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Status (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

This page is for house leaders and those who are interested in becoming house leaders. It contains a running list of information that Lara has provided.

August 8th, 2019

When the game begins on September 1st we are planning on having the following number of castles and forts.

  • There are 6 castles, one in each of the five capitals and then a sixth, the Nightmare castle, in the far north east.
  • There are 6 forts, with the Vampire Castle just south of Drokk.
  • Forts are more defensible then castles, but cost less. At this time we are not going to be changing what is marked as castle and what is marked as a fort. Our goal is not to be fair, but rather to be just unfair enough to force you all to work to gain what you want.
  • All of the castles and forts have plenty of hexes around them to claim land, except the Vampire castle which is right on top of the Drokk territory.

This places Nir and Mari in immediate conflict with each other over surrounding territory. Everyone else has a little more time to expand, tho realistically Nir could go north and Mari south and work in unity to protect the region, which is just how I think of it fictionally to explain the double fort/castle setup.

  • There are 14 forts planned but not built. It will take months if not years to build them all, don't expect them any time soon, they'll get done when they get done.
  • In the mean time, Daisy, Mith and I are discussing if we want to at least place castle multis there so people don't role-play that NOTHING exists there. The castles would also help if someone was forced to retreat to an area.

Daisy will be taking "ideas" for building the other 14 forts, but it should be understood that houses have to keep their territory. If someone else comes in and takes it, they can evict you and claim your castle, and all the homes in that hex. So even if she builds something with a particular house in mind, its just that a design, not a guarantee of ownership.

  • As of this date, there are 9 houses, which leaves 3 spots unclaimed: Muckwater village (to be renamed), the Telrae'dor Castle (to be renamed), and the Nightmare Castle (to be renamed)


  • Water and Mountain should be obvious to all UO players, those areas will be marked as "impassable" and "water" in RPCSS meaning they can not be "claimed" as territory.
  • The islands, and southern coast line are also going to be excluded from RPCSS until ship travel and combat are implemented.
  • Territory, a group of hexes, must all be co-joined. A noble house can not have territory scattered across the map disconnected from each other. You can occupy another hex with your armies, which is great conflict, but to actually TAKE it and add it to your own territory you will have to move your territory or be close enough to string your hexes out. You'll understand this better once you get into see how RPCSS works.
  • We are hoping to have you in RPCSS this weekend, please review the manual.
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