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From Sanctuary Shard


It is commonly held that it was the Noldorians who gave the mainland its name of Cuiveinen. This Aelfeyn race is believed to arrived nearly three thousand years ago and in the company of a race of men known as the Dúnedain. The Noldorian and Dúnedain would settle in Emlyn alongside the Cimmerians and Fomorians. These two races would live side by side on Emlyn, eventually building the city of Caerleon for millennia.

"The noblemen of the west and the ancient elves of Middle Earth would mostly ignore the Cimmerians and Fomorians as being little more than savages. They were allowed their worship and rites but otherwise were never welcomed to the courts."

"This rather peaceful division of caste would last only until the arrival of the Andals and the religion of the Thorn King. Emlyn would be defeated and the human Dúnedain given one choice, "Convert or Die". The Noldorians and Fomorians were hunted down by the score. The Dúnedain would shelter their elven companions in secret and eventually a new half-breed race would come into existence, the Peredhil." From the Kingdom of Emlyn

Noldorians were pale-skinned, dark-haired, and accounted as the greatest of the Middle-Earth Elves in lore and smithcraft.

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