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Next Version (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

This is the design document for the next large version release.

Updates Needed

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  1. Review how PvP works and update the wiki.
  2. How do rumors and news work now that we don’t have roles and we don’t have guilds.

Required for Go Live

  • Sextants
Move Estate
  • Change March
  • Allies/Enemies
  • Army in game
Dye cloak
  • Henchmen
Grimmwold taming
  • BODs
  • Harrying - attack and defend changes
  • Group combat

Design Change

So let me start with the following statement: RPCSS as a function of "Guilds" is not working as intended. I am sure there are a number of factors that cause this, I'll kinda go over the problem:

  1. Guilds for RPCSS are "suppose" to be noble houses, i.e. estate based groups based on land based armies. Even from the beginning, none of our players got that point. Instead, they have consistently -ppl created Guilds that far more resemble political alliances.
  2. Because this core point wasn't grasped there was too much of a focus on players attracting other players thereby limiting how many people actually got to play RPCSS.
  3. Any time we've tried to encourage players to break out of their guild and form new guilds to control new land, its added to segregation not interaction. So, while we didn't have this problem with our Game of Thrones players -- who grasped the concept of noble houses, its not working for Sanctuary. We need to adjust.

However, because RPCSS is truely the only unique thing we as a shard have to sell to players, I still think we need to continue to develop it.

My initial proposal to Mith was that we convert the RPCSS teams to being Estate Holders, rather then Guild. That we encourage many more individuals to claim land and estates on the mainland for themselves personally. This will get more people into playing with RPCSS.

And then guilds are re-positioned as alliances composed of many estate holders and non-estate holders.


  • Leadership Skill
  • Resource Bless Node (must specify resource)
  • Do you have to be on the estate list (either as a person, another estate or the alliance) to use these resource bless nodes?
  • If no, anyone can use them, how do we set up defending their use.
  • If we want to generate the conflict of people “stealing” these resources then we have to a) give a way to defend them b) make it an actual theft.
  • Estates should allow other people to live there.
  • The RPCSS titles should be brought down a notch so they are more about second in command and back up.
  • Review if we even need the three roles for RPCSS.
  • One account per estate ownership
  • Allow multiple estate as backup/second in command
  • Make co-owner on the estate also co-owner in RPCSS
  • Other characters on the account are also co-owners
  • Upgrades to statics can be purchased with RPCSS gold. Deco upgrade could be the hour.
  • I think we can allow spawner requests.
  • We can allow NPCs per court level. Level 1 & 2 are Banker and Postman.
  • Group Buffs?
  • What benefits do you gain from being in an alliance? Is that alliance stronger if it has the arcanum crystal in its allies.


Using a sextant on the mainland would tell you some information about the hexacre; the type of hex, hex number, region and who owns it. This could be used to place an estate stone, which would allow a player to “claim” an area of the map as their “home hex”. It might pretend to build a little camp and that would get them a team in RPCSS with some gold and the ability to muster with one muster point into that home hex.

This same tool could be used to “move” the estate stone from one hex to another hex. Check for existing muster orders. If the player wants to move to a hex that is not adjacent, allow them, but make sure they know they will be abandoning all previous hexex.

  • Might want to consider if we are advocating the practice of having the home hex in a location other than the static fort if that affords them a double unit muster.
  • Sextant should KNOW if a newly created estate stone is being created by the RPCSS controller of that hex and link them automatically.

Estate Stone

  1. Create a team in RPCSS.
  2. Allow you to add Estate Managers
  3. Evict house signs
  4. Choose an alliance (This adds the character as a prospective member)
  1. How does someone take over an estate that has been “abandoned”?
  2. Can a player abandon his estate?

Alliance (Guild) Stones

  1. Decoupled from RPCSS
  2. Register alliance name in RPCSS

Changes to RPCSS Combat

  1. All houses are assumed to be neutral unless listed as enemy or ally.
  2. March does not initiate combat.
  3. A marching army will stop just before a hex occupied by an enemy.
  4. Neutral and ally armies will just be passed through if the target hex is beyond them.
  5. An attack order must then be given to attack.

