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When do we role-play

From Sanctuary Shard

It is important for us to be clear about that fact that you can not get 24 hours role-play on our shard. Of course, I'm not aware of any online role-play community where you can get 24 hour role-play. It is my intention to give prospective players as much information as possible to figure out how to maximize their role-play around busy schedule. The times listed here are in EST (Server Time) and GMT.

Update August 31, 2020
There are regularly 20-25 on at any given time with most of the role-play activity happening right in the middle of the day EST, and in the EST evenings.
Update June 27, 2020
Saturday morning, 14 on. Our Euro community has exploded and we have nearly as many on during the US day time as we do the US evening. Evenings are consistently seeing 20 and events slowly pushing 25.
Update June 16, 2020
We've seen a nice upswing since the last update. Its 11 am EST and there are 15 people in-game, and we are seeing over 20 on for evening events.
Update May 28, 2020
There were 16 people on last night for a non-event evening! Good times.
Update May 27,2020
There are regularly 7 to 11 people on at all American time zones, from early morning to late late evening. There are regular hunting groups, pocket role-play, and RP Events.
Updated May 22, 2020
Its about 10 am EST and there are 11 people online, and have been consistently like this for most of the week. Some are macroing, some hunting, some crafting, and a few role-playing. The discord channel is active and most anyone can be found for a little one on one role-play if asked.
Updated May 18, 2020
We had 7-9 on all weekend from 9 am to midnight. There was plenty to do and role-play happened consistently throughout. I played all day both days.
Updated May 12, 2020
We have a handful of active players who can be found online during the day or approached in Discord. New players are encouraged to introduce themselves in the #looking-for-roleplay channel.
Updated May 7, 2020
Most role-play events are during the American evening time, Thursday to Sunday. For additional events please check the #looking-for-roleplay channel of our Discord channel and the .MOTD in game.

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