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Archive: News and Rumor 2019

From Sanctuary Shard


December 2019

Wardens of the Wilds

The Carigsay harbor is completely frozen over as the fiercest winter on record grips the continent, bringing virtually all to a halt. However, word comes from the north that several contingents of Wardens have attacked a northern stronghold. It remains to be seen what will become of these cavalier and, dare I say, foolhardy troops.

Week One

Wardens of the Wilds

The Winter doldrums continue to hold Carigsay in its frigid grasp, bringing all activity within the city to a standstill. Even the Wardens who have ventured north to patrol Emlyn's wilds have sent no word, save their regular briefings.

November 2019

Week Four

Wardens of the Wilds

All is quiet in Carigsay this week, as the (relative) chill of winter brings the city to a standstill. Though several visiting merchants chuckle at the allegations of cold weather, insisting that the northern kingdoms are FAR more brutal this time of year.

Week Three


While those of the Fjarora region prepare for the harsh reality of a Northern winter, troops holding the banners of Prismatic Sovereignty have been seen in the territory. What will occur and whom will be victorious is anyone's guess. But as always the Valdrdomr, stand at the ready.

Qubilat al-Asad

Noted "training" missions continue to continue and the forces seem to be growing larger in number, Sultan Sahure assures his people in the weekly meeting that this is "training". Though many are starting to feel that there may be more to as the surrounding boarders seem to be growing to the West with encampments.

Wardens of the Wilds

It seems as though the city of Carigsay has taken a cue from their slumbering god, for all is seemingly quiet this week. With Brighwell now under Wardens control, there is an increased stream of traffic and commerce between the two, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Bands of Wardens continue to patrol the western kingdom in the hopes of maintaining the peace, but with the trolls retreated to their mountain lairs, the wilds seem relatively calm once more.

Order of the Black Lion

Those around Caerleon have been often hearing the sounds of horns and the sight of many men mounted on horses circling about the city. They appear to be restless and scouts have moved eastward.

The High Priest and Inquisitor continue to track every lead available regarding a string of murders that recently happened in the capital. There is word that Dalilja of Fjarora may be summoned.

Week Two

The Prismatic Sovereignty

While the capital city whispers occasionally of the joint court held in Andalstad this week, that news is nothing compared to the hushed conversations centering around the conflict in Haverbron and the fury of the dragon queen. Some say men march directly for Fjarora, while others insist the dragon queen will burn the seaside village to the ground herself.


After mobilizing forces, being victorious in battle, and taking control of the Haverbron region—those of the house have rejoiced. Though the North is one step closer towards being united, at least in the eyes of the Valdrdómr, those of Fjarora have remained vigilant.


Nothing has been heard from the trolls since the battle in the north from scouts of townsfolk. Could this be a lesson learned by the trolls or is there more going on within the mountains?

Qubilat al-Asad

Noted "training" missions continue to continue and the forces seem to be growing larger in number, Sultan Sahure assures his people in the weekly meeting that this is "training". Though many are starting to feel that there may be more to as the surrounding boarders seem to be growing to the West with encampments.

Rumors continue to bleed throughout the city about the Sultan abruptly leaving the joint meeting of several houses mid-way through it. Could this mean anything or is everything just peaceful and the army movements are just that.. Training?

Wardens of the Wilds

The people of Carigsay are positively buzzing over news that a unit of the Wardens has marched into the neighboring city of Brighwell and taken over! While leadership assures us that the occupation was, in fact, a peaceful affair, and will only strengthen both cities in the long run, one has to wonder how this news will affect the Wardens' relationship with Raeyithia, to whom Brighwell technically belongs.

News about the town itself has been mostly quiet, as the Ceannasai prepares to journey north to meet with the lord of the trolls. Several Wardens scouts have ventured ahead, in the hopes of securing an uneventful journey, though if rumours are to be believed, trolls are an unpredictable lot.

Week One

The Prismatic Sovereignty

Rumors from the capital city are scarce this week, though they say the Queen is still taking her daily walks down to check on the men sent from Emlyn. The banners of the Sovereignty are seen near Haverbron again, as more men gather within the stronghold and those same banners fly proudly to the west over Estervern now, announcing the Sovereignty's claim on the region.

Andalstad itself seems calm, though perhaps a sense of waiting sits heavy over the capital city.


Though the higher-ranking members of the House have noticeably been absent as of late, army units continue to move erratically throughout the Fjarora region. Some say it is a distracting tactics, meant to alley fears of attack, others comment that perhaps dissension lives within the Valdrdómr.

Are those of the house still committed to a united North? Do they still hold the Northern Pantheon of Gods in high regard? Only time will tell.

Wardens of the Wilds

Word from the Wilds reaches Carigsay that, though the Wardens have yet to make contact - or even locate - the troll encampment, the process of elimination seems to have worked in their favor, and only a few unexplored bits of the northern mountains remain. The Ceannasai has even been heard saying she would make the journey herself, in hopes of speaking with the lord of the trolls.

Additionally, there are hushed rumors that a contingent of Wardens have not ventured north with the others, but instead are engaged in what some are calling "aggressive negotiations." Will their deeds pay off in putting Carigsay on the map? Or do they simply paint a target upon their own backs? No one knows for certain, and leadership is frustratingly mum on the subject.

Sounds of construction have finally faded once more, as the Ceannasai's latest project reaches completion, and the town of Carigsay now boasts a bath house to rival the finest capital establishments.

Order of the Black Lion

Scouts watching Emlyn forces in the North note that forces arrived at Andalstad and have not shown any sign of preparing to mobilize anytime in the short term. While Caerleon officials state that the armies are there for "peacekeeping," the mission has provided a secondary benefit - a successful cultural exchange between two peoples that do not often encounter one another.

On a darker note, rumors have escaped Caerleon of grisly murders that transpired within the walls. The delay between the time of the murders and the rumors escaping suggest local authorities may have attempted to cover up the incidents as much as possible, however, with the number of victims and witnesses it became impossible. A garrison was called back to the capital and one would note an increased presence of guards, even late into the night. Some believe a habitual murderer has taken residence in Caerleon, others suggest it was done in a way to send a message. Servants may be heard discussing how they cleaned up blood and limbs.

Qubilat al-Asad

Noted "training" missions continue to continue and the forces seem to be growing larger in number, Sultan Sahure assures his people in the weekly meeting that this is "training". Though many are starting to feel that there may be more to as the surrounding boarders seem to be growing to the West with encampments.

During this past weekly meeting for several houses it was noted that the Sultan abruptly left the processing's to never return. Several locals speculate that there is tensions building from the Northern lands.


Word is that the trolls have started to take back to the mountains after a skirmish ensued leaving many dead trolls. Unsure of who or what took part in this battle at the entrance of the mountain pass.

October 2019

Week Five


Valdrdómr forces, those which surrounded the city, have been seen pulling back from Haverbron. Some are questioning the tactic and have been left wondering if those of Fjarora no longer intend to lay claim to the province.

The Pristmatic Sovereignty

While things are rarely quiet in the north, most of the capital seems busy accommodating those under the banners of Emlyn settled just outside the city. The Queen has been seen taking her morning walk in that direction, and it is said she often doesn't return to Castle Andal until hours later.

Raven's Kiss

Things have, by an large, remained quiet in Drokksburg and Kraestret at large. Although many of the learned folk have remained quite excited about the new Library branch in the city, little else of note has occurred, save for a vague rumor of unexplained disappearances of common folk in the docks district... but few ever care much about those sorts going missing.

The Order of the Silver Key

Things have been relatively quiet at the Great Library, with the expedition lead by Lysilia to study the Leylines of the land underway.

The Drokksburg Public Library, a branch of the Great Library had its soft opening and was well received.

