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Archive: News and Rumor 2020

From Sanctuary Shard



Week Two (RPCSS Turn 14)

The following notice is sent to all non-allied estates in Cuiveinen from Queen Brea of Midrvegr.

Whomever has the army bearing the mark of thistle knights is adviced to move their army immediately away from the estate of Westleeuw and back behind their own kingdom lines. We are advancing armies on that hexacre as we speak and will engage this army with in less then three days with the full support of the other armies in the area. There will be no further warning.

Week One (RPCSS Turn 13)

A Truce

Rumor has it that a truce has been declared between the Great Northern Army alliance of Midrvegr and Kraestret and that of the Avalon Accords of Emlyn. After what appeared to be a numerous attempts and failures to come to some agreement, the Dame Lara Ox, ambassador to Emlyn, was conscripted to handle the negotiations. The details of the truce are not public knowledge, but those in the know say that Kraestet will keep the Westleeuw estate, that a clear border between Emlyn, Kraestet and Raeyithia was drawn, 40 children of fostering age will be sent from Emlyn to Midrvegr to be fostered, and that bards and skalds are being call to witness an special battle who's details are not yet set. The truce is said to hold until the Winter Solstice.

Who is to be High Jarl

Not long after Queen Brea declared that Valaar would be named High Jarl, another of her Jarls, the Jottun Thoradin declared his challenge to this decision. As is traditional in Midrvegr, peace is not expected amoung the Jarls when the war arrow has not be cast. Consequently, the far eastern lords will turn their eye to internal battles for title, lands and glory. Who will back the newly named High Jarl, and who will stand with the Jottun for another outcome? Many look to Baene Thorstad, also a Jot, and the betrothed of Brea ... who was not named High Jarl as tradition typically dictates, who will he support?

Rumors put to Rest, sort of..

There's been a gentle calm washed over Raeyithia's Kingdom. Queen Lilitu and her daughter Princess Leilani Rose have been dormant from the public eye for some time, just emerging the other day for public assembly of Royal Courte.

She announced the reception of Brightwell in Raeyithia's borders once more gaining control from the release of Emlyn upon negotiations.

The promise of a ball at the end of the Month has been revised to an intimate gathering of mystery and thrill!

A discussion of the reformation of the alliance "Order of the Sacred Rose" was announced. Wanting a more cohesive Order for the people in the kingdom as a whole.

Although it wasn't an official announcement and not real details were given, the Guardian Lilitu did touch lightly on the subject of gossip revolving around King Julian and her self, revealing a vague truth to her kingndom and people and those gathered from the mainland.


Week Three (RPCSS Turn 11)

Nobles return to Raeyithia

After the Autumn Equinox Festival, the weather has recently become more tolerable and the Nobles have returned home to Raeyithia. Samurai Asajiro was put in charge of the Gatekeeper of Golmeuse and Varamyr was given the Fort Essendell to look over. Yesterday was a ceremony at the Kingdom's Royal Courte in Tarafeyn Castle. The Guardian Lilitu made a blood Oath and named Asajiro as Champion of Raeyithia, should war ever call upon a Champion, Asajiro would be the Hero. Varamyr was named Hand of the Queen and Warden of the Forests.

With each estate in Raeyithia's traditional borders under control, it is no wonder rumors' have been spreading like wildfire that The Guardian is looking west for the next turn of adventure.

Week Two

What in the World

The words flowed from the mouth of Lara Ox, Knight of Midrevar and frustrated scholar, freely at a meeting today. Her topic was the recent events that are going on in our world. She did her best to be fair and impartial, as a member of the Great Northern Army. However, some things had to be taken with “a grain of salt.”

Several hot topics were discussed. Such starting out was that the post office is hiring reporters! Have a knack for the written word? Contact Lara Ox for further details!

So what exactly, in the world of Sanctuary is going on? We're currently in the middle of our Quarterly festival. The entire world of Sanctuary takes part in these festivals. We celebrate the “cross quarter days”, which is two equinox and two solstices. The Central fair grounds is a traditional location for these festivals, but they do move around. The Summer festival was held in Andalstad.

There is usually some degree of competition for where the festivals are held. Sometimes it's won by the group willing to do the work of arranging it. Sometimes it's just the Kingdom that has the guts and balls to enforce their right to hold the festival. When no one 'wins' this competition, events can happen all over the various kingdoms.

This festival is being held at the Fair Grounds, a central and neutral location just northwest of Raedoria. For those interested in taking part in the festival, any wagon driver can take you to the Fair Grounds.

Lara's next topic was that of a Heat Wave, that has driven the nobles from their homes on the main land to Summer Isle. Last year it was unexpected storms, which brought the conversation around to the issue of Abraxes.

Abraxes is a great, black crystal dragon that was the cause of the storms last winter, and is believed to be the cause of the heat wave now. He showed up in Sanctuary about Yuletide of last year. He has been fought dozens of times and no one is close to defeating him. However, the study of Abraxes has lead to many great strides in the studies of Magic, something that has not been done in almost a century in Sanctuary. Defeating him has been nothing but attempts and the ideas to defeat him...well, let us just conclude that they aren't the best.

And finally, the topic that makes this reporter -very excited-, was at that of the war between the east and the west. It is by far, the most crucial of elements to our world politics today. The armies of Kraestret and Midrvgr are intending on making war with the kingdom of Emlyn. While the Kingdom of Raeyithia has stood nutral and hasn't chosen a side, the Kingdom of Andus has been reported with siding with Emlyn.

There has so far, been nothing but a skirmish or two over the lands of Westleeuw, but after the festival, it is suspected that war will ensue.

There was an explanation included, about how to get an Estate. The answer was rather simple. Many elements come into play, such as a persons loyalty, dedication and available. Then there must be an estate available to be granted. Unless a Ruler is absolutely desperate, the best of the 'lot' will be selected. Leaders who are not as dedicated or available, will find their appointments given to others.

