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AFK Macroing

From Sanctuary Shard

As long as you are in a private home, owned or otherwise, you may idle or macro AFK to train skills. If you are in a public area where RP is expected, such as the bank or crafting area, and are not responding after 30 mins, you will be moved to an appropriate private location. If you want staff to contact you directly in Discord, please put your Discord name in the OOC section of your .look and we'll poke you there. If this information is not listed, staff may not know how to contact you.

Since it is necessary to be in close proximity to a training dummy to train certain skills, it is permissible to macro.

Ultimately, like with everything we endeavor to do in this shard, keep in mind that many of us have known each other for years. Let's give each other the benefit of the doubt whenever able and message each other OOC in Discord if we feel someone is taking AFK macroing too far.

Admins/Senior Staffers are always here to help answer questions and if a staffer or player has a question, please bring it to our attention.

Most of us are now adults, with kids, and jobs, and we've trained skills on UO for how long now? A decade for most, two decades for many? Do we really CARE that someone sits there and watches the screen while gaining skills? To what end? If you wanted to RP, we assumed you'd go RP ... it's why you are here. If you want to grind skills, we assume you have your laptop open somewhere while doing something else more vital to running your life. I feel no need to make you look at a game screen so you can say you're "at the keyboard". Hell, I think we need less time spent in front of screens, so macro all you like, go get the sleep you probably need, tell your babies a bedtime story, or simply flop on the floor and pretend you are being productive.

You may not AFK Macro in your shop at all. If you need to AFK macro, buy a private home or stay with a friend.

AFK Crafting

We do not allow AFK crafting, which means exactly that: You are away from your keyboard. It does not mean that you are expected to be staring at the screen. You can be chatting in Discord, watching TV, or otherwise awake and reasonably attentive. If you like to watch TV while crafting, or should you be working for the shard scripting or building, please put your Discord handle in your .look so those looking to interact with you can get your attention.

Crafting directly effects the player economy and AFK crafting is not allowed on the shard. We would no more allow AFK hunting or gold farming then we would allow AFK crafting. To that end, you can not hide while crafting, and all crafting stations are restricted to one of the six main craft halls in the capitals, and the immediately nearby NPC decorated shops.

We do allow SOME crafting in shops, as the shop setting on our housing feature overrides some of the crafting stations. This feature is intended to support your ability to role-play your craft in your shop with your vendors. However, shops and vendors are restricted to Summer Isle where we intend to centralize the shopping experience for players. You are expected to be at the keyboard and available for interaction when in your shop.


Arrows and bandages take a long time to craft will this be reviewed?
Yes, we are in the process of reviewing the craft times on some of our consumable items, such as arrows and bandages. Expect a solution by October 2019.
You mentioned at one point letting us set up our RPCSS forts as shops, is this still an option?
We had originally intended to allow crafting in the rpcss guild locations outside of the six main towns. However, after further discussions, we have changed our minds. We feel that the six are enough and that a potential additional 20 makes the point of having crafting areas both public and centralized effectively moot. We also feel that is is more likely to generate AFK crafting which is detrimental to the economy.
Will there be more shops?
Yes, once all the shops we now have on Summer Isle are rented we will set up additional shops up until the point that most of Evervale is shop-enabled. So, there should be plenty of options for people to have and share a shop.
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