The Wild Hunt

As leaves fall away in Raeyithia and a thicket of thorns creeps across the walls of the Capitol -- particularly those of the royal estates -- it is rumored that winter preparations are fully underway.

Little has been seen or heard from the Red Sovereign as of late, closeted within the estates under curtains of deepest secrecy. When glimpsed, she has been a solitary figure; without word to give to this reporter about any further specifics beyond that all is well in the Kingdom itself.

All those who desire an audience with Raeyithian leadership are encouraged by Capitol personnel to send their requests in writing to the Sovereign herself; all such requests will be considered with due haste.


Construction on the Mythalivan estate is finally complete and the weary Lord and Lady of the estate return to Drokkburg to report to the Queen.

Order of the Black Lion

Those who work in the castle say that the main subjects of discussion in Caerleon are preparing for winter, dealing with the increased number of trolls in the mountains, and attempting to maintain peace and stability among the northern houses.

Wardens of the Wilds

Townspeople of Carigsay and the surrounding areas are still a-twitter from the Samhain festival that occurred this week, though most seem to save their highest praise for the selection of baked goods offered by two of the newest wardens.

Also, news from the Wilds indicates that the Wardens have found no trace of the trolls as of yet, but have broadened their search, in hopes of finding a diplomatic solution to the continued raids of the northern garrisons.

Qubilat al-Asad

Rumor around town has been that Sultan Sahure Izezi has appointed several new members to his political rankings. During this transition, it has been said that the Sultan has been holding private meetings with delegates from northern houses.

Local military rumors ( those mostly within it's ranks) have noticed and speculated about the changing of current leadership and missions being carried out.


Rumors continue about troll scouts moving throughout the North last week. Small pockets of trolls have been spotted in the forest's near Emlyn gathering lumbers continues to increase. These types of rumors have been growing in number and size as more sightings throughout the Northern boarders have also increased in frequency.

Knights of the Forest

Following the banquet and oath taking rumour has it that the the Lady of the Forests has put out the call for her knights to organize in preparation to protect the forest. It is said that the number of knights has jumped dramatically over the last period.

Week Four

The Prismatic Sovereignty

Whispers around Andalstad say the capital expects forces from Emlyn in the coming weeks, though the -why- seems to run the usual scale of the wildly false claims to some that bear truth. They say Estervern will soon be fit to house even more men and the Queen is eager to grow her armies, while knights wait ready in Haverbron to secure Her Majesty's claim on the north. Rumors abound from commoners and nobles alike that Fjarora will surely shed the first blood and the unstable north could descend into chaos.


Though the banners of the Valdrdómr have been seen on the outskirts of Haverbron, troops have yet to make an inciting move. At present forces continue to dock on the shores of Fjarora, all bannermen of the Valdrdómr, having long since been called to service.

Rumor has it, that not only are forces from Andalstad and Novochebay a potential threat, but that the lord of Emlyn has banished children of Fenrir from his lands, and therefore can also be considered a danger to the Valdrdómr.

Order of the Black Lion

Armies that were sent northward appeared to be headed towards Novochebay, however, it appears they have abruptly started marching south for unknown reasons.

After many weeks away the Order's head Inquisitor Alaster Niall has once again been seen in Caerleon. The Lord Reagent had been telling others the the Inquisitor was away on a special mission. However, late one evening this week the two were seen having an intense conversation near the castle that went well into the night.

Wardens of the Wilds

Sounds of construction once more ring out over the tiers of Carigsay, as the post-harvest calm seems to have the ceannasai itching for activity. When asked for details, the lady of Carigsay was frustratingly vague, stating only that the changes were all with the happiness of her people in mind.

Word from the Wilds seems to indicate that, while the wardens continue their trek north and north-east, no trolls have been sighted as of yet. Spirits remain high that whatever threat may come, will be easily addressed in due time.

There have also been reported sightings of a small white dragon soaring over the harbor of late, although as it seems to have no interest in attack, most rumors have focused on the beautiful sheen of its scales, as the populace is no stranger to unusual sights at this point.

The Wild Hunt

This reporter dutifully wishes to note the following --

Several groves of living trees have.... shifted, during one of this week's recent nights. Whispers abound regarding the reasons for this; but the trees are most certainly not talking, currently. Entire areas of forest have relocated themselves to specific points around the borders of Raeyithia; several concentrated around the capitol.

Though the typical maelstrom of rumours swirl about the Red Sovereign's royal estates, she's remained close-lipped on most matters concerning herself and those within her orbit. (Shocking, we know.) It can be said that she does appear extraordinarily happy as of late, and has gone about her duties with a surprising lack of complaint.

Preparations still continue for the royal masquerade ball, though the date of the event is still nebulous. The royal estates have released a statement assuring the kingdom that plenty of prior notice will be given, when a date is nailed down.

Qubilat al-Asad

Current noticeable changes to the army movements around the Andus boarders continue to spread. One officer among the infantry troops is noted to be questioning the changes since some of the new arrivals to the Sultans personal guard." The sultan has changes our ranking systems and has turned to calling the Calvary, "blood Riders".

In other parts of the city many claimed tradition's have been covered and new ones put into place. One person whom wished to withhold their name stated " Slavery as a whole seems to be dwindling and the women are starting to believe they are equals".


Rumors continue about troll scouts moving throughout the North last week. Small pockets of trolls have been spotted in the forest's near Emlyn gathering lumbers continues to increase.

Knights of the Forest

The Knights held an opening banquet, celebrating their settlement in Essendell. The knights and guests listened with rapt attention to Anemone, Lady of the Forest. Perhaps their attention was unsurprising as Lady Anemone was accompanied by two white unicorns. Before the sumptuous dinner, The Lady spoke of the seven knightly virtues and three loyalties -- to the order, kingdom and to the goddess. All the knights swore an oath of allegiance, even to death, to uphold the knightly virtues and the three loyalties. The attending foreign dignitaries were witnesses to this oath.

Week Three


The clash of the three armies as the common folk have called it in the North, has been threatening the delicate balance of the Haverbron region. It is rumored that a House not of the North, is thought to have made an alliance with on of these armies. And though those of Fjarora, have been mustering their forces and making strategic plans, if and when they will strike is yet not known. In fact, those of Valdrdomr, have been oddly quiet as of late.

The Prismatic Sovereignty

Rumors of a skirmish near Haverbron have tongues wagging in the capital city of Andalstad. Some say it involved only bandits, but others insist Fjarora has ventured beyond their peninsula and that more bloodshed is imminent. The more observant gossipers also tell of a long, private meeting between a frequent visitor and the Queen and her General.

The Queen has also been spotted venturing to Summer Isle more often this week, most seem to assume recruitment is heavy on her mind.

Order of the Silver Key

There has been a general building of activity in and around the Great Library, with shipments being made to the Capital of Kraestret.

The official announcement of a Branch Library opening in the capital at the request of the Queen. A building has already been procured.

It is also said that the Head Researcher is currently undertaking a large project that involves Leylines and mapping. And that she would be interested in anyone who would wish to participate in said project.

There is also a general excitement as the Key grows in numbers, a prominent scholar has signed his name to the ranks of the Library as of last evening. With that news further celebration is had at the word that the Head Curator has been cleared of all accusations against him and has been returned from his exile from the Library grounds.

Lastly, the word is Library Guards have been seen in and around Golmeuse. Establishing a camp there.


Rumors continue about troll scouts moving throughout the North. Small pockets of trolls have been spotted in the forest's near Emlyn gathering lumbers.

House Mythalvian

The Lord and Lady of House Mythalivan have been suspiciously quiet this last week. The most likely cause would be their continued need to get the new estates in order. Further, it has been suggested that Lord Mythalvian and the Warlord Asajiro Kitsune have been actively recruiting forces with the intention of defending the border between Kraestret and Midrvegr.

