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From Sanctuary Shard


A sub-race of Aelfeyn from the same lands as those of the Jotunn who arrived in Sanctuary a thousand years before the Thorn King Era. The Alfar were originally comprised of gregarious light-haired people and an insular dark-haired people. A few generations after their arrival in Cuiveinen the Drokkalfar would remain in Kraestrat while the Ljósálfar would migrate farther east into Midrvegr.

It is interesting to note that the origin of both the Berzerker and both wolf and bear lycanthropy is believed to have been transmitted to humans by Alfar in their non-human forms. This would essentially make the Alfar the progenitor of these sub-races but as the Berzerker seems to only crop up inconsistently in human families and lycanthropy is passed on via a bite, most scholors can't seem to agree on a single origin theory.

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