As for rumors, there were several rather delightfully juicy ones mentioned today. One of them, might be just as to who Queen Lilitu takes to with her to bed...Because those things do often go hand in hand. This reporter, certainly wants to know!

Week One

As the cycle of life moves on

News passes from the mainland to Summer Isle as the heat wave begins to end. The harvest has been gathered and the soliders are returning to their posts as were previously assigned. Queen Daciana and Skorgi have retired from public life to their estate, Izvorul, south of the city of Drokkburg. The rulership of Kraestret has been passed to Julian Isenhart who is said to be crowned king in the coming weeks. The Grand Vizier of Andus, Tyrseus is said to have received urgent news regarding his family on the isle of Thule. He bid his closest friends goodbye and set off on a trecherous journey. He is also not expected to return anytime soon, the kingdom council begins its search for new leadership.

August 2020

Week Four

A Regent in Kraestret is Named

Word is sent from Queen Daciana of Kraestrat that she and Lord Skorgi of Dornear will be summering elsewhere for personal and political reasons and that Julian Isenhart of Molvernia will be acting Regent until the next festival. It is commonly beleived that Queen Brea of Midrvegr carries more details and a private message for Jullian.

Druidry Refound

Rumors circulate in the magical community that the lost art of Druidry will return to the world. History suggests that the magical ley lines that allow for the Druid art were diverted more than a thousand years ago by the Thorn King Priests attempting to align the magic with their own religious site. As such, Druidry was transformed into what was known as Spellweaving and perverted so badly that the dragons, Ancalagon and Jormungander took the power form the people. Its been at least 80 years since Spellweaving was truly a magical art. What caused these rumors to start? Do they hold any merit? Is it the birth of the Raeyithia princess, a native wood spirit, born of its traveler and dryad mother and queen? None really know what drives the portents but will this be the key they all need to send Abraxes packing and stabilize the mainland weather?

An unexpected heat wave

Storms crossed the continent of Cuiveinen continually over the last few days finally bringing an unexpected heat wave. Is this the work of Abraxes, our dragon nemesis, or simply an unfortunate weather effect. As has happened in the past when such conditions occurred the nobles of Cuiveinen escape to the cooler and more stable weather of Summer Isle and the peaceful boroughs of Evervale. In addition, the harvest is just around the corner, and by mutual agreement, all soldiers are released home to their farms and estates to assure the people of the mainland that there will be food for the coming harvest.

((We will be taking a month-long siesta from RPCSS and Mainland (Cuiveinen) role-play and focusing our role-play energies into Evervale that we might all welcome our new batch of arrivals and allow parents to negotiate the challenges of school starting. RPCSS will be taken offline, and kingdom stories will be hosted on Summer Isle instead of in their individual mainland kingdoms.))

Week Three

Westleeuw Re-taken

Rumors of a battle for the estate of Westleeuw begin to spread with the news of a victory for the Lady Regent's forces. Once again the royal banners of Emlyn fly from Westleeuw's walls. During a recent royal court the Lady Regent quickly established Lord Jadan Va'Renn of Brekka as protector of the estate.

Once and again a slave

“The one whose hand is in fire is not like the one whose hand is in water.”

Social change is rarely simple nor easy. Those who are subjugated are not able to walk in the shoes of their oppressors - either figuratively or literally. The recent upheaval in Andus is such a situation. Recent investigation reveals a ring of Andal slavers who have been illegally targeting non-humans has been in operation for decades. Their crimes are horrific and include the whole sale enslavement of non-humans for no reason other then they are not human, pejorative treatment that exceeds the punishment allotted by law, the separation of families and the refusal of a slave’s basic right to eventual freedom under Andus law.

Our Grand Vizier, and his company of rebels acted without forethought yet with inspiration. Surely, this illegal slave ring would have been discovered under the careful hand of Protector Sylise, but her bout of lengthy illness allowed the slave ring to become bold. Quick and decisive action brought justice and unfortunately chaos.

Our people have a tradition of slavery — a tradition of upholding the “legal and spiritual personhood” of those who are taking another turn on the wheel. When all slaves were released as part of the uprising it cataloged the value of our practices and highlighted the superior manner in which Andus deals with criminals and those who Acrab has placed into our care.

It has been five long weeks as our priests and leadership scour the archives for understanding, debate law and tradition, and finally and truly bring the true criminals to justice. It is with great pleasure that I announce the following changes to our Enlightened Leader’s rule.

  1. All criminal slaves will be accounted for, their original crimes reviewed, and where if necessary, they will be returned to their seven year sentences.
  2. All born slaves will also be accounted for, their own purchase prices reviewed and granted their freedom where it has been earned or returned to their masters where they might, should they wish, continue to purchase their freedom as Acrab so wills it.
  3. All prisoners of war will be documented and their homes contacted to arrange ransom or exchange.

We stand proudly along side all people of Andus under the gaze of the three, and thank those of our middle and noble class for reaching out to any slave who was unfairly enslaved and offering them free apprenticeship within local guilds or households.

Week One (RPCSS Turn 9)

Failed Raid near Brighwell

A raid has occurred near Brighwell that ended poorly for the attackers. During a nighttime assault on the manor house, a local shepherd boy roused from sleep as his flock stirred nervously. Spying the would be assailants, the boy took off and warned the manor lord in time to fortify their position. The raiders tried in vain to pry their way into the house, but a sudden storm was the final sign of a failed attempt and the attackers, suffering a few causalities they carried away with them, fled into the night. (Contact Ovadya|Ethan in discord if you wish to pursue this line of RP)

A Raid near Dornear

News remains quiet out of Dornear, but rumors appear in Evervale that a manor belonging to the Dornear region was raided and the entire estate's family and retainers missing. Gold and a few valuable resources were also said to be missing. Little evidence remains to point at the culprits. While no official acknowledgement has been forth coming, the rumors swirl as to the sudden commencement of so much raiding in the world. Who could be next? (Contact Ovadya|Ethan in discord if you wish to pursue this line of RP)

The Hospital, the Temple, and the Imaret

The city of al-Shadiya, rocked by two major bouts of violence in the past month and a half, now turns to the arts of healing and prayer to mend its broken spirit. The Hospital of al-Shadiya, headed by the head tabib Ovadya al-Shaanan, opened not long after the turmoil began. It's rumored to have helped cure the Vizier of poisoning and lent assistance to both Brea of Midrvegr and Maeve of Emlyn in their time of need. It continues to offer healing services supported by Tyrseus and the palace.

