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Pre-AOS Warning

From Sanctuary Shard

Pre-AOS Warning

This skill has been deemed non-functional due to the disabling of AOS on the shard. If you have taken this skill in error, please page in-game for a skill swap. We will not be supporting this skill until it is re-written.

May 4th, 2020

We are in the process of reverting a 2016 set of Serv UO game mechanics to work as if it was a pre-AOS UO version. This is going to take time, and there are a million little quirks we will need to tweak. In addition, we are working to integrate Grimmwold's AOS crafting system into this pre-AOS design, while updating our client to a High Seas version. This is no small task, and players need to recognize that it is going to take more than our first few weeks of release, to get done. Realistically, it could take 3 months.

If this text shows up on a User Manual page that you are viewing its very likely that we think this skill has been or will be impacted by our pre-AOS changes. What can you do to help?

  1. When we say it should work like what is posted on UO Guide or Stratics, we mean should work like this assuming you keep in mind that any AOS features are going to be removed and may currently not function correctly.
  2. Breathe, and remember this is likely nothing like other shards you've played on recently, so try and manage your expectations.
  3. Help us by updating the wiki. With more information added, others are less likely to get confused, as well. Message Lara in Discord with a user name and password and she'll give you a wiki account.
  4. Ask questions in the Discord #game-questions channel but don't expect other people to know the answers, find legal workarounds to your issues and post bugs to the forums.

This will be fixed in a reasonable amount of time; we have lots of scriptors working on it. If you took any of the skills listed in the see also link below and are not happy with them, you may page for a skill swap to any other skill of your choice.

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