Spies will have noted that formal alliances have been established between Mythalivan and other local armed forces.


Needing to lick their wounds from their last defeat, there are no other overt actions being done by the Imperium. Even their expansion north seems to have slowed down as they rebuild their forces.

Qubilat al-Asad

Rumor around town has been that Sultan Sahure Izezi has appointed several new members to his political rankings. During this transition, it has been said that the Sultan has been holding private meetings with delegates from northern houses.

Local military rumors ( those mostly within it's ranks) have noticed and speculated about the changing of current leadership and missions being carried out.

The Sultan was also seen spending a large amount of time in and around his Summer Isle home.

Order of the Black Lion

Any scouts that were sent to track army movements will note that they watched Emlyn forces pass through Kraestret seemingly without incident, although it remains to be seen if anything will happen farther north.

A statement of the court was recently issued noting that the kingdom was troubled by rumors of increased werewolf activity. At weekly sermon, the Lord Reagent mentioned that the archives showed the God King Brutus regularly warned his followers of an evil spirit named Sauron, who was known to take the form of a werewolf. Any such creatures found in Emlyn are to be detained for questioning.

While such proclamations are commonplace in Emlyn, it may be the subject of discussion elsewhere.

Wardens of the Wilds

After what some are calling a contentious tiff between the Lady of Carigsay and the Lord Regent of Emlyn, the Wardens have been seen moving northward with more purpose than their previous patrols indicated, presumably to address the possible threat of troll war parties hitting the northern garrisons. When pressed for details, the Ceannasai simply offered reassurances that the people of Emlyn would not suffer if the Wardens could prevent it.

In other news, with the harvest completed early, several merchant caravans have been seen heading east, to Raeyithia, as others arrive from the neighboring kingdom. Despite the sudden abdication of the Queen, it appears the Red Sovereign and the Ceannasai are all too eager to continue their diplomatic relationship to the benefit of both regions.

And a good portion of those goods are being stored in the tavern, of all places, despite not appearing to be foodstuffs or spirits. Rumor has it that following the success in Tarasinau, the two regions have decided to consolidate on a second public auction, to be held later in the week.

Raven's Kiss

Much celebration and delight by the more learned of Drokkburg has been occupying much of the attention in town early this week, after rumors began to circulate that the Order of the Silver Keys would be opening a new Northern branch in the city at the invitation of the Queen.

Many rumors about her person have also flown, particularly concerning her being often seen in either the craft hall or the temple. Something was clearly afoot, but there are few hints as to what. But given that she has been spotted numerous time walking the streets with an entirely distracted expression instead of her usual purposeful stride, many have grown concerned that perhaps her mind had been addled by something! Other insist she had merely found, rightfully, active faith with the transference and consecration of the temple.

Despite such mundane matters - positive or negative - there is still plenty of tension to go around, particularly with rumors of troops being spotted moving in nearby territory bearing the emblems of the Black Lions.

As the week drew to a close, the gossips again were set to chattering at the announcement that official Court sessions were to be moved to a biweekly schedule, with the alternating weeks to be focused on more socially themed gatherings!

The Wild Hunt

This reporter is delighted to announce that no news of major import, intrigue, or otherwise scandal have been reported (more than once) throughout the course of the past week.

Katya, the Red Sovereign of Raeyithia (all rights reserved, patents pending) has remained an elusive presence, though the Royal Interior is still accepting all requests for audience in a subjectively organized, orderly manner. All reports indicate that these audiences have been occurring regularly. Reports also detail that a small cloaked retinue, accompanying perhaps a figure of some importance, has been seen slipping into the capitol during the wee hours of the mornings.

Word has passed that the Hunt plans to collaborate with the illustrious Wardens of the Wild for another auction, later in the coming week. Individuals from across the kingdom have been streaming in with wares, followers, and random animals in tow.

Knights of the Forest

Under the leadership of the Red Unicorn, Anemone, Lady of the Forest, the knights have occupied Essendell. With the coming of the knights the forests are now quiet as all bandits and highwaymen seem to have fled with the influx of the new Order of Knights. A large bear has been seen in company of Lady Anemone, along with a silent white stag and a strange woman.

Week Two


Rumors of continue to grow as word has become to travel around the north of the sighting's of troll scouts. Abandoned short term encampments also have been noted around the boarders of Raedoria.


The common people in Midrvegr are discussing the fact that a small, but fast moving army headed down out of the far north east, aiming directly for Haverbron. A battle ensued against another armed force of unknown origin. The local populace cheered when the fierce Imperium soldiers where said to have died to a man. The question remains, who defeated them? (This is an NPC House, contact Lara with questions.)


News from Tiversonim has been quiet as they are still in the process of establishing a household in the region just north of Drokkburg. The new Lord and Lady Mythalivan are reported to having taking rooms in a district of Drokkburg on the southern side of the city.

Order of the Black Lion

Recent movements of armies, plots against bandits and the Imperium, requests to make contact with the trolls, and private meetings with the dragonfolk have been hard to ignore. This level of interference in Northern affairs by the Western kingdom of Emlyn are hard to dismiss at this point in time, and will likely be distasteful to some.

Talk has resumed about the Festival of Caerleon. The Lord Reagent dispatched the quartermaster to scout out potential locations to hold the festivities. It is said the Lord Reagent has been considering loosening the rules for participants in the melee tournament held at the festival's climax. This has caused a minor scandal among the nobles in the capital. Some feel it will add more excitement to a stiff event, others feel it will more resemble a tavern brawl than a battle of honorable combatants.


It is rumored that a small council was held in Fjarora, to discuss the recent movement of troops making its way to the Haverbron territory from the Miðrvegr capital of Andalstad. Though what exactly was said is unknown, the reinforcement of troops within the city and surrounding the Long Hall, have made it apparent that tensions are mounting in the North.

Additionally, the roar of Fenrir heard throughout the land weeks past, has continued to call those who hold an affinity for the God and wolves in general, to Fjarora. A full moon is upon us today (October 13), both a dangerous and sacred time to the Valdrdómr. And if rumors are to be believed, the hunters are finding themselves at the moment, the hunted.

The Wild Hunt

This reporter, with regret and solemnity, wishes to account for the abdication of Queen Caelestia of Raeyithia earlier this week -- much to the surprise of the general public. At this time, no reasons are being released from the Capitol as to why this may have occurred.

Currently, the crown princess Katya has been managing the affairs of Raeyithia with surprising levels of subtlety. (Save for giving herself a rather flamboyant new title, and repeatedly warning this reporter not to refer to her as "queen." Please note that all legal issues undoubtedly arising from this news entry can be directed safely to our legal counsel.)

Construction continues at an unnamed location in Emlyn, at order of the aforementioned individual. We are as yet unable to determine specifics of what seems to be a rather grandiose project. (Also, our payoffs have not been accepted by any of the royal estate's hirelings.)

On a more serious note, we have gained exclusive access to an odd request sent to the Raeyithian Royal Office of All Diplomatic Comings and Goings, directly from within the royal estate itself. (We reserve all rights to our sources.) The request, which will not be totally detailed here, has ordered the Royal Office to guarantee asylum/free rights of passage to a particular foreign dignitary, [Name Redacted], henceforth. What could this mean for the current political machinations in the Capitol?

Any movements from within the royal estate are still closely guarded, and occurring within the wee hours of the night. Though the people are as of yet unconcerned, it is clear that forces are moving within the Capitol; though to what end, this reporter is unsure.

Wardens of the Wilds

All seems quiet around Carigsay, as the last bushels and bundles of the harvest are safely stored away for the coming cold. Several travelers mention seeing increased troops on the roads leading to the city, though they move in the standard patrol pattern, rather than towards any unseen threat.

