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Role-Play Conflict Resolution (Rules)

From Sanctuary Shard

Players are expected to respect role-play limits and agree to dice rules or staff moderation when requested to resolve role-play conflict. A general series of guidelines are available.

General Statements

There is no reason for staff to get involved in the resolution of RP conflict between players UNLESS one or more of the parties ASKS for a moderator.

Agreed Upon Outcomes
If a group of players choose to agree upon outcomes (instead of dicing for it) and new players are introduced into the scene (or larger plot line) they need to include the new players in those agreed upon decisions -- preferably before hand.
If the role-play between players seeks to change or establish any shard lore, then the authors of the lore or a staff member, not involved in the discussion, must be included into the negotiation. Please note that significant changes to a kingdom culture is unlikely to be approved -- kingdom culture impacts thousands of NPCs, not just players.


  • Players are obligated to respect RP limits. It is each players responsibility to have their RP limits set. However, if you see a player with out limits, please remind them to set them, especially if you plot line involves any type of rape, torture, or mutilation.
  • Players are obligated to negotiate dice roles to resolve conflict. Players are not obligted to agree to mutually acceptable outcomes. It is perfectly acceptable for players to want completely seperate outcomes for RP conflict -- in fact that's what puts the conflict into it. However, they ARE obligated to agree upon dice rolls to determine who wins in an encounter.
  • Players are obligated to accept moderation if called for. If a moderator is requested, by any member of the conflict, then all discussion and role-play should stop immediately and a moderator should be waited on.
  • Players are obligated to keep their role-play plot lines reasonable. If a plot line or situation seems unrealistic to the lore or the game world, or doesn't provide the other player any chances -at all- to respond, then a moderator should be called.
  • Players are obligated to consider appropriate cause and effect. Conflict should grow by measured increments that can be explained or justified to a staff member if requested. Initiating an extreme action in response to a mild insult would not be considered a measured increment.
  • Players are obligated to provide continued role-play scenes to resolve conflict. This means that there has to be reasonable attempts to continue the plot line to resolution. If you do not feel that you have been given a fair chance to role-play you should contact a moderator.
Not Obligated
By accepting the in-game pop up to play on Cuiveinen you are agreeing to participate any in conflict plot lines even if you dislike them. Other players are not obligated to get your permission or agreement at any point.


  • Keep the discussion between parties limited to those directly affected.
  • Keep the discussion to the necessary points, don't get dragged into sideline discussions if you are not willing to be.
  • Call a moderator immediately if you feel the other party is being too pushy or appears too emotionally involved.
  • You are not obligated to tell the PLAYER anything that the CHARACTER neither knows or needs to know. i.e. you have to tell them the effects of a spell they have to role-play with WHEN they need to role-play with it, not before hand.
  • If there maybe long term consequences of a role-play conflict that will be revealed much later -- do yourself a favor and tell a staffer about it immediately, so they can document it on the staff or admin boards.
Some players want to discuss role-play before it happens some do not. Our megagaming rules makes it clear that if you choose to discuss role-play before it happens, and someone metagames, its your own damn fault.
There are significant differences between "that's not fun for me", "that will trigger me", and "wow all of my RP just ended". First, if something will seriously trigger you emotionally, it should be on your RP limits or you shouldn't play on Cuivienen. Second, if a role-play conflict may potentially end all of your role-play for that character it is perfectly accepable for you to speak to a moderator and make sure that the evolving plot line was reasonable and appropriate. However, neither "all of my RP just ended" nor "that's not fun for me" are valid reasons for the other party to change their in character goals/actions.
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