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From Sanctuary Shard


Otherkin are Muiri who's natural form is that of an animal yet have the ability to glamour themselves as human. The culture and traditions of Otherkin vary as wildly as that of any natural animal, yet as they are both sentient and able to speak humanoid languages, they have developed complex cultures which have taken on any number of human traits. However, Otherkin do not consider themselves to be "two-natured" as many of the Lycanthropes do -- for them, their animal form is their true form.

Otherkin come in all manner of birds and mammels, domestic and wild. They can be found, or not found, all over the lands of Sanctuary from Underhill to Cuiveinen. Otherkin have a greater ability to handle tools than the average animal and many can manage some form of speech in their natural form. Yet even when glamoured, Otherkin rely heavily on body language and other animal communication for their interactions with two-legs. In recent years they have taken to wearing packs, weapons, belts, and jewelry if necessary. Otherkin are all manner of natural colors with a rare shades of white, gold, blue roan or chestnut.

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