The Ceannasai has made herself much more visible this past week, helping finish the final repairs on some of the local homes and meeting with foreign dignitaries. In fact, it is said she and several others, all from distant kingdoms, spoke long into the night at the local tavern about the various goings-on in the world. Could this be the headway into a worldwide alliance? Or simple camaraderie brought about by Xavier's finest ales? Only time will tell.

Qubilat al-Asad

Early this week Sultan Sahure Izezi announced the opening of the amphitheater "Court of Contention" taking place this Friday night ( see Motd for time). Rumor has traders from across the sea have been coming in droves to witness this historic event!. Also of note that around the House of Qubilat many of the banners have been removed. Speculation among the locals is that this is just another changes the Sultan has been making.

Raven's Kiss

With the week barely begun, the gossips of Drokkburg already had plenty of fodder for wagging tongues!

Smoke smudged the skyline just south of the city coming from the pass through the mountains at the beginning of the week; though some of course insist it was some nefarious plot by foreign operatives, others insist it was clearly some horrible accident, and others still that it was an intentional message. All agree, though, that given the location of the smoke, it was almost certainly the Diplomatic Councillor's abode, as there is little else in the area that could have been ablaze.

Hot on the heels of news of the fire, word began to circulate that a bardic event was held in the long-unused theater at the south end of the docks, attended by many dignitaries, both local and foreign, and further that this was being requested by the Queen to become a regular occurrence!

Order of the Silver Key

Library patrons were abuzz with news after this week's announcement that the Library would be opening a new branch in Drokkburg. Many from the north are happy at the prospect of not having to go all the way "to that blasted desert" to study. Some whisper that this is some sort of political maneuver. A large supply train loaded down with books and people is already preparing to make the journey.

Earlier in the week, several masters and apprentices had been sent to study "abroad" at the Academy in Raedoria, by invitation of Queen Caelestia. Her unexpected abdication has left that group of scholars filled with uncertainty as to whether they are still welcome.

Week One


It is rumored that the waters around Fjarora, have been unusually rough. The reckless waves making it impossible for ships to navigate the waters. The culmination of this being a mysterious ritual in the calming waters of the sacred pool, near the recently constructed temple to the Goddess, Yrsa.

Additionally, wolves from all corners seem to be flocking towards Fjarora, a powerful energy beckoning them, making it nearly impossible for them to ignore.

The Prismatic Sovereignty

As usual, rumors fly both in Andalstad and on the outskirts of the city. Most notably, the locals tell of a long meeting held in Castle Andal between the Lord Regeant of Emlyn, the Sultan of Andus, and Queen Nyre.

Others are far more interested in the imposing dragon general immersing himself in the local culture and people of Midrvegr. Some say he cannot hold his mead, while the soldiers gathering in Andalstad insist he could drink steadily for days without any change in expression or demeanor.

Order of the Black Lion

You may notice that nobles in all of the capitals have become worried, or even distraught, following the rapid movement of a rumor through the land. The rumor centers around a note that was given to a messenger by the Lord Reagent of Emlyn to be delivered to Daciana of Drokwald within the last two days.

The content of the message involved notice to Daciana of knights and infantry men who are set to pass near Drokwald late next week, according to an Emlyn noble familiar with the contents of the message. The Lord Reagent appears to be citing a right of the other four kingdoms to pass without unnecessary hindrance through the thin stretch of land near Drokwald that connects east to west.

The note also disclosed that the units do not have any hostile intentions towards Kraestret and were going to stay as far from Drokwald as possible to avoid misunderstandings. Traders who witnessed the units moving north noted that they did not appear to be prepared for a lengthy campaign and were not towing siege weapons behind.

Speculation has already started to run wild. Some assume that the knights are looking to chase down the bandits that attacked Molvernia, others assume Emlyn is seeking to confront The Imperium, following strong verbal rebukes by the Lord Reagent. The more conspiratorial-minded may attempt to read further into this move.

Regardless, the message is likely to lead to much talk in the coming week, and conflict between the level-headed urging restraint and the hot-headed urging confrontation.

Trolls and Imperium

Rumors of Troll movements in the far north have been reported, as well as the continued aggressive expansion of the Imperium in the far north-east.

These two groups are being ran as NPCs, if you need to speak with an NPC representative contact Lara in Discord.


Brea Wynne Wistari was seen this week leading the service to place a new god on the Arcanum Crystal in Drokkburg and is rumored to be hosting another ritual later this week in Fjarora. What is the priestess in white plotting with all her rattling and ranting!

Raven's Kiss

The town of Drokkburg has been a constant buzz of talk over the course of the week.

First about the court over the weekend, during which the Great House of Valdrdómr vowed their allegiance to the Raven's Kiss, and further the establishment of a bannerhouse loyal to Valdrdómr and hence the Raven's Kiss, House Mythalvian led by the Lady Brea Wistari in Tiversomin.

Long before the gossips grew tired with that subject, came the consecration and dedication of the Drokkburg temple to Hel, mistress of death and war, the crone aspect of the goddess Yrsa, and the setting of her on the Arcanum Stone.

Wardens of the Wilds

The Ceannasai's return was met with a brief flurry of activity but little fanfare as the people of Carigsay quickly set right back to work gathering what they can of the year's harvest. The additional aid from Raeyithia has been a great help, and most of the yield stowed safely for the coming winter. While most of the volunteers returned to Tarasinau via ship, several actually joined the Wardens, possibly looking to make a name for themselves in the Wilds.

A number of individuals have been seen making the trek to the Great Henge of Emlyn, making offerings and perhaps seeking guidance from the Horned Lord Himself, as whispers spread of yet another potential threat from the north.

The Wild Hunt

Rumors are slightly more rampant than usual throughout the Kingdom of Raeyithia this week; mildly shocking, this reporter knows.

Work crews bearing timbers, steel bands, and elaborate decor have been seen traveling between the Raeyithia High Court and the port of Emlyn, though word about this has been incredibly difficult to catch wind of. A vast nautical repair project, perhaps? Though we tried to interview some of the dockhands spied leaving the capitol on their way to Emlyn, it soon became clear their silence had been bought and paid for in some way.

The Lady Katya is said to be travelling under close guard, though this writer has been unable to confirm her precise location at any given moment. This unpredictability is fairly typical, we have been told, but it is noted nonetheless. We also reserve the right to refer to her as "Lady", and are fully prepared for incoming litigation due to this.

Her Majesty, Caelestia, was seen giving a tour of the Academy to the headmistress of the Key and the Sultan of Andus; and announced at court that she would like to offer it to those in good standing with the Kingdom who would like to hold classes and lectures.

It is also said that the lady Anemone requested permission to found a banner house of knights to keep the forest safe which, according to her, had recently been under attack. Soldiers have been sent out to investigate and assist with the matter.

Qubilat al-Asad

Word around the streets have been about the reopening of the amphitheater that is being referred to as "The Court of Contention". This has been confirmed by many sources to have been announced in his public address. This rumor seems to be confirmed by the spotting of labor forces moving in and out of the old amphitheater in preparation. Many locals are wary of this discovery and wonder what new laws make come and just how much blood will be spilled with it's rebirth. Other rumors about the city are coincide with the return of Sultan Sahure Izezi. One in particular is a hot topic among the locals that the sultan claims a vision given to him during prayer with Acrab. During this prayer Acrab spoke to the sultan about changes that needed to be done at his will. Can the amphitheater be just the beginning of many to come?

Order of the Silver Key

The Order has been unusually quiet this week, and the recent flood of shipments into the Library have slowed to a stop. However, there was a flurry of excitement at the end of the week as the Order announced its most recent find: A plaque that suggested the existence of a second Book of Io. An excursion team, including people from multiple kingdoms and a representative of the Children, was sent out and successfully recovered the sacred book.

