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From Sanctuary Shard

Okay, so about estates, let me break this down.

There are two ways you can go about getting an estate, one of the ways is NOT really an option. So either a) you get an estate WITH the ruler's permission and they support you or b) you do it without the ruler's permission and you are likely to get squished before you even have an army to defend yourself with.

With that said, I'm not really going to support someone doing the without method because its a waste of my time and has always ended in tears previously. Once you know what estate you want, or at least what kingdom you want to be in, the process is relatively simple.

  1. Make sure Lara agrees you have the time and maturity to handle the estate.
  2. Contact the ruler of the kingdom and gain their RP support for you to claim land in their kingdom.
  3. The ruler will then need to prove to Lara via scouting that the hex (and its surrounding hexes) are clear of enemy armies or by putting their army on the hex.

Be advised they are not obligated to give you an estate if they don't like your character.


If your estate is NOT defined here, or if you feel you have a better choice for music you may request a new music to be associate with your estate. Please note: music must be instrumental and have no vocals unless it is muted chanting. Music must be culturally thematic -- it doesn't have to be historical, but no heavy metal. It also must be something other's who come after you will find pleasing and appropriate to repetative background music. If you can't pick that kind of music within one or two attempts, Lara will pick for you -- this will not be a debate.

  1. Caerleon- Nujelm.mp3 change to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SbT71beG0Q Mists of Avalon
  2. Carigsay - Stones1.mp3 change to Valoriapos.mp3 or to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdfQhT1ZNfg Into the Wild
  3. Drokk- Trinsicpos.mp3
  4. Fjarora - Bucsden.mp3
  5. Golmeuse - Stones.mp3
  6. Karra/Andal - Ambrosia.mp3
  7. Meissa - Newmagincia.mp3
  8. Novechebay - grizzle_dungeon.mp3
  9. Raedoria - Scarabreapos.mp3
  10. Shad'ahan - Jhelom.mp3
  11. Tarafeyn - Britainpos.mp3
  12. Vamp Castle (In Drokk) - Cove.mp3


Sanctuary allows individuals to own and control one of the 25 estates on the Cuiveinen mainland. The primary point of owning an estate is to participate in the political and martial conflict which is the backbone of the shard storyline. There are five-kingdom capital estates and 20 regional estates. Estates are granted via role-play with the kingdom ruler.

So you want an estate?

'Thats great to hear! We are always excited to have new people come play with us.

The first question usually is; "Do we have available estates?".
For the most part, there is almost always at least one estate available somewhere, and estates come available often, at least one or two a month, so your chances of getting an estate are good.
But the trick is; will there be an estate available in the kingdom you want to play in? That might take a little discussion with either Lara or the current kingdom ruler, and its always best to reach out ooc and ask what might be available or coming available.
Lara maintains a list below that has a general overview of what is or isn't available, what might be available, and so on, but its up to the kingdom ruler.
So that would make the next question, "How do I go about getting one?"
The process is reasonably simple: Meet the ruler of the kingdom in-character and give them a good reason why you could be of help to their rule as a noble lord or as an estate steward. If a kingdom has available estates they will be eager to fill them, but they will want an IC storyline to justify it, and to know that you are going to be an active player who has the time to role-play and do your RPCSS moves weekly.
It is always a good idea to have a character with a background suitable to the management of estates, soldiers, finances and political issues. Its much harder for a king to justify giving lands to a lowly farmer then it is to give them to the son/daughter of a noble family.
And then there is the getting set up process.
First thing is that the ruler has to be sure the estate is available and not under dispute. This may require the ruler to send scouts or armies to secure the location.
In the mean time, Lara is going to want to have a conversation with you to make sure you understand what you are getting yourself into.
Then, she'll set you up in RPCSS and you are good to go.


  1. You must have an approved application for your character on file on the forums.
  2. Sanctuary is a role-play shard. Cuiviénen is a RP-Required facet. So it should go without saying that we expect estate owners to role-play, not just play RPCSS like a single person sim game.
  3. Conversely, we expect you to perform weekly moves in RPCSS to grow your estate in defense of yourself and your kingdom.
    1. If a player does not LOG IN to the game within a ten day period prior to the end of turn, then their end of turn actions are cancelled.
    2. If we have not heard from a player at all for three weeks, then their estate becomes available for someone else to steward or take over. I will use both a combination of the last time they interacted via discord and their last log in to the shard as criteria.
    3. Players who do not submit actions weekly will be reported to their kingdom ruler -- it is very disappointing to your "team" to discover they are playing "the game" but you are not.
  4. Estate owners are encouraged but not required to update the forum post set aside for their estate. Kingdom leaders really should update the kingdom so that players surfing from the wiki to the forum looking for current information find something: http://forums.sanctuaryshard.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=51
  5. Estate owners are expected to understand that this is a game of war on a conflict driven shard and players are warned that there are no guarentees that you will keep your estate if another team wants it.

