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Traveling Heroes

From Sanctuary Shard

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The inter-dimensional traveler is core to this world's historical development. Most new players choose to bring in an existing character rather than jump in feet first by playing a native. We accept most original characters from most medieval fantasy worlds.


This player character is not native to this world, but rather comes from an alternate (medieval fantasy) world. Part of your character's past and present story must include the understanding that their previous existence in prior worlds begins to fade within a reasonably short period of time and they may eventually consider themselves native to the world.
Matching Race on your Application
Regardless of your character's actual place of birth race, they must fit within one of the four native races categories; Human, Aelfeyn, Muiri, Hoggur or be a Summons & Constructs.
The native race pages have a selection of documented sub-races that have a high population density, an unusual backstory, or historical relevance. There are many more types of sub-races living in Sanctuary then are documented. If you do not see a sub-race that exactly matches your original character that's fine, you don't have to. You simply need to choose which race matches your sub-race.
For Example: We don't have Drow as a native race. We have two similar races, but no actual Drow. That doesn't mean you have to claim your Drow is something else to get approved, you just have to say your traveler is an "Aelfeyn | Drow" on your application.
Obviously, once your character begins to forget he's no longer a traveler, you'll need to figure out how he explains any discrepancies.



The mainstay of most fantasy worlds, the terror of gothic novels, the romance of the night and fear of all small children -- humans are so much more then farm boy turned dread pirate. On Sanctuary, the humans understand it is their birthright that defines them. This race includes not only humans, but demi-humans, vampires, witches, lycanthropes and all who were born human. Read More ...

While not all human sub-races get along with each other, those who arrive in Sanctuary from elsewhere quickly learn that there are commonalities shared among all of the sub-races; commonalities which become very clear when compared to the alien nature of the Muiri, long mindedness of the Aelfeyn or the dogged determination of the Hoggur. While humans, vamps and weres are often at loggerheads in worlds where only they exist, our heroes arrive on Sanctuary with the understanding that there are often greater shared goals than dividing differences.



The Aelfeyn consider themselves the first race, though they are not the only who claim such. Those Aelfeyn born today on Cuiveinen are all half-elves in some manner or other, as almost all true pure-bloods have disappeared or died off in the last two thousand years. With the Thorn King Era coming to a close, once cloistered Aelfeyn are reemerging into society. Read More ...

In the lore of the travelers they are known by many other names; the Alfar, the Trow, the Gentry, Tuatha de Dannan , the Sidhe, the Children of Dana, Trooping Fairies, Vanyarin, Court Fey, The Eldar and the Avari, High Elves, Drow, Snow Elves, and by dozens of other names from hundreds of other worlds.

When one of the Aelfeyn return to Sanctuary, which they call Cuiviénen, they immediately understand their origins. They know that they are created of darkness and light, of water and earth, and that all of the children were once one, and though they may be divided by goals in this life, they are the chosen.

Dragon Shapeshift
Native Aelfeyn never have a dragon shapeshift. If a traveler who is born Aelfeyn, but can become a dragon, travels to Sanctuary they are considered Aelfeyn and not "true" dragons like those of the Muiri or Hoggur dragons.



The Muiri have developed many origin stories over the millennia and throughout the vast worlds in which they inhabit. Stories of fairies, nymphs, and otherkin are told time and time again around fires, and as bedtime stories. But it will be here on Sanctuary, which the Muiri call Tèarmann ap Dídean, that the Muiri will come to understand a new origin story; a tale of iron and ice, of a great black dragon that rules the moon-bright sky, and the elements of water and air that infuse their very nature. Some still deny they are part of the Muiri, but iron is their kryptonite and by this all Muiri are known. Read More ...

The list of potential sub-races for the Muiri span all folklore and most fantasy worlds. The limit here is based on what graphics are available for the idea. It will be nearly impossible to create a finite list of what is and isn't doable, so we simply encourage you to ask if the idea has not been done before. We understand that some races may feel as if they do not fall into either the Muiri or the Hoggur but we do need you to make a choice and appropriate modifications to your idea. If your sub-race is of the element of air or water, related to the moon, delicately-built, or negatively-affected by iron, they are Muiri. All natural shapeshifters are Muiri.

This race is for all nearly purely magical creatures such as fairies, fen tads, Other-kin (animals that can become human), Fairies, Winged Dragons, Unicorns, Pooka, Bogthing, Bogling, Centaur. Please note relevant to the WYSIWYG rule for graphics, that winged dragons can not actually fly much at all, they more... glide along.

Please Note
The noble-born fey which are known as the Tuatha de Dannan of Irish myth as well as Sidhe, Aos Si, and Daoine Dìth are part of the Aelfeyn race, not the Muiri.



Hoggur are, quite literally, the salt of the earth. Sometimes, they are the dirt of the earth; occasionally the marshes, swamps and bogs. Hoggur are creatures of the earth, the deep earth where roots tangle and treasure grows. Hoggur believe that their origins lay within the earth itself, and perhaps even with the great world serpent Jormungandr. Many Hoggur are of giant sub-races, but the race also includes dwarves, gnomes and goblins. If a human has a bulbous nose, it might be said, "He's got a bit of Hoggur in him." Read More ...

This race is for all giants, trolls, dwarves, gnomes which are generally considered to be connected to or coming from the earth and fire, and repulsed by the sun. This race gets a shape change to one of the "taller than human" graphics that are available for some type of "hulk out" option.

Giants/Ettins, Trolls, Ogres, Dwarves (no graphic), Hobbit, Halfing, Kender, Gnomes (no graphic), Goblin, Orc, Lizards, Serpents & Dragons who cannot fly like the swamp dragon, Cyclops, Titan, Jotunn. Includes such half-humanoids as Minotaur, Ophidian/Naga, Terathan, Lizard Men, and Rat Men.

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