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Other UO Tools & Clients

From Sanctuary Shard

Wondering about other UO tools and clients, this page answers some of those questions.

UO Razor
Razor comes built into the Windows version of SanctuaryClient and you do not need to download it, nor do you need to start the game with Razor. Launch the Sanctuary client as per the instructions above and it will run razor. Razor is not yet integrated into the Sanctuary Mac Client.
UO Fiddler
Test out hues, dress your character before you buy things, overall helpful tool.
UO Steam/Enhanced Razor
UO Steam, Normal Razor, and Enhanced Razor only work with the clients from the producers of public UO (OSI, EA and Broadsword). By their very design they do not work with third-party clients. Consequently, they do not work with the SanctuaryClient. But a version of Razor has been configured and integrated into the custom client. We understand people like their "razor" tools, but the new client is so significantly better we feel it was worth the small learning curve it would take to convert.
Orion Client & Launcher
We will not be supporting the OrionUO client, another windows only third-party client written in C++, at this time as we feel that Sanctuary Client, which is based on ClassicUO, has a more active development team, cross-platform options, and a C# codebase.
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