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From Sanctuary Shard

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The Erlkin of the central northern forest are a direct descendant of the Children of the Forest and bear many similarities with the Huldra of the east. They take their name from the legend of the Erlking, a Forest Lord who is believed to steal away children and travelers. The legend of the Erlking grew up during the Thorn King Era and most tales include stories of his supposed court.

Where such a court truly to exist, and though one might find there both Otherkin and Huldra, the true Erlkin would surely stand out. Their natural form is far more flora then it is fauna. Entfolk, moss maidens, rusalka of reed and bladderwrack, and kikimora. The Erlkin are capable of appearing completely human unless they are cut, in which case they do not bleed. The touch of iron immediately reduces the Erlkin to a pile of sticks and their spirit must return to the forest to reform. They may also do this at will as a way in which to escape.

They have many different shapeshifts including black dogs, black cats, (smaller graphic) black spiders, and (bird size) blackbirds, as well as tree folk, dryads, and boggling.

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