That same day, the Headmistress was seen at the Sultan's court, sitting on the throne next to the Sultan. Whispers abound about what this may mean, if anything. The Order and the Sultan appear to be on good terms, although word has gotten out that the Headmistress heavily disapproves of the Sultan's new "Court of Contention". She has been heard saying "You cannot rule with wisdom if you rule with blood."

September 2019

Week 4

Wardens of the Wild

A cloud has descended over Carigsay, as the ceannasaí has mysteriously vanished! While most seem confident she is still fostering diplomatic relations abroad, a vocal few are convinced of a graver fate. “She’s dead, mark my words!” insisted a local dockworker. “Haven’t ye noticed? No ravens flyin’ over!” When it was pointed out that ravens aren’t actually native to the area, his theory quickly dissolved into wild gestures and colorful language.

Most citizens, however, are mostly concerned with the continuing harvest, as despite the diminished yield, there is still plenty of work to be done. A steady rotation of soldiers returns to the city to assist. Even more valuable, a ship bearing Raeyithian flags arrived this week, carrying a cargo of hardy foods and, more importantly, volunteers to help tend the fields.

Children of Io

Rumors abound in Andalstad in this time of uncertainty, some insisting the Queen is stark raving mad while others hold out hope for a peaceful rule. The one thing waggling tongues agree upon is the numerous visitors seen coming and going from Castle Andal - from Emlyn knights to pirates - and the increased presence of knights and infantry in and about the city.

Others whisper of the former First Speaker recently seen brawling in the streets.


Valdrdómr's forces continue to increase. Though whispers of a new banner house being formed under the Valdrdómr have been circulating, nothing concrete has been announced. It has been rumored that something will likely be announced at this weeks Kraestret court—concerning both the new banner house and those of Fjarora's, allegiance.


Rumors that a new banner house is being formed under Valdrdomr on the border of Kraestret and Midrvger reach even the most distant shores. Details of the newly forming house are expected to be announced at the next Kraestret court.

Raven's Kiss

Despite wild rumors about the previous weeks' court session being an absolute "can't miss it" event, it ended up remarkably short and uneventful. The general consensus is that a mysterious something happened at the last minute. The town gossips can't help but speculate that perhaps the coming weeks' hearing will be more dramatic!

There have been whispers of folk seeing the ghost of a giantess wandering the streets, but since this has mostly come from various sailors and other ne'er-do-well's who were quite thoroughly soused at the time, no one has paid them much mind.

This week has also brought a marked uptick in the number of gypsies seen inside the town walls. The Queen has also been seen heading South out of the gates on a nearly daily basis, sometimes with other members of the Raven's Kiss, or occasionally alone.

The Wild Hunt

With the celebration of the autumn equinox, hosted by the Ceannasai of Carigsay, the Kingdom of Raeyithia has been observing a week of ritual and reflection in honor of the Meán Fómhair. It is noted that on the night of the new moon all flames are to be extinguished in the city from dusk to dawn in honor of the dark that settles over the world during the colder months.

Though the grape harvest had been lean, the locals have been pleased with a bumper harvest of heartier fare including pumpkins, parsnips, and squash. The Hunt has managed to bring in a fair amount of wild game recently as well, making certain the larders are sufficiently stocked to see the Kingdom through the winter.

Despite the festivities, the castle has been uncharacteristically solemn. A woman was seen collapsing near the gatehouse and being carried inside under the orders of the Queen herself. Though various healers and physicians come and go with regularity, the mysterious woman nor the Queen have emerged. Princess Katya has been spied coming and going but is surprisingly close lipped about the situation.

Qubilat al-Asad

Rumors are leaking out about the return on Sultan Sahure Izezi around the Jawahrat Alsahra'. Grumblings between guards and the staff fill the halls around the palace about where he has been! It is said that he was in the desert seeking advice from the gods. However, there are other rumors that he was to the north visiting local flavors ( brothels').

Order of the Black Lion

There are rumors leaking out of Caerleon recently that the Lord Reagent intends to plan and host the Kingdom's annual Grand Tournament, a celebration of Emlyn with food and drink, finished with a tournament held between combatants who fight honorably.

It is also said that the Inquisitor, along with other members of the Order, arrived in a small village near the fortress of Westleeuw. A plague had broken out in the village with at least three townsfolk falling ill and dying. The Inquisitor found a nearby cave which contained dead rats with their entrails removed, along with a book with a black cover and nothing but blank pages within. The findings were forwarded to the village Constable, who traced the items to a woman who lived in the village. It is said she was later burned at the stake.

The Order of the Silver Key

The atmosphere around the Library was subdued for a few days as screams, shrieks, and growls were heard from somewhere inside the Library earlier this week. Following that episode, the Library's infirmary was barred to all but a select few personnel. The Headmistress herself has been seen coming and going from the infirmary several times a day. None of the guards nor the Headmistress would speak on what occurred in the infirmary, though it has since been re-opened to the public.

In other news, word has gotten out that an old tome has been found that may be of interest to some people in the north...

Week 3

Order of the Silver Key

The Order has put out the word that they are still offering payment for stories and literature about the various gods of Sanctuary, or any other books that may benefit the archives.

Furniture and tapestries from all over the kingdoms has continued to arrive at the Library, and now it is whispered that, of all things, cooks from each country have been hired for the kitchens.

Rumors abound as to why the Great Library's normal guard force seems to have increased drastically, despite the Library's assurances that they welcome everyone from all kingdoms, as long as they come in peace.


Whispers run abound of tension in the North. While some would say it stems from the Novochebay region, and that certainly has been cause for concern in recent weeks, it is obvious to the trained eye that no love is lost between those of Fjarora and Andalstad. Whether that will translate to anything dire, is yet to be seen.

As it stands, the ranks of House Valdrdómr are on the rise, something that is both a cause for celebration and concern—for with greater numbers the responsibility to maintain those loyal to the house safe, inevitably becomes more challenging.

Order of the Black Lion

Little time was wasted following the sacred knighting ceremony of Mithril Moorbane and Lara Ox before a call when out calling knights of the realm back to Caerleon to form up. The group of knights was seen preparing outside the gates before riding eastward at a brisk pace. Few even within the Order seem aware of their destination or what is involved in the campaign.

Those with connections to the court in Caerleon may mention that there seems to be a strong desire from the leadership to visit the Andalstad, Novochebay, and Order of the Silver Key.

The Raven's Kiss

The city of Drokkburg - and most of Kraestret for that matter - have talked of little else than the first official full Court session after the return of the heroes and nobility from the Summer Isles. The general consensus of the populace seems to be that it was a grand success, full of nobles and emissaries alongside petitioners and onlookers, and sure to only improve the Kingdom's reputation.

Some, however, seem only able to talk about the tension and troubles from the northeast, with much speculation on the connections to other happenings, to say nothing of what it may mean for the citizenry of Kraestret.

With news of the expansive destruction of the stronghold in Molvernia after two unsuccessful attempts to oust the bandits, a week of official mourning has been issued by the Matron, even as scouts are sent out to try and locate any survivors - or information on the bandits and who might be responsible for them. Rumor has it they were clearly trained and funded by a proper organization, perhaps even another Kingdom.


After numerous failed attempts to route the bandits from Molvernia, scouts report that the stronghold is now completely abandoned, looted and smoldering. There is no further news as to where they may have gone. The trail heads north and then disappears in dozens of branching directions. Molvernia is in ruins, scouts have been unable to find the Earl and his retinue.

The Wild Hunt

Work continues around the Kingdom at an intense rate, as Raeyithia moves to successfully bring in this season's harvest.

The capital is becoming more populated, as High Courts have become regularly expected and attended; drawing envoys and citizens from across the neighboring Kingdoms. Nary a day passes without messengers arriving to the Raeyithian court, bearing various petitions, proposals, and requests for audience.