Likewise, a new temple has opened in al-Shadiya: The House of the Sun, the Moon, the Starry Sky. It is headed by the esteemed priestess Qheela Aslani, tirelessly dedicating the actions of the temple toward charity to the poor and honoring the Acrab, Cassia, and Hekanani. Many have flocked to her temple in search of aid and respite, including the attentions of a woman of remarkable grace seen frequenting the temple of late.

Lastly, the hospital of al-Shadiya has sponsored the opening of an alms kitchen, known locally as an imaret, in al-Shadiya next to the hospital itself. While ostensibly supported through the vizier and donations to the hospital, the kitchen is likewise supported by selling gahwa to the public at large as well. Eskewing the deep fabrics and cushioned seats traditional of the rest of the city, the gahwa house is unusual for employing the use of wooden chairs and high tables: perhaps a sign of the tabib's more ascetic style?

July 2020

Week Four (RPCSS Turn 8)

Abraxes in Andus: A Sign of Divinity

After the fall of the slaver regime in al-Shadiya, the remnants of those defeated escaped into the deep desert to raid and bide their time. Through a vision received both by Maeve, Regent of Emlyn, and Qheela, Priestess of Andus, it became apparent that Abraxes would attempt to utilize these remnants to attack al-Shadiya in a bid to topple the new Vizier and develop a foothold in Cuiviénen.

Through the brave acts of heroes and the troops of Andus, the mixed army of raiders, slavers, and crystal abominations were thrown back after two separate and intense fights on the bridges to the west. Qheela lead the defense and rallied the heroes and soldiers onward into the desert to root out nests of crystalline horrors. While this band fought bravely, it was tracked by Abraxes, circling in the sky. The paladin Lara Ox was seen to accept custody of the crystal shards found at three separate camps, and secreted them away.

As the last camp fell, the dragon Abraxes encircled the heroes and prepared to wipe them out in retaliation. But before this could be completed, a vision of gods appeared in the desert! A man wearing read, wreathed in power, and a woman perfect purity stood on top of a mountain beside the city of al-Shadiya. They were seen to raise their hands and conjure a great sandstorm that drove off Abraxes and saved the heroes. This is the first great display of power by the Gods of Cuiviénen, will more follow?

Concerning the child in Cuige Uster

Last night our heroes found the body of a young girl who had been missing from the Cuige Ulster district in Evervale. Like the girl from Emlyn, this girl was found just inside the entrance to Underhill, in a shallow pool in the forward cave. The leadership of the borough took possession of the body, performed an autopsy and arranged a closed casket pyre on the folkmoot attended by all of the locals. Suspicion still follows the traveler Aianna as it is rumored she "found" the body. Autopsy results are expected to be given to both the Grey Rider and Queen Maeve of Emlyn later today.

Warding the Great Hall of Karrendal

Brea is said to have slept the entire afternoon, awakening only when the sounds of the city's children returning in droves to the long hall. She called for a young Svartalmane who has been in her company non stop since his arrival a week ago, lovers? friends? she has not seen fit to explain his situation to anyone. She is dressed in only the thinnest of robes as the hall is warm in the summer with hundreds of children, guards, and parents inside. She walks the outer edges of the hall from the lowest level to the highest peak. She moves slowly, praying and chanting. Whatever it is she is singing is familiar to all of those in the hall, for every child raises their voice along with her, the words sound Alvdalen. The Svartalmane walks by her side, holding her upright as she touches more than 80 bindrunes carved on the posts and beams of the hall. When she is done, nearly retching in exhaustion and her companion looking little better off, the doors of the hall are closed and barred.


Candlelight flickers in the upper floor of Andalstad's smithy, as a lone figure sits upon a balcony overlooking the street to the the great Long House. There is much speculation as to why Jarl Dokharr is here. Does he sit in vigil for the return of his Queen? Or does he watch over Brea's seat of power, defending it in her absence? What is known, he rarely leaves only on short trips to collect supplies, or to walk the perimeter of the great house.

An Interrogation Gone Wrong

Following the successful defense of Emlyn, Maeve and Lara agree to the reanimation of the witch of Abraxes in order to interrogate her. To power the ritual, Jadan of Brekka and Aianna Mhuir were tasked with a delicate job to help empower the ritual. Jadan is rumored to have approached it with some hesitancy while Aianna accomplished with gusto.

However, unknown to our heroes, the crystals recovered from Raeyithia and housed beneath Emlyn in the catacombs, were close by and the ward around them failing. As the magic of the ritual commenced and the interrogation proceeded, it was clear that both the witch and a darker voice spoke through the same person, responding concurrently. Little information was gleaned save that the crystals were precious to Abraxes for reasons the witched guessed as a "Fear of forgetting himself."

Soon after this information was gleamed, the ritual took a dark turn. Just as the ritual was completed, the power of the magics caused the warding of the crystals to fail, and they bobbed up to the surface of a pool where they had been stored, close to where the ritual took place. These crystals dissolved and disappeared, perhaps spent to fuel what came next. The witch in the center of the ritual blew up in a fiery display of hostile magic, severely injuring Brea and Maeve in the process. The witch was burned to a crisp and the ritual ended.

