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Trouble Shooting (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

There are a number of troubleshooting techniques that you should try before posting a bug.

  1. Make sure the issue is not a known issue by looking above.
  2. Make sure you are using the right URL, using the wrong URL will definitely cause things to go wonky.
  3. Try logging out and logging in.
  4. Try closing the browser window completely and re-opening it.
  5. Try force refreshing the page, the command for this varies by browser, you'll need to check for how your browser does it.
  6. Ask in Discords RPCSS-topic channel, you can also search thru the channel for previous discussions that relate to your issue.
  7. Finally, if its an issue that is stopping you from playing, post it on the RPCSS Board.
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