The Hunt carries on with tireless efforts to assist the kingdom's citizens with harvests, the mediation of political disputes, and issues regarding protection. It has also issued wide recruitment calls Sanctuary-wide, for those who wish to learn more about the House itself.

The Children of Io - Council of Asgaroth

Two dragons, one green, one golden, were seen bedding down among flowering bushes together in the west dale outside of Caerleon by natives of the city. It was reported they were gone the next morning.

Horsemen have been seen riding out of Andalstad's western gates, while more muster within the city proper.

Rumors float around of the First Speaker's interest in the Imperium. Protests have quieted down with the passing of the seemingly peaceful meeting between them and the Children of Io but unrest still lingers; many calling for the Council to clarify their stance on the northern warmongers. Some call for the First Speaker to step down, while others insist he has already done so. Some have even seen a female council member sitting quite comfortably in the First Speaker's chair.

Wardens of the Wilds

The townspeople are still abuzz with tales of the Equinox Celebration, hosted by the Wardens in the Great Henge of Emlyn. Offerings were made and merriment stretched into the night, ensuring a bountiful harvest for all present.

Rumours also abound that the soldiers, so recently called back to Carigsay, were just as quickly sent to patrol the surrounding lands, securing the kingdom against unknown threats.

The Ceannasai of the Wardens has also been seen meeting with the leadership of many other kingdoms, no doubt brokering for peace between their respective lands. But some wonder if perhaps she is biting off more than she can chew, and should perhaps keep her gaze focused more locally for the time being.

Week 2

The Wild Hunt

Raeyithia has bustled with activity this week, as the capital city prepares for the Summer's End Harvest Festival. The finest meads, wines, brandies, and hearty food items have been sent from all corners of the country, as a grand feast is planned to kick off the festival.

A grand masquerade ball, to celebrate autumnal reflections and the advent of Samhain, is also whispered about -- as jewel-toned silks, elaborate masks and costumes, and high-quality furniture items are bundled into all major cities, kept closely under wraps and protective coverings. Dozens of workers have been bustling in and out of the grand theatre in the capital's castle, carrying scenery, elaborately-painted screens, and huge amounts of material inside.

Calls have been sent out to ALL kingdoms, asking the residents to host/enter an event (via MOTD) in the Harvest festival this coming weekend (Sept. 13 -- 15, first come, first serve for event signups). Jousts, feasts, open markets, auctions, dances, crafting/combat competitions, storytelling, scavenger hunts -- be creative! The Wild Hunt will assist with food, decor, and event facilitation for all participants.

The Lady Caelestia's masquerade ensemble has been reported to be a work of art, with artisans across the country contributing to the piece; while her younger sister has reputedly been seen in the company of pirates, actors, vagabonds, and generally rogueish types (all the while enjoying herself greatly, and telling this reporter that HER masquerade ensemble was none of their beeswax).

The Sacred August Order of the Black Lion

The unease of past weeks has slowly transitioned into optimism in Caerleon. It has become well known that the Lara Ox and Mithril Moorbane have joined the Order, the latter as the new Knight Commander. While the Order has knighted many outside of the capital, it has been some time since a knighting was done in the old sanctum of the Order. Citizens within the city have grown excited to witness the event or to assist in making the required preparations. There is also rumor that the Order's High Priest may be in attendance.

Other rumors regarding the Order of late:

The Lord Reagent was seen walking alone into the Raven's Kiss embassy on Summer Isle.

Land is being sought to be granted to Morv Decanter, a well-regarded noble in Caerleon.

There are still murmurs of issues between the Order of the Black Lion and the Wardens of the Wild.


A small fleet of ships has recently docked on the shores of Fjarora, housing troops of the Valdrdómr. Among those who have arrived was the recently absentee leader of the House, Auldolfr, who found many changes had been spurred in the wake of his disappearance. One of these changes being the construction of a temple to the North of the Long Hall, in honor of a deity unknown to many of the Valdrdómr.

While the ranks of the House have been strengthened this passing week, many troops have yet to arrive. The looming threat of invasion has made all in the North, including those of the Valdrdómr more weary. It has been rumored by many that some of the most adept spies of the House have been working countless hours scouting the surrounding territories and that through these expeditions some interesting associations have been made. However, nothing concrete is known.

Order of the Silver Key

The great Library of Andus is all aflutter with many shipments in and out being ferried between the docks and Meissa. Reports say that certain valuable books are being put on ships to sail elsewhere, though their destination is unknown. In addition, a great amount of furniture is making its way up the road to the Library as well, sporting the colors and insignia of the royal houses of the five kingdoms.

The Order has put out the word that they are offering sanctuary to anyone who no longer feels safe in their home country. Anyone, regardless of race, faith, or other affiliation, is welcome to shelter within the Library's protected walls.

The exception to this is the Imperium, who is banned from all properties and holdings of the Library, including the Library proper and the Summer Isle Branch, until they cease their investigation into "faithcrime" in all kingdoms.

The Children of Io - The Council of Asgaroth

Many servants of Castle Andal report with skepticism preparations being made to host a contingent of the Imperium within their walls sometime this week. Some agitated people have been seen outside of the castle trying to stir up trouble and incite riots in protest but until this point they have been put down by castle guards.

The city itself has seen an influx of people returning to Andalstad in the wake of this new power gathering strength in the region, either seeking protection or resuming their old lives after fleeing the Dragon's coup on the native ruling house. Only a few families have been denied at the gates.

Food prices have risen significantly in the past week with the increased demand of the refugees and a clear mustering of horsemen on Castle Andal's grounds.

The Council is rumored to be having a closed session meeting this week to reorganize themselves.

Wardens of the Wilds

With the repairs to Carigsay rapidly drawing to completion, the city has been met with an influx of citizens and merchants from neighboring kingdoms, offering their loyalty in exchange for asylum from the growing shadows of the world.

The population boom has been met with excitement, but also concern, as the newly plowed fields did not yield enough for the increased population. Rumour has it that several emissaries have journeyed afar to seek assistance for the coming winter.

Speaking of journeys afar, a small contingent of Wardens rode north to assist the Black Lion in securing the northern borders, only to be ambushed by a tribe of hill trolls. While the trolls were ultimately routed, the Wardens sustained minor casualties, including - it is said - the Ceannasai herself.

Week 1


Though the waters have cleared and most have sailed safely to Cuiveinen, some have yet to arrive. Whispers have traveled across the hills that the ship Auldolfr, leader of Valdrdómr, was navigating has gone missing. Some have taken this news to mean that those of Fjarora, are easy prey. To make matters worse, further whispers of a shift within the house in terms of allegiance have been hard to suppress.

Scouting reports from the North have been troubling. Vicious, is too simple a word to describe some of the horrors a few hundred miles away from the peace that can be found on the coastal city of Fjarora. Something must be done, and if the last gathering hosted by those of "The Wolf's Judgement," is any indication—something drastic will likely soon occur.

Raven's Kiss

With all that has happened, Kraestret is abuzz with rumors and speculation. The constant throng of activity on the docks, much of it involving the movement of furniture, has many of the shop owners rubbing their hands with glee, while others have looked beyond their walls with nervousness. Children and curious onlookers dot the main thoroughfare leading to the castle regularly to gawk at all the strange and sundry folk bustling back and forth.

The talk shifted sharply, however, after first the most unusual messenger arrived at the palace, followed by a call to arms, only for the brave warriors to return exhausted and lacking a final victory against the bandits that overwhelmed Molvernia, though great inroads were made.

Still, day to day business must continue, and the Raven's Roost, the embassy of Raven's Kiss and Kraestret at large remains a hive of activity, including their usual bi-weekly open hours there.

