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SanctuaryClient Troubleshooting

From Sanctuary Shard

Troubleshooting tips for setting up the new client, as well as where to go for advanced help.


Please note that the SanctuaryClient client has razor built-in, you don't use razor to run SanctuaryClient. You run SanctuaryClient and IT'S version of razor launches automatically.

  • If this is your first time -- you must download the client AND apply the update.
  • Try running as administrator
  • Make sure you are allowing it through your windows firewall.
  • Go to the following link and Click Download .NET Framework 4.8 Runtime and then install it https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-framework/net48
  • If your client just crashes or doesn't appear to load at all it will generate a crash log file located in the Logs folder. If you see an error relating to zlib you need to install https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe
  • Update your graphic drivers to the latest.
  • Install closer to the root such as C:\Sanctuary-Client_Windows

Discord Help if All Else Fails

  • Please ask for help in our Discord server under #client-setup first. If we can't help you then you may wish to go to the Discord Server for the ClassicUO Client.
  • Their Discord server is here for those who need more help then we can give: ClassicUO Discord.
  • Please be advised that this channel has normal users in it and help may be inconsistent.
  • Please tell them you are using ClassicUO, not SanctuaryClient, they won't know what you are talking about

Still Not Working

Then you can connect to the server using the Official High Seas Client but we are not supporting it, and it will not have all the features available in the Sanctuary Client. As of Fall 2020, this will include more and more features, such as the new magery skills, that you will not have access to.

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