkalfar, the Ljósálfar are less a sub-race of Alfar then they are a distinctive clan. When the Alfar arrived in Cuiveinen they were comprised of both Drokkalfar and Ljósálfar. The origins of the two distinctive clans is unknown but since they have been here definite distinctions have occurred.

The Ljósálfar are light-haired with pale-milk skin and are known for being sociable with a high tendency towards loyal family units. They prefer martial arts and sciences, festivals, games, and other types of clan gatherings. When the Rohirrim of Middle-Earth arrive, the synergy of cultures would become immediately apparent. The Ljósálfar and Jotunn would make room for the new arrivals in Midrvegr. The horse-lords would be welcomed to take up land and earn their political position alongside the non-humans.

Marriage would cross racial between the Ljósálfar, Jotunn, and Rohirrim. Those clearly of Aelfyen stock would be known as Alfarians, while the Hoggur counter-parts would be known as Jot. The two blended races, with their more human appearance, would survive well during the Thorn King Era.

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