Some few folk murmur of plans for some large gathering to happen at the castle; one or two even claim they heard the palace cook, Brunnhilde, claim she was told she would be cooking a dragon!


A scroll is carried by more then a dozen hands from the most northern border of Kraestrat. The seal is broken and badly damaged, but the emerald eagle of Molvernia is still somewhat visible. It is brought by a woman, exhausted, carrying a young child on her hip that finally arrives at the gates of the Drokkberg castle. With hollow eyes she hands the scroll to one of the guards before gratefully seeking food and a place to rest. There is no way to be sure how many have read the scroll or even the story of its journey, but the blood stains are clearly evident. The scroll reads ...

Your dearest majesty,

I am Darius Codreanu, Earl of Molvernia and a loyal banner house. Two days past my home was attacked by bandits while my soldiers were still at the harvest. My family and retainers were forced to flea north into the deep snows with few supplies. I, and most of my guard, have been injured in the retreat, we beg your assistance. Please send any able warrior to the stronghold, it must be reclaimed.

Darius Codreanu
Earl of Molvernia

The Order of the Silver Key

As ships sail from the Summer Isle laden with supplies, materials, and personnel, members of the Order have been seen stepping aboard a multitude of different livery clad ships looking to be geared out for extended stays.

Others are seen leaving the office on Summer Isles and as well as the borders of Andus on all directions of the compass.

All of them appear more geared for exploration and less for warfare.

Wardens of the Wilds

Tensions mount between Emlyn and their 'monstrous' allies of Carigsay, as mistrust festers between the two kingdoms.

Anonymous sources claim that the knights of the Black Lion have repeatedly labelled all non-human entities as enemies of the people, straining relationships between their closest allies, the Wardens of the Wilds. Likewise, murmurs have been heard among the Wardens' ranks that their efforts would be better suited protecting those who truly appreciate them.

While no official word has been released, it could be that war is brewing before the harvests can even be gathered between these two allied kingdoms!

The Sacred August Order of the Black Lion

After two long months of reforging relationships and creating new ones on Summer Isle, word of the Order's imminent return to the Capital have begun to spread. As autumn approaches it is hard not to get a sense of unease among those in Emlyn. To quell such feelings, the Order will be holding its weekly court to reaffirm its commitments to its allies and to coordinate and necessary actions moving forward. The Order's spiritual leader, Stefan Heloise, will also be returning after a year-long pilgrimage.

There have been few public proclamations from the Order's new stoic and tight-lipped Lord Reagent, Damian Reis, so most word regarding the Order has been from outside observers. Most recently, during an Order gathering, neighbors in Evervale overheard raised voices followed by a door slamming as a woman dressed in gold stormed out of the embassy.

The Imperium

Wide-scale celebrations have been documented in villages surrounding Novochebay within the Imperium, citing that the "Reclamation" has begun. These celebrations are rife with hedonism and near fanatical levels of zealotry, citing the overwhelming excitement over the "arrival of the Harbingers". Numerous deaths have been reported due to the chaotic nature of these celebrations. Drafts of able bodied men and women have been taking place at an increasing pace within the Imperium, while the establishment of infrastructure related to mass-production of armor and weapons has begun to crop up all around the eastern coast. Rumours circulate that the nomadic tribes of the northern, untamed wilderness outside of the Imperium's official borders have suffered unfathomable dismay as of late, with many of said tribes turning mad and feral with rage.

The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt has begun to trickle home to Raeyithia. Rumors abound about alliances made while on Summer Isle and some whisper about a wedding. Preparations for a festival to welcome all of the kingdoms and houses are underway as well as an announcement about the creation of a House Bagball Conference.

The Children of Io

Seven or eight dragons of many colors were seen entering Underhill and returning to Everdale two hours later looking travel worn and bloodied. No one in town reported any damages as they passed through.

Its rumored that the Council is still the process of restructuring as many faces are seen entering and leaving the embassy.

The embassy itself on Everdale sits empty after a tall sailing ship bearing the colors of red and yellow left port; save a single blue Goblin reported coming and going through a back window. Seen by other dock residents.

Opening Day

It is with a last summer ale, a spiced meat pie, and farewell to friends that those of Summer Isle bid "Tenna enta lúmë", to the Grey Rider's safe haven and board their ships for the mainland. They pack up their newly constructed goods, their repaired armor, their supplies and their accounts. The cargo ships are full to the brim with people, animals and everything the nobility, court lords and landed knights need for the coming season.

The autumn harvest springs thick, lush, and golden on the fields and hills of Cuiveinen. Soldiers in their villages rush to thrash and bundle, pull and store, preserve and salt. They know that they must have enough food for their families before they are required to report to the castles and strongholds of their liege lords. For war is never far from erupting in this volatile land where heroes compete for land and power on behalf of their country, king, and god.

Many will return soon, perhaps even on the next ship, but the days of sun and socializing will be lost in the drama of pending war and political machinations. To each the Grey Rider bids health and healing hands, as the lords of Cuivienen once again take up the reins, to ride again into the dark sorrow for oath and bond.


August 2019

Week Four

The Children of Io - Council of Asgaroth

Rumors persist about a separation within the membership of the Council of Asgaorth and that the Dragon Hunts they are having are reported to be about chasing down deserters of the organization.

Those that have visited the Children of Io embassy in Everdale, not of draconic blood report to have been treated well and with welcome. Many Everdale crafters, farmers and tradesmen say they have even been offered housing and farmable land within the boundaries of Andalstad by the Council with taxes and stipulations in their favor.

A tall sailing ship displaying a red and golden flag has been anchored off the eastern shoreline and is being stocked with provisions and livestock for a return to Andalstad.

Third Week

The Sacred August Order of the Black Lion

News has spread across Summer Isle that Sir Aldus Clermont of the The Sacred August Order of the Black Lion has retired as Grandmaster of the Order due to his advanced age. Sir Aldus will be enshrined with all other previous Grandmasters. Sir Damian Reis will be taking over in his stead. The transition has been challenging as most of the Order's leadership remains on the Summer Isle's on various missions. The Order has put out a general notice of recruitment seeking squires, archers, scouts, healers, and any others, including potential for leadership roles.

The Raven's Kiss

Raven's Kiss is seeking skilled adventurers to assist in an exploratory mission into the far northern reaches of the Summer Isle on Sunday, August 18, at 3pm EST.

There is much talk along the docks on the north edge of Evervale of a constant stream of people; many carrying furniture and crates of supplies, to the Western end of the docks. If asked, most just mention something about a roost.

Word spreads that the Dominion General Store, already well known for the best bows around, sturdy tools, fine furniture, basic supplies, and much more besides, is now sponsored by and working together in concert with the Raven's Kiss.

It has been a frequent topic of conversation amongst the sailors and other commonfolk, about how the once highly secretive House has been welcoming all comers from Kraestret upon their rise to prominence - some with awe, some wondering at more sinister motivations.

Qubilat al-Asad

As more inhabitants awake and are called to the sands, the barracks and other houses in the compound have started to fill up and the markets are teeming with life.

Notices have been posted around the city informing those that wish to join the ranks of the military to protect Andus against invaders as well as other power-hungry tribes. The tribe has long stood watch over the sands and invaders, and will continue to do so, but will not harbor or protect those that wish to align against this goal.

The Notices are posted with the seal of Amir Ra's al-Asad

If interested, you can read up more on the tribe and our vision Qubilat al-Asad (The Tribe of the Lion)

The Order of the Silver Key

The Order of the Silver Key has put out the following advertisement:

Now open: The Bean Counter, serving Andus' finest Gahwa. Now at the Great Library in Andus! Come to learn, come to teach, come to find good company amongst our books and gahwa!

