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Relocate (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

If you wish to relocate your home hex for role-play reasons you need to contact Lara and follow the process defined here:

  1. Advise Lara that you are doing this as soon as possible, so she's prepared and on page. Expect her to ask for role-play to support it.
  2. The estate owner needs to issue marching orders and have one of their armies (or their allies army) IN the hex.
  3. After end of turn when marching orders are resolved contact Lara.
  4. Lara will go into the game and move your home hex from its original location to where you end up after end of turn.
Please Note
  • If you have adjoined hexes to your home hex and you move your home hex to a distant hex, you lose those that were connected to it.
  • We don't allow you to move into a hex that does not have a stronghold.
  • If you meet resistance as part of your marching orders, it is possible that you may not end up where you think so make sure you read the details of how conflict is resolved.
Other considerations
  1. You do not lose your court level.
  2. But, because you lose your hexes, you can't raise court level until you get your hexes back.
  3. You do not lose your armies.
  4. But because you loose your hexes, you are limited to mustering only at the level of the hexes you have.
  5. However, because you don't loose your armies you can potentially occupy more than one hex at a time.
  6. But, you do have to move your armies, we don't move them for you.
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