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Alliance Application

From Sanctuary Shard

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Sanctuary does not currently support normal UO guilds. The guild system is reserved for political alliance role-play on the main land, Cuiviénen. If you feel there is a need for another political group in the role-play you may fill out an Alliance Application and post it to the forums here. Please note that this is not the application for estate owners which requires just the normal character application.

Alliance name
You can not name your alliance directly after a kingdom, region or other specific land-based location. There is no guarantee that you will keep your location, and having alliances named after the land becomes confusing in such cases.
House Leader
Your character name
How new players can contact you
Details on how to get in touch with other members, either where to find in game or in discord.
Tell players WHEN the house expects to host events and what type of events they will be; Court Sessions, Hunts, Tavern Night, etc.
Current Status
Tell us the current status of the house; is it the ruling house, who is it allied with, has it recently been defeated, etc.
Your bannerfile
Please give us a 400x400 banner file for the web page
You can include anything else in here that you like; such as the name of your castle, what your colors are, who's in charge of what.
A story of how your alliance formed
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