Abraxes Attacks Emlyn

What began as a mysterious storm that settled over the city quickly grew into a fight for survival for the defenders of Caerleon. The Regent, Maeve, marshaled the defense and repealed three separate attacks that originated from the sky. First, the west of the city was hit by a large ball of fire and invading enemies, then the southeast of the city. Fires were contained before any permanent damage was done. After these attempts, a powerful force of attempted to march down the center of the city and take down the defenders and the castle, but were repealed when Maeve ordered a counter attack by the knights of Emlyn.

Soon after the bonfire summoned the players to itself and warned of an intruder below the city. After scrying and other methods to locate what turned out to be a witch of Abraxes, the defenders quickly captured her. The catacombs were warded to defend against such intrusion and the witch was seen to be confused and lost below the city. After a successful suicide attempted, Lara OX was seen to bind the spirit to the body and a group of mages brought in to sustain the binding until a later time.

Brighwell and Essendal


Rumors of a raid on a minor noble family has been reported. The manor house is on the borders between Essendell and Brighwell. The raiders were said to have moved in quickly, giving the family little warning. The lord attempted to flee at the last moment, but the raiders were able to overtake them, and both the family, its retainers and their gold was captured. No one knows the fate of the family, and the raiders were seen heading off to the west. Is the family with them? Sent to the slave markets? Dishonored and killed on route? (Estate owners may contact Ovadya/Ethan in discord if you want to respond to this action.)

Week Three (RPCSS Turn 7)

From Brea

A politely worded notice will be delivered by messenger to each Estate Owner.

Dear Sir/Madam

We have, hopefully, reached a general accord as to what the reach of one lord's area of rightful law and obligation is -- those hexacres directly under their control. We have acknowledged any lord's right to enter into treaty with another to modify or expand upon that simple premise. We have agreed that it is a lord's right to determine and enforce the laws in their own lands. In short, we have made a great deal of progress. I applaud each of you for your part in these discussions.

There will be, I am sure, many more points that will come under consideration, but one I think must be addressed sooner rather than later. What if someone commits a crime within your borders but then flees to another's lands? What then is to be done or what if anything can we expect? We each come from a wide variety of worlds and a plethora of legal systems. Enclosed, you will find an introduction to one solution, the concept of wergeld. It is a simple concept and it is my hopes that it will serve as a possible solution -- easy to implement and with reduced need for courts and arbitrators.

I look forward to discussing this, or other proposals, at our regular gathering, mid-week.

Yours in service,
Brea Wynne Wistari
Queen of Midvegr

On the transitions in Emlyn

Three times in fewer months, the leadership of Emlyn has been thrown to a new regent, the stalwart Maeve Ennis, tender of the Hearth Home. Rumors abound of the unstable nature of the former Regent, Aradel Loren, who stepped down mysteriously after appearing in poor health. The knights and councilors, as well as the active estate holders, hold Maeve in high regard and look to support her in the face off with Emlyn's enemies. Soon after Aradel stepped down, Maeve granted Carigsay to him as custodian, though few have seen him outside the estate's bounds.

Tarafeyn Erects a Grove around Princess Leilani

Stones were being blessed and consecrated in the name of Druantia and Herne, building pillars representing the eight holy days in the year. Lilitu was seen praying, warding each pillar in clockwise fashion around the grove protecting her daughter Leilani. With the presence of the mystical stones in place, Princess Leilani had shown a swift growth spurt within the last week and almost over night as candles were brought by villagers to honor the young dryad princess.

Gossip is spreading with mirth as many who have come to bring gifts say they have heard gentle cooing and sometimes crying of an infant on the rustling leaves around the young tree.

Week Two (RPCSS Turn 6)

Turmoil in Andus

There appear to be two versions of this news spreading. The first is:

Decades, no, centuries, of oppression in Andus have been brought to an end! A coordinated uprising, spearheaded by slave-gladiators and a band of escaped slaves, swept through Al Shadiya this week. The heroes fought their way through the city, freeing slaves and bonded servants as they went. Slave masters and traders were executed for their crimes against the people, and any buildings that supported their hateful practices were destroyed. The Liberators were aided by warriors and benefactors from several other kingdoms, who will be honored by having their names etched on a stone displayed proudly above the throne of Andus. The uprising's leader, Tyrseus, has been ordained as Vizier of Andus with the approval of the people. May he rule with a fairer and more compassionate hand than the former "masters" of the city.

The second version is:

The feelings of uneasiness and unrest in Al Shadiya finally exploded into violence this week. "Discontented" slaves, probably spurred on by Al Shadiya's enemies, rose up in a bloody attack against the city's upstanding citizens. Innocent people all over the city were brutally murdered, and this beautiful jewel of a city was left bloodstained, ransacked, and burned. The mob's leader, a great brute of a minotaur, took the golden throne by force and now styles himself "Vizier". Those of us who escaped the city fear to return while the Usurper continues to terrorize our once-beautiful home.

Princess of Tarafeyn, Leilani! "Welcome to the World!"

A great hunt left Tarafeyn in bulk of venison and rabbit meat. Offering opportunity to host a giant feast inviting other kingdoms to join in the feast. Aianna the Brave helped usher in the peasants to the food line behind the stew bubbling with potatoes and sweet carrots feeding the hungry.

Cora Silverleaf entertained the villagers as they all broke bread, celebrating the season of the honey bee. She was seen doing acrobatic flips in the air flipping and twirling with ribbons about her, even gifting some of the colorful ribbons to patrons for good luck!

Amidst the feast, the Guardian had reported having contractions through out the morning, she actually gave birth with the aid of the midwife Aianna, and the encouragement of Cora, both making sure she was safe with the holy men and woman around the consecrated grounds before running off to share the details with those left at the feast.

Good News travels fast, as all come to see the new sapling being guarded at the hallowed grounds near the temple in Tarafeyn. It is said the Guardian has not left the saplings side as she wait's for her daughter the princess Leilani to emerge from her anchor in this world.

