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Notifications and Rumors (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

Notifications appear on the RPCSS Web Game. Rumors appear in game via the post office and town crier.

  • Small Council players will always receive back responses to the actions they submitted. Only they can see them, responses do not go out to anyone else except the one who submitted them.
  • Small Council players will usually receive notification of actions done against them. However, not all actions done against a faction are known to the faction. Some are only known if another action has been made to reveal them. In most cases, actions that involve armies moving in your territory or attacking your armies are always revealed to the General.
Two Days after End of Turn
  • Faction members have a random chance of receiving a rumor from home that involves action that affected their faction. At this stage you only hear about your faction. Not everyone will get a rumor, and not everyone will get the same information. You are encouraged to go role-play finding out. Rumors are sent to your character via in-game post. Any character registered in the guild has a chance or receiving post from home about their guilds home hexes.
Four Days after End of Turn
  • The town criers will receive random rumors that involve actions going on in the world. Not every town crier will get the same information. You are encouraged to go role-play with others and explore the various town criers to find out the information.
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