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Sanctuary's primary story line is designed around land-based conflict between Noble Houses. We use a custom web-based game tool called RPCSS to manage the armed conflict, allowing the primary story arcs to be completely player-driven. There are five kingdoms, five Ruling Houses and numerous other Great Houses and Banner Houses. House Applications are currently being accepted for Great Houses. Read More ...

Please note that the Noble House pages are maintained by the players, and the staff only scans them. If you have questions or need a clarification, please contact staff or Lara directly. 

News and Rumors are posted on a weekly basis by Noble House Leaders on the wiki. Other rumors generated from actions done in RPCSS is added to the in-game town crier and sent via the in-game postal system. Upcoming events can be found on the Message of the Day (.motd) in game. Further there is a #looking-for-role-play channel in our Discord Server. We encourage you to use the information provide in your role-play as this information is readily accessible to any one. Read More ..


Current Noble Houses

Prismaticbannerfile.png The Prismatic Sovereignty

For centuries, over many worlds, dragons and dragon kind have both terrorized and peacefully coexisted with humans and elves. A new age has arrived, with the opportunity to see bonds between dragons and dragon riders form again, a chance to rule and expand the power afforded to those loyal to The Prismatic Sovereignty and the primordial world shapers as the Royal House of Midrvegr. Read More ..

Mythalvianbannerfile.jpg House Mythalvian, Banner House in Kraestret/Midrvegr

House Mythalvian, one a Valgarin noble house of Comraich, has reformed on Sanctuary has a primarily Aelfeyn and shape-shifter noble house. We follow Yrsa, a northern triple goddess, her companions Fenrir and Grimnar and her husbands Manannan Mac Air and Lugh-Tyr. We are a banner house to Valdrdomr and Raven's Kiss. Read More ..

Qubilatbannerfile.jpg Qubilat al-Asad (The Tribe of the Lion), Current Ruling House of Andus

Qubilat al-Asad is one of the leading tribes of the kingdom of Andus whose primary mission is to rule over it's people, and enforce the laws of the Kingdom and Acrab. The tribe is a merchant tribe that boasts strong military holdings, and mining operations to supplement their tradecrafts. They are renown for their jewelers, blacksmiths, and weaponsmiths. Those interested can also join the famed horse breeding stables. If you're seeking to fill the roles above, or just be a regular citizen, slave, or harem member, we invite you to join us. The Jewel of Al Shadiyah awaits you Sadiq. Read More ..

Wolfjudgementbannerfile.jpg Valdrdómr (The Wolfs Judgment), Miðrvegr Great House

The Valdrdómr is a marauding/pirating group. More in line with cunning and clever actions than simple brute force. Having spent the better part of the last few years raiding surrounding territories and demanding the loyalty of lesser houses, they have risen in both notoriety and fame. Read More ..

OotSKbanner.png The Order of the Silver Key, Andus Great House

Knowledge-seekers of all kinds may be drawn to this group: magic-users, healers, builders, inventors, writers, master crafters... The Order encourages all to try and unravel the nature of the world they have been brought to, by providing resources and a place to gather knowledge. The group also welcomes warriors and knights who wish to protect the Order or help gather resources. The occasional rogue can also find a home here, as their skills are uniquely suited to clandestine operations. The motto of the Order is: "All knowledge is worth having, at any cost." Read More ..

Ravenskissbannerfile.jpg Raven's Kiss, Current Ruling House of Kraestret

Raven's Kiss has evolved into a genuine pursuit of political power amongst the shifting Houses. Outwardly, their goal is simply to be left alone and safe. Behind the scenes, of course, is a different story; moving in shadows, as is their nature, slowly accumulating power in order to assure the safety of the peoples they lead. Read More ..

Blacklionbannerfile.jpg The Sacred August Order of the Black Lion, Current Ruling House of Emlyn

The Sacred August Order of the Black Lion is an ancient brotherhood of crusading knights in the Kingdom of Emlyn who have fought an eternal battle for the elimination of all the evils in the world. We are seeking players who enjoy a rich bouquet of strategic conflict and dramatic roleplay who wish to play characters that are valorous, honorable, and steadfast. We are usually active in the evenings and weekends and we offer a group of close-knit, friendly, helpful players who host regular activities and events as well as being willing to help train and guide new players. Read More ..

Wildhuntbannerfile.jpg The Wild Hunt, Current Ruling House of Raeyithia

The Woods are lovely, dark and deep... The Wild Hunt is based in the Kingdom of Raeyithia. There, it calls to the Muiri of the land; offering succor and kinship to those who would join their cousins. To the outside world, the Hunt focuses on craftsmanship, farming, and trade; but their goals run much deeper, and the voices of many are easier to hear than those of the few. All Muiri who are willing to give their oath to the Hunt will be welcomed with open arms, as will other races who have proven their usefulness and loyalty. Read More ..

Wildwardenbannerfile.png Wardens of the Wilds, Noble House of Emlyn

Light and shadow. Life and death. The natural world, and the world of Man...all things must come to balance, and the Wardens seek to maintain that balance. We serve not only as guardians of the Wild places, but as hunters of the servants of the Enemy, for they are found in many places, not in Underhill only... We protect the lands we wander, though our sometimes fearsome appearance makes us seem dangerous, our honor stands firm. Read More ..

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