Week One (RPCSS Turn 5)

A Question of Law

At the fairgrounds there gathered a number of landed Lords and four of the five kingdom rulers to discuss just how far one's rule and law extended. The debate hinged between only as far as ones occupied hexacres or until its border met another's. There was no agreement reached but the topics ranged; who has jurisdiction if a crime is committed? Who is responsible if visitors are harmed within one's borders? Who has a claim on unoccupied estates? Some claim that might makes right and only the fittest survive. Others that we have a responsibility to all the people and lawlessness benefits no one.

As then gathering ended, a compromise was proposed for discussion and consideration. It is rumored that another discussion will be hosted this evening.

Celebration at the Tarafeyn Vineyard

This Saturday was enjoyed at the Vineyard giving dessert samples out to the villagers and party goers coming to try the new sweet wines and dessert meads. It was a quiet affair and the Guardian spent time with the Hearth Mother of Emlyn enjoying a calm evening.

June 2020

Week Five (RPCSS Turn 4)


A curious orange glow was spotted illuminating the night sky, the dark clouds of the night being bathed in this peculiar light throughout the entire evening! The light, presumably coming from a fire in the Brighwell area, was accompanied by rolling black clouds giving prudence to the fire theory. A company of Emlish soldiers and militiamen were seen heading that way earlier in the day, reportedly to deal with the infestation of trolls and despots that had overrun the destitute keep. It cannot yet be determined if the assumed burning of Brighwell was intentional or not! The Emlish soldiers will certainly have to make amends for what damages they have wrought to the area if found to be true.


The ruler of Andus, who sits in the Palace of Shad'ahan mysteriously disappeared from the palace. Her attendants and guards have been very hush-hush on what has happened and no real news is available. It is reported that the other estate owners have been gathering to discuss what is to be done if the Queen does not return in a timely manner.

Midrvegr Summer solstice

On the 28th of June Queen Brea Wynne Wistari held a great feast in Midrvegr. All who attended where seen leaving her hall with less clothing then they arrived in or very merry. But they had reason to Celebrate, sacrifice was provided by Gallad the last knight of the Thorn king. He was hung at the tree and many where given the opportunity to place a spear into his body. The fist being Lady Victoria Rose who made sure he felt every inch of the wood in his body.

The Second being a lone Searess who had gained Brea's permission to use his blood to gain a chance to see into the future.These reading have been kept private to those who must know what lays ahead. Seeing as for now the threat has fallen celebration was indeed called for and the great feast hall was over run with joyous crowds. Making the Midrvegr Solstice ritual something to talk about for a long time to come.

Unease at Meissa

Visitors to the Great Library of Andus have noticed a much larger military presence in the Meissa region. Ordinarily protected by a small contingent of guards, which are largely ceremonial, the Library and surrounding region now have several camps of armed militia cropping up. Citing several threats against the Library and her own person, the Library's Headmistress has recruited local fighting men to help protect the world's greatest storehouse of knowledge. The Headmistress herself is rarely seen nowadays.

Week Four (RPCSS Turn 3)


The populace of Carigsay seems on edge this week, as news reached them from Tarasinau of their lord falling in battle, receiving grievous injury at the hands of the false prophet, Gallad Farseer. While Lord Taelarys' survival was not immediately assured, the care he received at the hands of Guardian Lilitu and Emlyn's own hearthmistress, Maeve Ellis, allowed a speedy recovery. Some are even murmuring that his draconic heritage helped speed his healing along, though this remains unconfirmed.

As such, Carigsay officially sent word denouncing the actions of Farseer, and supporting Midrvegr's imprisonment and subsequent execution of the man. While the city remains a monument to Cernunnos, officials state that all faiths are welcome, provided they do no harm to others in their practice.


The capital is a buzz as summer swells in heat with balmy breezes in the capital of Raeyithia, Tarasinau. Festivals have been on going the last three days in Tarfeyn in honor of the return of the Hearth Mother, Elliana. She was gone missing - later to be understood - kidnapped by the Unholy Knight Gallad, Preacher of the Thorn King.

It has been a subtle detail for quite some time that the Guardian Lilitu was germinating a seed, but on the eve of Solstice it is said there was a sudden growth spurt, and Lilitu looks about ready to bare her child. Preparations are being made by the temple and holy grounds where weeks ago one of the Great Trees of Tarafeyn died, poisoned by enchantment. Midwives and Priestess have been smudging the area with burning sage, sprinkling salt over the consecrated ground as a barrier to ward off evil.

Week Three (RPCSS Turn 2)

Meeting of the Council of Emlyn

A public meeting of the council of Emlyn was convened on order of the King, Cynric Degenhard. Cynric was not in attendance however, and his councilor Aradel, a long standing Aelfeyn advisor under both Damien and Nyre, sat in the Regent's chair. After convening the council, Aradel shared with the estate holders and public that Cynric Degenhard had left earlier that day on a quest for a mysterious object of unknown purpose or power. With relatively little warning, Aradel was asked to convene the council and elect a regent. With only three voting members of the council left, Taelarys, Maeve and Aradel elected Aradel as the succeeding regent.

The discussion soon moved to the rumors of war emanating from Midrvegr. The council unanimously agreed to withstand the brunt of any assault by Brea's forces and to stand as mighty bulwark should war be brought to their lands. Aradel could be heard defending Brea's virtue despite her hawkish tendencies, to the shock of some attendees.


Word of mouth spread quickly of Raeyithia's first royal assembly in court. Many gathered, even from other kingdoms, to hear what the Guardian Lilitu had to say. Calling the Hearth Mother, Elliana, to her side as close council, she explained to those gathered of a terrible enchantment, a pestilence upon the Great Trees of Tarasinau and possibly further. Broken shards of dark crystals were found at the base of each afflicted tree, among roots so twisted and black that the very trunks were rotting away.

After informing those present of the recent tragedy, Lilitu made a plea to those gathered for aid, knowing that this was beyond her own means to remedy. The Heroes were quick to lend their aid, setting out to purge the blighted trees on the outskirts of Tarasinau. Serving as guardians to each tree, swarms of corrupted fairy dragons attacked any who drew near, but were similarly dispatched with fire and steel.

