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SanctuaryClient Primary Interface

From Sanctuary Shard

The custom Sanctuary Client offers a variety of new features including a map size world map and zoom options.

  1. Hit the World Map and you'll see a much better radar options. Worldmapbutton.png
  2. Journal has a dark mode
  3. If you are zoomed way out (in the main game window), people/non-statics will not show up at the edges of the window. They just pop up once you get within a certain range.
  4. A new container has been added for players much like their backpack, but is used specifically for spell books and rune books and is called the bookcase. The bookcase can be accessed by double clicking the far left golden book icon on your paper doll. As stated above, you can only place spell books or runebooks in the bookcase, but is a way for you to not clutter up your main pack with them.
  5. The profile scroll on the paper doll will now open your look Gump instead of the built in profile gump.


There is an option next to the Journal button at the top of the screen which is name "Translate Journal". This opens the Portuguese journal which will automatically translate English in to Portuguese. To change your overhead language use the .overheadlang dot command.
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