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Metagaming (Rules)

From Sanctuary Shard

Metagaming is defined as using out of character information in character. Metagaming can not be circumvented by the use of backstories or "all knowing" deities. Metagaming is further classified as a role-play etiquette and is thus managed along with other breaks of our Code of Conduct.

It is considered bad manners to:

  • Use any information not learned by your character directly to the detriment of other player's characters.
  • Exchange in character information between your own characters. (If you are playing two characters on the same team, such as a noble and his servant and you want to have the noble tell the servant, it is good manners to say in game "I'll pass this onto Jeeves so he knows as well.")
  • Use established relationships with another player's character to bypass the rule above. (This comes up in cases where a RL spouse's character is consistently used to transfer information between a player's own characters.)
  • Use another character's application as the basis for your own character's application without their permission. Character applications are OOC information.

Protect Yourself

As long as the community actively protects itself by not discussing in game (in character) situations in out of game settings (forums, chat rooms, private messages, etc) it is nearly impossible to prove that someone has metagamed.
With that said, all players are warned of the following
  1. Don't talk about what happened in game with anyone out of game. The minute you announce in a public format, such as the forums or chatrooms, what has happened in game, is the minute you've lost control of the information. It is very easy for someone to forget how they heard the information and if they are suppose to know it or not.
  2. Don't make important IC plans with other players out of character. Keep all of your planning to in character interactions. This will help to keep the line of IC and OOC more cleanly.
  3. All publicly posted in character rumors, stories, letters and logs WILL BE ASSUMED to be available to all characters and NPCs. Don't post "nearly private" in character anything and expect that to be respected. The average player will do their best to be respectful, but again, its very easy to loose track of these type of grey areas.
  4. Expect other CHARACTERS to betray your character regardless of your personal relationship with the other player.
Very importantly
  • Bragging, boasting or predicting the outcome of role-play conflict that has not happened negatively impacts others view of the potential fairness of a role-play interaction, and further skews RP.
  • Gossiping, bitching, complaining or moaning OOC about what another character did to your character will absolutely result in effecting the other players' role-play.
  • Listening to other people complain OOC about another player or character will intentionally or accidentally effect your role-play. Don't let them get started -- tell them to handle it in role-play.
  • Telling another player that a third player is bad mouthing them will almost always result in meta-gaming.
  • Being told that another player is bad mouthing you OOC will effect the role-play of your character.
  • Don't participate in private unsanctioned group chats or forums with any expectation of actual privacy.
  • Almost EVERY meta gaming snarl our staff team has had to untangle was made many many times worse by players talking about it OOC.

If you want to avoid being dragged into an OOC Drama llama fest about who did or didn't metagame your BEST defense is to be deaf, dumb, and blind to any accusation or discussion of other player's role-play behavior. Just play the game.

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