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RPCSS Army Units

From Sanctuary Shard

RPCSS has three types of generic human-form units, infantry, knights and seige equipment. RPCSS will be connected to UO to spawn these army units in-game as mobs, functioning as champ spawns. We are unable to customize spawns, at this time, and Noble House leaders are expected to make use of these three units without any modification.

  • RPCSS is programmed to have the SAME mobs for everyone, and those mobs are going to based on the UO human form in generic looking leather and plate armor and horses. It will be months before we are able to program in the ability for each house to customize the look of their mobs. We certainly want to do that, but getting it working is the primary goal.
  • As far as world lore is concerned, players may claim that the mobs are any of the many human-form sub-races, such as vampires, un-shifted weres, Aelfeyn, glamoured Muiri, normal sized Hoggur, etc. But the base mob needs to use the same RPCSS human mob for everyone -- for now.
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