But this was not the last to be heard of the fairy dragons, for not a day later word spread of a messenger arriving in Tarasinau. Upon his arrival, he sought the Guardian and Hearth Mother, explaining to them that he was the Dragon Keeper, and that he had been the former charge of the corrupted fairy dragons. While he was saddened by their ultimate fate, he assured the gathered Heroes that all was not lost, for hope remained. Ever esoteric, he lead the group on a treacherous path into the centermost region of Underhill, where several nests of fairy dragon eggs lay dangerously close to the encroaching lava.

The heroes gathered the eggs, carefully transporting them to an underground cave, nestling them among thick mats of lily pads. And not a moment too soon! For the eggs, no longer in distress at the unbearable heat, began to crack, and the cave echoed with the cries of dragon hatchlings.

Though some remain curious as to the Guardian's sudden departure, most were overwhelmed by witnessing the new generation of fairy dragons born anew. It is rumored that the great gold dragon and the hearth mother herself left with bonded hatchlings, though both have remained rather secretive regarding the matter.

Week Two (RPCSS Turn 1)


Sylise has been absent from the world stage for two weeks, sparking concern and questions from the populace: Did she abandon us? Was she kidnapped? Perhaps she's given up and is just soaking up the glory of the title and estate. Why are the attendants covering for her? But I saw her! She was fighting the drakes not long ago. And it goes on....

However, Sylise has remained within Shad'ahan but cloistered safely from curious eyes - save one elderly Shadiyan woman. It is said the elderly woman is a midwife and has been bringing food and many bucketfuls of water to the Herald while keeping others out and away with stern maternal demeanor and a voice that commands obedience. Reports say the Herald is recovering from her ordeal and is fine, apart from a somber mood.

Tragedy in Tarasinau

The city of Tarasinau is still reeling from yesterday’s events, with discussion of little else on the lips of the populace.

The day started quietly, with Guardian Lilitu making her way through the fields, tending the crops as they swayed in the summer breeze. But the peace of the morning shifted to an uneasy quiet, and townspeople soon reported feelings of dread, some even breaking out in rashes and boils!

News quickly spread, and heroes gathered at the hearth, defending it against diseased animals and tiny, vicious dragons. As the corrupted animals thinned, the heroes set out to find the tree to which Lilitu had bound herself; to their horror, it too was diseased and poisoned by enchantment. Lady Kitty, head of the City Guard was seen attacking the tainted tree, only to be thrown back by its thrashing limbs. As Lilitu and Caelestia, Lady of Raedoria, were drawn into the entangling roots, Caelestia called out for the goddess Mebh, causing the tree to recoil and release them. But the damage to the tree was too great to undo, and a combination of iron and fire rendered it to smoldering ash.

It was Cicily of Novochebay who noticed a connection to the clues left behind, and opened a portal to her city for answers. There, Dia rapped into the crystal formations left behind. A metallic echo bellowed to those present, sending them to seek a Great Tree. The heroes then traveled to Raedoria, whose Tree bestowed upon them a vision of what may come.

Upon their return to Tarasinau, the Guardian was escorted to the castle by a large golden dragon, who had been seen fiercely protecting her throughout the day. Only time will tell what lies in store for Raeyithia, if not the entire continent, and our heroes have a great deal of work ahead of them.

~A letter arrives from the Guardian of Raeyithia, sent to every Estate and known Forte in the Mainland. Messengers dispatched with request for assembly in Tarafeyn Royal Courte. Saturday, June 13th at 2pm EST~

Week One


The rhythm of hammers and saws upon wood echo from the mountain of Carigsay, as the horselord Jhasato makes good on his end of the bargain to mount ballistas to use against the dragon Abraxes. While some citizens heeded his order to evacuate, others stayed behind, willing to fight for the lives they've made, and assisted in preparations. The work came to an uneasy halt as great wings blotted out the sun, and dragons soared overhead. What was once feared to be agents of Abraxes were actually dragons from Emlyn, led by a large golden male. The dragon and the horselord retreated to discuss secret matters, the details of which they remained mum on, but upon their return, both began renewed work to prepare the city, with the dragons lifting the mighty weapons into place upon the towers. Even without knowing the agreement made, the townspeople seemed visibly relieved to see allies in these troubling times.


The Hunters of the North have been busy, especially in the region of Molvernia, stock piling the ice rooms under the fort with wild game. Yet they can not live on meat alone. The hunters have been moving south to explore more deeply the forests and fields looking for places that have grains and fruits. Led by Skorgi, scouting parties have been ranging further and further into neighboring estates lands. Trade alone will not feed the North.

Port Leon

After a rumor went out that the Lord of Raedoria was gathering forces to check on the well-being of Emlyn, who's dragon leadership had seemingly disappeared, a crowd gathered at Raedoria castle. Sure enough, the Lord of Raedoria, Cynric Degenhard, was advocating a march ahead of small column of forces directly to Port Leon to establish whether the uneasy peace between dragon overlord and human knights had been broken. Some voices raised alarm at the idea of an armed incursion to assure the peace, among them the Queen of Kraestret, but all present agreed to go to witness the proceedings.

Upon arrival, the city was in chaos, the knights of Port Leon, chaffing under draconic rule, attempting to dislodge the dragons from the city. Fires burned but a dragon, Taelarys, was seen leading Cynric's group through the city to the throne room of Emlyn's capital. On the way, a loud burst of sound was heard and the dragons of the city appeared to be losing their ground to the knights. Upon arriving in the Arcanium, apparently the crystal housed in a stone behind the throne of Emlyn, the group learned that the place had been visited by a figure, wreathed in light and bearing a great sword, who had plunged his weapon into the stone of the Arcanium.