The Order is actively looking for members! Member benefits include:

  • FREE access to our library of magical scrolls and tomes
  • FREE classes on many subjects
  • Well-stocked reagent depot
  • Bodyguards available for expeditions
  • Buy 10 gahwa get 1 free at The Bean Counter!

Someone has scribbled on the corner of the advertisement
Watch out for Pazuzu. He's loose again.

The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt has sent out a call to all capable of aiding in the culling of the ogre lords to the north of Summer Isle.

Date: Tuesday, 8/13
Time: 8pm CST/9pm Est
Location: Meeting at the town square before gating to the hunt location.

House News:
  • The house has active recruitment currently and anyone interested in joining can speak with Lady Caelestia Róisin or Lady Katya Róisin.
  • Any person interested in magic who is affiliated with the Hunt are being provided with copies of incantations they may find useful at no cost.
  • The Wild Hunt is willing to assist in outfitting any member with armor and equipment and assist with the initial cost of hiring a vendor, and leasing a shop. There is one spot available for a vendor at the Tangle Box as well.
  • News from Raeyithia is that the grape harvest was a total loss due to the ill weather. Rumors are rampant that there will be no wine come next season!
  • In other news, the remaining Raeyithia castle staff are bustling to make preparations for the arrival of the Wild Hunt from the Summer Isle, and the surrounding lands are ready to welcome any who wish to make Raeyithia their home.

The Children of Io

The Children of Io Reports float around Evervale about a new Council presence on the Summer Isle. On lookers report a young elf bring dragged off by two fully armored guards and into a magical gate.

Flyers are posted around Evervale with the stamp of the Council of Asgorath welcoming any draconian kin, or those simply interested in learning more about the organization to stop by the Council's safe house at the western end of the sandstone docks. The name at the bottom of the parchment reads "First Speaker Fenwick Quagmire".

A pop-up vendor has been seen selling bacon wrapped pixie legs near the Summer Isle light house, some evenings to the delight of some and the horror of others.

Valdrdómr (The Wolfs Judgment)

The Wolf's Judgment Tension arose at last weeks gathering. It is no secret among those of Evervale—the world at large, really—that those of Valdrdómr, are weary of the "Children," as they call themselves. While the leader of the ruling house of Miðrvegr, may seem amiable, those of Valdrdómr are not convinced. Ranks continue to grow, though some unrest lies among those within the house and the Gods currently worshiped. It is a house on the precipice of greatness... or despair. Only time will tell.

Master Smith, Goibne, the most recent to place his allegiance towards the house, has set up a shop in Evervale.

Second Week

Crafting Competition Winners

The Order of the Silver Key hosted a crafting competition this Sunday. The Order is proud to announce the winners:

First Place -- A tie!
Rin created a sleek scimitar with an edge so fine it split a log cleanly in two. The balance of the weapon was superb and the blade flawless.
Katya Roisin created a stunning cloak called Summer Shade, dark as a summer night. Fine embroidery adorned the silk of the cloak, depicting flowers and leaves.
Honorable Mention
Dame Fionna Bennett baked a delicious apple pie that filled the hall with the smell of cinnamon. Contestants and judges alike couldn't resist the perfectly-baked pastry.

All contest entries were delightful and the Order wishes to thank all who participated!

Court of the Lord Regent

On Tuesday the Sixth of of August, Aldus Clermont, Grand Knight Commander of the Sacred August Order of the Black Lion and Lord Regent of Emlyn, will meet with all people of Emlyn who find themselves on the Summer Isle, as well as friendly neighbors, to discuss future plans, take questions and requests, and to hold a knighting ceremony for new recruits. All friendly folk are welcome.

The event will be held at the shrine on the hill just outside the western gate.

First Week

The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt is hosting a meet and greet for the citizens of Raeyithia who find themselves currently on the Summer Isle. Anyone who considers themselves a citizen of Raeyithia, a member of The Wild Hunt, or interested in joining either are invited to share a meal and company.

Date: Saturday, 8/3
Time: 8pm CST/9pm Est
Location: The Wild Hunt house on Summer Isle

Summer Isle Updates:

- The Wild Hunt has purchased a shop near the center of town and welcomes its members to place a vendor to sell their wares (up to whatever the vendor limit is). Please speak with Caelestia or Katya if you would like a spot or need help purchasing a vendor.

Qubilat al-Asad

Qubilat al-Asad has set up a liason office in the town square next to the bank for those seeking adventure, and possible acceptance into the ranks of the Tribe. Merchants, Adventurers, Musicians, Warrios and all others are welcome to seek our tribal representatives. In other news word has reached that the Head of the Tribe is visiting the lands of Summer Isles, and has brought a caravan with him, as well as a troupe of dancers, and servants. There is word of possible celebrations to come as the inhabitants of Al Shadiyah bring their goods to share with the other inhabitants of the cities.

The Valdrdómr

The Valdrdómr, are a mead-drinking group who want to ensure the safety of their brothers and sisters while keeping at bay the worse among us all. Some houses will tout they are fighting to ward off evil—we won’t lie—we are just trying to suppress the overly ambitious. Though we have been busy recruiting, and acquiring information, everyone needs a break at time. Join us this coming Tuesday 8 pm EST, in the Ulster District of the Summer Isles, and help us plan the future.

The Sacred August Order of the Black Lion

The Order of the Black Lion are to stage an invasion against the undead armies plaguing the Summer Isles. To this end they invite all good peoples to assist the cause and share in the glory, gold, and fellowship!

The knights will assemble West along the path to the ruins and ancient graveyard at 7pm EST on Sunday the 4th and will initiate combat soon after. This would be of particular interest to potential recruits, but all are welcome!

Raven's Kiss

The shadows are full of movement, and seeking more to claim among our number! Speak with Daciana von Cioara if you are interested in joining us. We are working to establish a proper headquarters on the Summer Isle in the next few days.

We will be hosting a tavern night/meet-and-greet in tavern on the east side of the docks in the Summer Isle on Sunday, August 4th at 9pm CST/10pm EST. All are welcome, especially those who are a part of Kraestret or are interested in joining the Raven's Kiss.

Story to Date

Opening Days

What in the World

A number of events have driven the heroes and nobles of Cuiviénen to Summer Isle. The first is the unseasonable weather the main land has been having, off and on, over the last three years. Between the oppressive humidity in the north, the unrelenting rain fall in the south, and roof ripping winds across the plains, anyone with the means or ability has taken refuge in the nearly constant and perfect weather of Summer Isle.

The second is what appears to be a natural lull in mainland conflict. Since the last equinox nearly everyone's luck has just seemed to run out, and without any real prior agreement, generals, captains, war leaders and anyone in charge of anything gave up the field and ordered their troops home for some R&R and time with their families and loved ones. This is not such a terribly unusual event, as often conflict naturally ends just before the harvest in fall. It is only unusual in the sense that it began weeks earlier, allowing our heroes more time to enjoy the foods, baths, social events and shopping opportunities so graciously arrange by the Grey Rider.

The third, and perhaps most important, is the stellar alignment the astrologers have been shouting about for years now -- all signs point to the beginning of another age, and the arrival of an unusual number of new heroes. Everyone, native and resident alike, all know that it is the Heroes who change the tide of events in the lands of Sanctuary, and recruiting new arrivals is a huge part of any houses' martial and political success.

So for now, and for much of the next month, perhaps even until the next Equinox, our heroes, new and old, flock to what some call the Grey Havens to make new friends, establish new allies and size up old enemies.

To all who have characters who have been here awhile: It is not such a very large world, expect others to know you, or at least have heard of you.  Please play along in cooperatively building some of the past events with each other. All others should read Upon your arrival ...
The shard's soft opening is on Thursday August 1st. New updates will be posted the following week beginning on Monday, Aug 5th
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