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From Sanctuary Shard

Sanctuary allows individuals to own and control one of the 25 estates on the Cuiveinen mainland. The primary point of owning an estate is to participate in the political and martial conflict which is the backbone of the shard storyline. There are five-kingdom capital estates and 20 regional estates. Estates can be claimed via one of the Estate Stones outside of the main fortification.

So you want an estate?

'Thats great to hear! We are always excited to have new people come play with us.

The first question usually is; "Do we have available estates?".
We usually have available estates. There are 25 estates on the mainland, and it's unlikely that they have all been claimed.
So that would make the next question, "How do I go about getting one?"
The only way to find an available estate is to visit each of the 25 estate locations and check the stone to see if it's available. Make a role-play of it!
Does it cost anything.
Yes, having an estate costs 10,000 a week. You will need the first week upfront when you go to claim the stone.

How To

  1. Travel the various locations accessible to the ship captain and wagoneers looking for an Estate Stone -- they look like gravestones but are typically found in front of the largest building in a city, or the front gates of a fort.
  2. Hover your mouse over the estate stone to see if it is unclaimed.
  3. To claim an unclaimed estate just single click the stone, and select "Claim Estate." The stone will take 10,000 gold out of your bank box.

You are now the owner of the estate and can access RPCSS for this estate. New players will be directed to the New Player Guide (RPCSS) for help on how to play the game. You will also be able to use your estate title by type .skilltitle.


  1. Sanctuary is a role-play shard. Cuiviénen is a RP-Required facet. So it should go without saying that we expect estate owners to role-play, not just play RPCSS like a single person sim game.
  2. Conversely, we expect you to perform weekly moves in RPCSS to grow your estate in defense of yourself and your kingdom.
  3. Estate owners are encouraged but not required to update the forum post set aside for their estate. Kingdom leaders really should update the kingdom so that players surfing from the wiki to the forum looking for current information find something: http://forums.sanctuaryshard.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=51
  4. Estate owners are expected to understand that this is a game of war on a conflict-driven shard and players are warned that there are no guarantees that you will keep your estate if another team wants it.
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