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Official High Seas Client

From Sanctuary Shard

If you absolutely can not get the Sanctuary Client running then the High Seas Official Servers client will work. We have included it in our download file -- No need to Install! Just Download. You will however still want Razor. Please note that we are using a custom client for Sanctuary and anyone running the Official High Seas client may not get all of the custom functionality.

Download the Sanctuary Files
  1. Download the zip file (its to same zip file as above in the Classic UO-Windows section): Sanctuary-Client_Windows.zip
  2. Extract the zip file wherever you would like on your computer
  3. Download and install the Razor Latest Installer
  4. Launch Razor and configure:
  • Next to Load Client click the Browse button and select client.exe from where you extracted the zip file in step 2
  • Make sure Patch client encryption IS checked
  • Make sure Use OSI Encryption is NOT checked
  • Next to UO Data Directory click the Browse button and choose the UOFiles folder inside the folder where you extracted the zip file in step 2
  • In the Server field type in prod.sanctuaryshard.com
  • In the Port field type in 5004
  • Click the Okay button at the bottom and Razor should launch the client
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