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Media statistics

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Statistics about uploaded file types. This only includes the most recent version of a file. Old or deleted versions of files are excluded.

Bitmap images

MIME typePossible extensionsNumber of filesCombined size
image/jpeg.jpeg, .jpg, .jpe188 (78.3%)60,251,051 bytes (57.46 MB; 82.6%)
image/png.png, .apng50 (20.8%)12,484,596 bytes (11.91 MB; 17.1%)
image/gif.gif2 (0.833%)218,179 bytes (213 KB; 0.299%)

Total file size for this section: 72,953,826 bytes (69.57 MB; 100%).

All files

Total file size for all files: 72,953,826 bytes (69.57 MB).

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