After some hesitation, the dragon leading the group into the castle deduced that Cynric may be the one called to pull the sword, owing to Cynric having sensed the distress of the city from as far as Raedoria. Cynric proceed to pull the sword out with one swoop, during which a great light burst forth from the sword and the stone. The voice announced the ending of the time of dragons and the ascendancy of man in Port Leon. In fact it announced the city the "City of Man" and that Cynric was it's king. No one knows to who this voice belonged. Perhaps a god that had replaced Io as the patron of the city?

Soon after, the party retrieved a great horn resting in the boughs of a tree, rumored to be the horn of a great god of man. The horn was used by Cynric to signal the arrival of a human sovereign to the city, ending hostilities with the dragons. Taelarys was granted protection for his recognition of the will of the Gods to exchange the city to humanities hands. In return, he was followed by the rest of the dragons out of Port Leon and given land in Emlyn to call their own instead of facing annihilation. Cynric promised to give them his aid and protection, upsetting some of the formerly occupied humans.

Much has happened but much abides. Humanity now rules Emlyn and the knights appear primed to shake the balance of power in the land.

A Caravan from Tarafeyn

A caravan of guards, herders and scouts was seen leaving Tarafeyn under the cover of night. The pack-mules were strapped with large loads of lumber, making a trail to the gates of Carigsy.

As the city of Tarafeyn recovered from the drake attacks, things seemed to be getting back to normal on the surface. With summer rolling in on a warm breeze, street fairs and festivals were a daily occurrence with parading street performers.

The last of repairs were being made on the castle and defenses, along with gates, were being reinforced.

It wouldn't be a surprise to hear a hum near the fields of the south gate, bee keepers were tending to the little honey workers, keeping Tara's mead stocked for export!

Infirmary at Meissa

Darkmane stands in the infirmary at Meissa, looking around at those he had left to destroy the idol without him. Embarrassed and dis-honoured, he swears to Queen Daciana, that he shall seek the best healers he can find, returning with haste.

Around the Hearthfire in Tarasinau, he sits with Guardian Lilitu and Lady Elliana, known for their healing abilities, convincing them to travel with him to Meissa and lend assistance.

May, 2020

Kraestret, week of May 24-31

  • Queen Daciana and Lord Skorgi spent most of the beginning of the week, along with the city guard, trying to rid the streets of Drokkburg of the seemingly unending waves of drakes, that seemed determined to overtake the temple. Unfortunately, at least one seems to have made it to their goal...
  • With the drakes finally having receded, the streets hum with the sounds of hammer and saw and chisel, as repairs are set in motion.
  • Likewise on the docks, activity is high: shipments of both fresh and preserved meats bound for Midrvegr; and shipments of wood from Drokkburg along with the through-going shipments of lumber from Estervern both bound for Carigsay.
  • After the calamity of the false idol, neither the Queen or Lord Molvernia have been seen in town; rumor has it that they wewre whisked away to Meissa and there remained for the moment.
  • Whispers run rampant as always. Some speak of the Lord of Estervern, either coming to court the Queen, or alternately to scold her for something. Others mutter about the Queen rather being suddenly enamored of Raedoria or its newly appointed Lord. There is an undercurrent of righteous fury, however, any time Midrvegr or Queen Brea are mentioned, on their behalf.

May 30, 2020

An urgent call rose up from Drokkburg; the people of the city abuzz with a dark and unpleasant energy greeted the heroes as they convened on the Drokkburg temple. Within they found the head priest, his hand badly burned, gibbering in distress; the likeness of Yrsa-as-Hel had at some point during the drake invasion been replaced by an evil idol to Abraxes upon the Arcanum Crystal! In a flurry, the heroes ventured to the Great Library of Meissa, and there learned of a tale concerning a similar occurrence in history, and were finally given a shred of hope. In the possession of the king of the Jotunn, a race of giants, was Thordenheim's Hammer, which might have the power to destroy such a false idol. But, according to the tale, great sacrifices would be needed in order to win the Hammer from them: the rarest fur, the finest mead, an epic tale, and 'the fairest slave-girl in the land' to entertain the King of the Jotunn.

Thus began a whirlwind dash across the lands, gathering what was needed; a rare tiger pelt from the throne of Andus, the sweetest mead Tarasinau had to offer, and then the party voyaged to Andalstad to beg help of Queen Brea on the matter of the slave-girl, it having been decided that a Northern slave would be more to the liking of the Jotunn King than one of those of the Southern deserts.

This, dear readers, is where plans went awry; owing to a vow to see none of her slaves tortured, Queen Brea offered herself into bondage, to be given to the Jotunn as his gift, much to the horror of all those assembled. In the end, it proved the best move they could have made, for it was only the temptation of knowing her station and heritage that brought the giant King to agree to the trade. The exchange was made, and with heavy hearts amid vows of rescue, the heroes returned to Drokkburg to remove the false idol from the Arcanum Crystal.

Though ultimately successful, the cost was beyond heavy, and rumors abound that several of those present had to be rushed to Meissa once more seeking the urgent aid of the healers there...

May 27, 2020

The Drakes, in service to Abraxes, seem to have been called away -- did they simply suffer to much at the hands of our heroes or is Abraxes planning something new? We don't know, but the numbers in the city have seriously dwindled.

May 24, 2020

Once more, the estate holders of Cuiviénen convened at the fairgrounds, this time with few thoughts besides the threat of Abraxes. Queen Daciana of Drokkwald and Khal Jhasato of Carigsay relayed the events of the previous night, stirring those present into a whirlwind of queries and speculation as to the great dragon's motivations.

While his end goal remains unclear, at least some rumors were put to rest, as Queen Nyre of Caerleon assured all present the dragons of her lands were in no way connected to Abraxes, for her city had suffered the same attacks as the others. Without a way to ascertain his motives, the discussion soon turned to how to stop him instead, with multiple suggestions bandied about, from hunting down his nest, to waiting and facing the attacks as they came.

