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From Sanctuary Shard

So you want to play an Andal ...

The Andals have not had a good time of it in the last 100 years since the fall of the Thorn King. Some of it is their own fault and some of it is simply the backlash of non-humans who have been persecuted for a very long time. You'll want to read the native races page to find the various nuggets of information as to how the non-human races have been treated to give you an idea as to what the potential backlash is. At the very least you can expect that most Andals have been kicked out of Raeyithia or enslaved in Midrvegr.

Many, but not all, Andals have kept their Thorn King religion as well as their pure-blood arrogance and that certainly leads to a lot of backlash on part of the non-humans. While the Thorn King is very loosely based on medieval Christianity it is important that we don't push that line to the point where players feel uncomfortable. It is my intention that anyone who is Christian can clearly look at how we are playing an understand this is a "fantasy monotheistic" religion not Christianity with a different name. It would probably behoove you to watch at least the first few episodes of Cursed and Carnival Row.

Reading List

Some basic differences

  1. The Thorn King is not the "son" of another god. Consequently there is no father, son, and holy ghost. His most common titles are "The Good Brother", "Lord and Father", "The one true God".
  2. Also, the Thorn King did not die on behalf of "sinners". He died to reverse a terrible famine and plague and when he rose again was raised to the level of god-hood which makes him a sacred/sacrificial king.
  3. The worship of Acrab is not the same as that of the Thorn King. However, he was accepted as a prophet of Acrab, and thus Andus avoided the wholesale conversion that affected the rest of the mainland.
  4. There are 13 commandments, not 10. (See Below)
  5. The thorn king religion actively demonizes, kills, enslaves, or forcibly converts all non-humans. There is no love and understanding of all life in the liturgy.
  6. Magic is only acceptable when practiced by paladins and clergy of the church.


It is said that when the King returned he bore still the crown of thorns about his brow. And he spoke these words, "For let it be known by my return that I am your one true god and by your glory have I risen again. As I sacrificed for you, so too shall you each sacrifice in my name. As you prepared my body in holy sacraments for the life I gave, so too shall you bath in everlasting purity. And it is by these acts and my words shall you all persist in the works of our people as I direct you."

  • Thou shall not lie with a non-human.
  • Thou shall not suffer a practitioner of false magic to live.
  • Thou shall not harbor a criminal.
  • Thou shall not give blessings in the name of false gods.
  • Thou shall not speak against the king.
  • Thou shall not stir up strife.
  • Thou shall not stop the flow of water.
  • Thou shall not steal the property of god.
It is understood that the rest of these commandments imply “against another of the faith”, as it is not considered murder to kill a non-human.
  • Thou shall not commit murder.
  • Thou shall not bear false witness.
  • Thou shall not steal cultivated land.
  • Thou shall not commit robbery with violence.
  • Thou shall not make that which is pure impure.

Current Organization

I imagine, if you will, the core church was definitely destroyed, and many sacred relics were smuggled out to the four corners of the world ... and anyone with one might be claiming to be the "true" church. Or perhaps the "hunters" have gone independent and were never all that religious in the first place, just killers with permission. Or even the small local groups just trying to keep their ways in private and little more than closet "racists".

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