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Estate Details (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

Expanded details for the new estate owner and kingdom ruler. What is available to you and what do we have planned for the future.

What is your title?

  • Only the five kingdom capitals may use a royal rank of King/Queen.
    • Shah in Andus
  • Only Novochebay may use the rank of Duke. However Duke is not used in Midrvegr, so the leader of Novochebay is still Jarl.
    • If a ducal estate develops in Andus, they will use the rank of Emir
  • The average estate owner may use the rank of Earl.
    • Jarl in Midrvegr.
    • Bey in Andus

Current Implementation

This is the current implementation, tag staff in discord channel #staff-attention.

  • You may request that a house sign be set up for one building in your area. It can be the entire castle, only a portion of the castle, or even another house in the area, as you wish. Rental costs are standard for Cuivenien.
  • You will be able to evict other players living in your hexacre(s) by paging staff and asking them to use our eviction command on house signs.
  • There is a guard zone set up around your estate (or main castle) in a 100x100 tile zone where the UO guards can be called.
  • You may request NPC Spawns, see below.
  • You may request upgrades to your estate, by reading the guideline link and then posting your request to the map board.

NPCs and Spawns

At the time of this writing (5/10/20), I have reviewed the mainland spawns. A few got trimmed, most just got organized and renamed. I will be happy to talk to each new estate owner and make sure that they have a banker, a town crier, a postman, and other vendors suitable to their estate's decoration.

  • I am also happy to review the lands around your estate to make sure they have location-appropriate birds, wild animals, domesticated animals.
  • As well as few monsters, such as corpsers, which are naturally occurring in certain zones.
  • The mainland currently doesn't have many other custom nooks and crannies, but our goal is to include those after all the fort upgrades are done.
  • If you are looking for something special, such as a herd of unicorns I may require RPCSS gold for the rare spawn type. Feel free to discuss with me.

Regarding the Estate Building(s)

Please understand that the estates are not all created equally. We have been building for a long time, almost 20 years, and we have many builds on the mainland from past shards. Further, we imported some of the estate builds from UO Architect and while we selected the best of the choices, we recognize they are not our "best work". Consequently, any "complaint" that one estate has a bigger/smaller house than another, is prettier/uglier than another, or better/worse decorated then another will be met with the following guidelines:

If you are coveting someone else's estate, instead of expecting us to make your estate like that, go take theirs.

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