It was not until Baene Thorrstad spoke of holding a festival to draw Abraxes out, did a light of hope seem to shine on our heroes. It was his hope that celebrating the two world dragons, Ancalagon the Black and Jormungandr, would pique Abraxes' jealous rage and draw him out of hiding. But where to hold such a dangerous mission? Khal Jhasato suggested his own city of Carigsay, asserting that its remote location would hopefully prevent any collateral damage. Other estate owners quickly volunteered for the tasks at hand: either supplying wood for the great ballistas to bring down the creature, or offering room for the civilians that must be ushered from the city.

With a plan in place, the meeting drew to a close, each hero returning to their homelands, with the understanding they could very well meet their dooms within a week, but with the hopes they would rid the land of this menace once and for all.

May 23, 2020

Our heroes gather in Al'Shadiya supposedly to deal with the Abraxes threat. It would not take long before they realized that the organizer of the event hadn't shown. They began discussions, bring others up to speed as to what had been happening, when the wind began to blow. It would not be long before the wind resolved into the whomp-whomp of great leathery wings. A dragon as large as the palace itself would land on the roof and bathe the royal residence in fire. Our heroes, clearly unable to fight such a great beast with but a handful of soldiers began to consider their options.

The sky darkened as other dragon minions set fire to the city, and landed in the streets to confront our heroes. The great black dragon would set the market square and trade hall on fire. Quick thinking would have a fire brigand organized and the lesser drakes and the roaring fires would be brought under control. The great dragon took to the skies with a mocking cry of laughter.

But the attack did not end there, for all of the five great cities were attacked, and drakes even now continue to land and harry villagers and farm animals. What will be done to push this incursion back?!

May 4th

East Meets West ... and changes places

It has been long months of civil and martial unrest all over the mainland. Changes were bound to happen. When attacks from the northern borders in Emlyn overwhelm the Knights of the Black Lion, they turn to their allies, the Dragons of Miðrvegr. The dragons were able to help stabilize the kingdom, and when the Knight Reagent, and his inner circle, went missing Queen Nyre stepped in to lead the ancient stone citadel. One might think that she would have tried to keep control of both Emlyn and Miðrvegr but the Dragon Queen must have found something more suited to her tastes in the west. Was it all the stone or the rumors of underground treasure?

No one will likely know, for the last of the Emlyn knights, Mithril Moorbane and Lara Ox, left under cover of night. It would be a few week before the rumor of them would make it farther than a boy might go for a loaf of bread. When the finally surfaced it would be in the Miðrvegr capitol of Åndalstad. They were a voice of calm within the fiercely independent northerners, and some structure would remain intact.

They waited to hear word from either Queen Daciana or the intrepid Daliya Morskaia of Valdrdómr. Rumors say that Queen Daciana was forced to flee the capital and trying to run the kingdom from a remote estate. It would be more long weeks before Daliya, having left by sea to find her beloved commander Audolfr, would herself wash up on the shores of Åndalstad, right at the very feet of two people she never expected to find in her homeland.

April, 2020

April 26th, 2020

Our heroes answered the call, deciding to commit themselves to find more information on this paranormal effect on the minds of our people. Through their efforts, they foiled a plot by the witch Matilda LeCras, who had kidnapped a local scholar named Orianna, the prime investigator.

Matilda’s vice and crime would not prevail this time, and the secrets which she protected were in part revealed to our heroes. Her intentions were still unclear, and for the most part, a lot of questions still dig into the minds of our heroes, lingering like rocks in their shoes.

When she was confronted, our heroes managed to loot an old manuscript from Matilda. It appears that Cuiviénen was deceived... through centuries of conflict over supremacy, filled with hatred and death, an unknown evil was summoned. This unknown God reached the height of its power when war was at the zenith, and rumours circulate that it fed off the diminishing power in the Arcanum Crystals.

Whispers spread like wildfire throughout town, that the unknown God may have been responsible for the recent downfall of Cuiviénen, causing the displacement of those gods who were set in effigy towards this power source.

The words of Matilda LeCras echo throughout the land, that Abraxas shall rise again, and our heroes now must find the true meaning, as history has a way of repeating itself.

April 19th, 2020

As the fight for supremacy temporarily subsides in Cuiviénen, so too does this curious blight and many of the townsfolk question if it was even a plague at all, or something else entirely... Word spreads that it is fuelled by conflict.

On the Summer Isle, life returns to normal, however there have been reports of the townsfolk curiously losing their memory of things, beginning with Quinn the Auctioneer. Memories of the past & present, where things have been left, and where the road leads seem to be sliding for some, disappearing like tears in the rain.

The local healers and clerics have been inundated with questions, and have thus far, have produced no answers. Rumours circulate that something or someone locally in The Summer Isle is purposefully taking these memories to serve their own purpose.

The Summer Isle, which was once thought to be a refuge and sanctuary away from war, seems to be becoming a bit more precarious... Those seeking the answers to this mystery might start asking questions as well.

April 1, 2020

Many of the great houses appear to have fled from the sickness cast over the land, seeking self-preservation above their divine ruling.

Those who remained in Cuiviénen and stood their ground in the face of the plague perished with their honor intact, or, similar to our heroes, appear to have resisted the darkness.

New powers begin to rise in their stead, as is the nature of things. Whispers and rumors begin circulating pointing blame for the tragedy on each of the deities above the Arcanum Crystals. It seems, however, to be unsubstantiated, and merely an attempt by warring houses to cause ill on the image of their rivals.

Amidst the chaos, widespread looting and brigandry are apparent. Small groups of opportunistic criminals are now holding up important trade routes between the kingdoms, taking advantage of the diffused darkness.

Now our heroes are posed the question... should they seize the opportunity to bolster their houses and lay claim to Cuiviénen? Or should they seek out the meaning of this plague and search for answers?

March, 2020

There is little news coming from the mainland. A deadly plague has swept from coast to coast. The human death toll mounts and residents stay inside. Only our heroes and many of the "monsters" seem safe from the effects. A time of turmoil begins. Will this once and for all balance the number of humans vs non-human in our world?


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