Group Combat (More then two armies)

  1. Flashpoint - The first attack order becomes the flashpoint in a group combat determination. First attack order goes to the first army of the house with the first initiative that has an attack order.
  2. Two Circles Out - Search two hexes out, in all directions, for other allied armies.
    1. Frontline - Frontline armies are those that have an enemy on any side but are not marked as “Combat Occurred” or routed.
    2. Cancel attack orders for any frontline army.
    3. Support - Support armies have no enemies on any side or are armies marked as “Combat Occurred”. Routed armies can not support.
  3. Calculate points - Add up all the units for each side’s front line armies. Add 1 for each side’s support armies. Add any additional bonuses for forts, etc.
  4. Reserve - Armies that are giving reserve order can function as frontline or support but they do not initiate any attacks, they can only defend. However, if an army is set as reserved they may exchange places with a routed army within one hex.
  5. Combat resolution -
    1. Frontline armies on the loosing side take one point of damage and route if not in a fortified hex.
      1. Armies in a fortification do not route - ever.
      2. If there is a reserve army within one hex, move the routed army to the reserve army location, and the reserve army to the routed armies location.
      3. Armies will attempt to route into their adjacent fortified hex.
      4. Units will join the army in the fortified hex as long as there is room for them, otherwise they will route elsewhere as designed.
    2. Frontline armies on the winning side are marked as “Combat Occurred”
  6. Next Attack Order: Move on to the next attack order and repeat.

About Units and Armies

A unit is an infantry, knight or seige company and a unit has 1 HP regardless of type. An army consists of upto 4 units of any type. So an armies max HP can only be 4.

Units currently have the same attack and defend value except siege equipment which is handled as a code exception. Units are currently 1 and Knights 2.

We are proposing that we implement four values:

  • Attack a Fort
  • Attack a non-fort
  • Defend in a Fort
  • Defend in a non-fort

Consider giving knights an attack of 2 and a defend of 1, and infantry a defend of 2 and attack of 1.

In RPCSS combat, a unit can never take more than 1 point of HP damage AND it always routes (unless in a fort).

Harrying an Army

We are proposing that estate owners using their henchmen can reduce the attack value (but not defend value) of an army for that turn. Design a “story” where the leader and some henchmen have to create a distraction while “sapper/assassin” henchmen are sent off to damage the army.

  • One henchmen can do .1 reduction. Ten henchmen can do 1 reduction.
  • Reduction can be done every 24 hours.
  • Armies in a populated location can not be harried because they turn into guards.

Boss Mob

We want to hold off on implementing a boss mob at this time.

Guards Guards are the same as armies but they are not aggressive unless ordered aggressive by the estate owner, in which case they attack all enemies and allies. Killing guards have no lasting effect, they can not be harried.

When a guard respawns he’s lost his order to attack.

Resource Nodes

A resource node appears in game, consider the following scenarios.

  • Dude finds the node and starts harvesting. Another player comes up and wants the node, they either share or fight.
  • Estate Owner with Henchmen arrives and is likely able to drive off the dude because of the henchmen.
  • Ten henchmen should defeat a player.
  • Henchmen can be put into guard an area mode against all non-allies. Like an army, they warn, “this area is off limits, please turn back.”
  • Army shows up to control the node, its basically hostile to any non-ally regardless of if there is a node there or not.
  • Army gives warning before attack.
  • Army has a non-attackable commander that says, “I will report back to command that our position is compromised.” Sends in-game mail to his estate owner.

  • Henchmen do not respawn but are tougher, armies respawn.
  • Henchmen are rezzable on summer isle and underhill
  • If they die on main map it’s a 24 hr respawn at estate stone

Home hex

Home hex can be used to muster if there are no other controlled fortifications

Updated 5/6/20
Maybe we dont need it to be a home hex, maybe it can just be any arable hex if no other fortifications.

Gold or resources used to temporarily

  • upgrade number of units mustered in a fort
  • Increase defense of fort
  • Upgrade henchmen
  • Upgrade in game armies
  • Upgrade rpcss armies
  • Stock foundry to craft magical items
  • Implement commodity deeds and allow players to increase RPCSS taxes by .1 gold for every 500 resources. Cap at 1 gold week.
  • Convert 100k to 1 gold bar per week pop
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