List of Estates


This estates are currently known to be claimed, but if an estate owner or steward is not performing well, a kingdom ruler might be prepared to replace them. If an estate is on the border of a kingdom, having a new estate owner available, might encourage one ruler to attack and claim it for their own -- and install a new person.

  1. Brighwell - Asajiro/Gwyr
  2. Carigsay - Aianna/Rain
  3. Dornear - Valaar as Steward
  4. Drokkwold - Julian as King (Capital City)
  5. Fjarora - Daliya Morskaia
  6. Karrandal - Brea Wynne Wistari (Capital City)
  7. Novochebay - Morde as Steward / Valaar as Jarl
  8. Port Leon - Maeve/Caitria (Capital City)
  9. Shad'ahan - Sog
  10. Tarafeyn - Bunny (Capital City)
  11. Tiversomin - Baene Thorrstad

"Unclaimed estates" may not necessarily still be unclaimed in RPCSS. Part of the goal of RPCSS is to acquire more land. Before a kingdom ruler can grant you land they must scout the location and confirm it is empty.
  1. Arnlodge - available
  2. Brekka -available
  3. Esholt - available
  4. Essendell - available
  5. Estervern - available
  6. Golmeuse -available
  7. Haverbron -available
  8. Heresevain - available for new leadership
  9. Langadalr - unclaimed (structure scheduled for demolition)
  10. Meissa -
  11. Molvernia -
  12. Raedoria -
  13. Tårnsted - unclaimed
  14. Westleeuw -

Backstory Ideas

If you want to know more about an estate's back story, you can also search their name in the News and Rumors Archive or look for the estate thread on the forums. If you find nothing, then you are probably free to be creative. Here are some suggestions.

  • During the winter months, the populace of the estate were exposed to sickness and poor management by their lord. Many died, others took what meager possessions they had and left. With the disappearance of the lord, the serfs who remain look for someone to take the helm and lead them back to prosperity.
  • Similar to the above, the ruling noble cared more about their own pockets than the health and livelihood of their peasants. One poor choice after another coupled with bad luck found them in deep debt, financially and with the nobility of other cities and holdings. Looking for a quick way out, they offer to sell their parents of nobility as well as their estate and surrounding lands to the highest (and quickest) bidder.
  • After coming to these lands, you have seen how the natives are treated and you feel some sort of responsibility to providing them with a better life. Or maybe you think that seems to be the ticket and want to grab it for yourself. You challenge the current lord (a duel, a gamble, an election?) or maybe you just off them, and any who could claim succession, when no one is looking.
  • In your exploration of these new lands you find a settlement that is long past its prime. You can't say when but it is evident by the state of rot and decay that no one has called this place home in years. Fancying yourself the leadership type, you set to work making repairs and soliciting locals to aid you in your endeavor, even convincing some that you would be a good and just lord.
  • You've been here for sometime now; 1 year, 5 years, 10 years...long enough to have seen the battles that raged between the kingdoms, the famines that ravaged the land, perhaps even a time or two of peace when the promise of something better hung so tangibly in the summer air. You have grown weary of the back and forth of it all. The people deserve a sovereign who can unit the kingdoms and you know in the deepest recess of your being that you are the person to do it. Utilizing the reputation, resources, and relationships you have forged you make a grab for one of the more loosely held cities and begin your campaign to unit the realm or die trying.
  • You've always been the lucky sort and one evening you just happened to make your way through the gates of a manor where childless liege lays waiting for whatever god cares to claim their soul. The only heir is a convolutedly distant relation whom no one in the holding seems to have ever met. Mistaking you for that heir you are quickly ushered to the seat of power before the cushion is even cold. Will the real heir show up to stack their claim? Only time will tell.
  • To be frank, you simply do not like the person or people who are currently leading an estate and. Nothing would give you more pleasure than ousting them and claiming all they had worked for as your own. Maybe you were tricked by a fae once or humiliated by a dragon. Or maybe some Jarl decided to insult your honor. Whatever the case, the current climate of change and upheaval seems like the perfect opportunity to exact your revenge.
  • You were always taught to be kind, to treat everyone with respect whether they're the lowest stable boy or the highest Queen. You made friends with the right people and when the leader of the estate steps down it is you who are offered the crown.
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