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Noble Houses

From Sanctuary Shard

For maximum political role-play potential players should sort themselves into noble houses in much the same way that Game of Thrones does. There will be between 5 and 10 Great Houses plus numerous banner houses. To keep RPCSS balanced, there will need to be a nearly equal number of Great Houses in each kingdom. This isn't necessarily easy to accomplish as players tend to lump together. We will do our best to balence the natural flow of role-play while keeping it from becoming too lopsided. Leaders of kingdoms and great houses will need to be prepared to build allies within or without of their own kingdoms.

To begin I will be taking submissions from players who want to create or run a noble house. From this list of applications I will pick who will start as the ruling great house for each Kingdom, which houses will be Great Houses and which ones will be banner houses.

Ruling House
There are five ruling houses, one for each kingdom. The current ruling houses have been in control for at least five years prior to our arrival, and perhaps for much longer. All ruling houses are also great houses. We will being game play with just 5 great houses set up in RPCSS.
Great House
There are probably a lot of great houses that have risen and fallen over the centuries prior to our arrival, but at the present time, there are only a few with armies enough to impact the upcoming new cycle. Great Houses have the ability to play RPCSS with armies to fight with. As we attract players more slots for Great Houses will open up.
Banner House
A banner house is allied to a great house, in the beginning all banner houses will be allied with the ruling house of their kingdom. Banner houses do not have enough armies to make a huge impact on any battles, however they do have the ability to call up forces and advance to being a Great House, and play the game should a slot open up.

Details on Noble Houses

  • Because of the nature of how heroes arrive in Sanctuary noble houses should not be based on blood ties.
  • The application for each house should include some history of the house that your character now runs, the story line for the house should not include your character.
  • They don't actually have to be based on nobility, any realistic historical premise should be fine as long as it is land based and uses land based armies as that is a current restriction of RPCSS. Consequently, mercenary groups, knight orders, merchant guilds, barbarian hordes, etc, are all acceptable.
  • For a banner house to be elevated to a Great House (or the ruling house) there must be an available slot in your kingdom for a new RPCSS team, AND there must be two other dedicated players who can take over the team if the leader goes MIA.


There is more to running a noble house then just submitting an application. While we feel that the commitment is reasonable for the average player we encourage you to take a look at this page and understand the requirements. Read More ...


We are accepting ideas for Noble Houses at this time, and have a working application. If you would like to participate in the creation of the lore for a noble house please post your application on the House Application board where I can review it while you find the required number of players. Read More ...

Wiki Page

If you would like a wiki page for you guild/team you may request one once you have an approved application. Lara will create a new page for you, and drop in the template for you to fill in. You are obligated to keep your page updated. Page that are not kept updated will be removed/archived.

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