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(June 2020)
(Week Four (RPCSS Turn 8))
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=July 2020=
=July 2020=
==Week Four (RPCSS Turn 8)==
==Week Four (RPCSS Turn 8)==
===Concerning the child in Cuige Uster===
''Last night our heroes found the body of a young girl who had been missing from the Cuige Ulster district in Evervale. Like the girl from Emlyn, this girl was found just inside the entrance to Underhill, in a shallow pool in the forward cave.  The leadership of the borough took possession of the body, performed an autopsy and arranged a closed casket pyre on the folkmoot attended by all of the locals.  Suspicion still follows the traveler Aianna as it is rumored she "found" the body.  Autopsy results are expected to be given to both the Grey Rider and Queen Maeve of Emlyn later today.
===Warding the Great Hall of Karrendal===
===Warding the Great Hall of Karrendal===

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News and Rumors are posted on a weekly basis by Alliance and Estate Leaders on the wiki. Other rumors generated from actions done in RPCSS is added to the in-game town crier and sent via the in-game postal system. Upcoming events can be found on the Message of the Day (.motd) in game. Further there is a #looking-for-role-play channel in our Discord Server. We encourage you to use the information provide in your role-play as this information is readily accessible to any one.

July 2020

Week Four (RPCSS Turn 8)

Concerning the child in Cuige Uster

Last night our heroes found the body of a young girl who had been missing from the Cuige Ulster district in Evervale. Like the girl from Emlyn, this girl was found just inside the entrance to Underhill, in a shallow pool in the forward cave. The leadership of the borough took possession of the body, performed an autopsy and arranged a closed casket pyre on the folkmoot attended by all of the locals. Suspicion still follows the traveler Aianna as it is rumored she "found" the body. Autopsy results are expected to be given to both the Grey Rider and Queen Maeve of Emlyn later today.

Warding the Great Hall of Karrendal

Brea is said to have slept the entire afternoon, awakening only when the sounds of the city's children returning in droves to the long hall. She called for a young Svartalmane who has been in her company non stop since his arrival a week ago, lovers? friends? she has not seen fit to explain his situation to anyone. She is dressed in only the thinnest of robes as the hall is warm in the summer with hundreds of children, guards, and parents inside. She walks the outer edges of the hall from the lowest level to the highest peak. She moves slowly, praying and chanting. Whatever it is she is singing is familiar to all of those in the hall, for every child raises their voice along with her, the words sound Alvdalen. The Svartalmane walks by her side, holding her upright as she touches more than 80 bindrunes carved on the posts and beams of the hall. When she is done, nearly retching in exhaustion and her companion looking little better off, the doors of the hall are closed and barred.


Candlelight flickers in the upper floor of Andalstad's smithy, as a lone figure sits upon a balcony overlooking the street to the the great Long House. There is much speculation as to why Jarl Dokharr is here. Does he sit in vigil for the return of his Queen? Or does he watch over Brea's seat of power, defending it in her absence? What is known, he rarely leaves only on short trips to collect supplies, or to walk the perimeter of the great house.

An Interrogation Gone Wrong

Following the successful defense of Emlyn, Maeve and Lara agree to the reanimation of the witch of Abraxes in order to interrogate her. To power the ritual, Jadan of Brekka and Aianna Mhuir were tasked with a delicate job to help empower the ritual. Jadan is rumored to have approached it with some hesitancy while Aianna accomplished with gusto.

However, unknown to our heroes, the crystals recovered from Raeyithia and housed beneath Emlyn in the catacombs, were close by and the ward around them failing. As the magic of the ritual commenced and the interrogation proceeded, it was clear that both the witch and a darker voice spoke through the same person, responding concurrently. Little information was gleaned save that the crystals were precious to Abraxes for reasons the witched guessed as a "Fear of forgetting himself."

Soon after this information was gleamed, the ritual took a dark turn. Just as the ritual was completed, the power of the magics caused the warding of the crystals to fail, and they bobbed up to the surface of a pool where they had been stored, close to where the ritual took place. These crystals dissolved and disappeared, perhaps spent to fuel what came next. The witch in the center of the ritual blew up in a fiery display of hostile magic, severely injuring Brea and Maeve in the process. The witch was burned to a crisp and the ritual ended.

Abraxes Attacks Emlyn

What began as a mysterious storm that settled over the city quickly grew into a fight for survival for the defenders of Caerleon. The Regent, Maeve, marshaled the defense and repealed three separate attacks that originated from the sky. First, the west of the city was hit by a large ball of fire and invading enemies, then the southeast of the city. Fires were contained before any permanent damage was done. After these attempts, a powerful force of attempted to march down the center of the city and take down the defenders and the castle, but were repealed when Maeve ordered a counter attack by the knights of Emlyn.

Soon after the bonfire summoned the players to itself and warned of an intruder below the city. After scrying and other methods to locate what turned out to be a witch of Abraxes, the defenders quickly captured her. The catacombs were warded to defend against such intrusion and the witch was seen to be confused and lost below the city. After a successful suicide attempted, Lara OX was seen to bind the spirit to the body and a group of mages brought in to sustain the binding until a later time.

Brighwell and Essendal


Rumors of a raid on a minor noble family has been reported. The manor house is on the borders between Essendell and Brighwell. The raiders were said to have moved in quickly, giving the family little warning. The lord attempted to flee at the last moment, but the raiders were able to overtake them, and both the family, its retainers and their gold was captured. No one knows the fate of the family, and the raiders were seen heading off to the west. Is the family with them? Sent to the slave markets? Dishonored and killed on route? (Estate owners may contact Ovadya/Ethan in discord if you want to respond to this action.)

Week Three (RPCSS Turn 7)

From Brea

A politely worded notice will be delivered by messenger to each Estate Owner.

Dear Sir/Madam

We have, hopefully, reached a general accord as to what the reach of one lord's area of rightful law and obligation is -- those hexacres directly under their control. We have acknowledged any lord's right to enter into treaty with another to modify or expand upon that simple premise. We have agreed that it is a lord's right to determine and enforce the laws in their own lands. In short, we have made a great deal of progress. I applaud each of you for your part in these discussions.

There will be, I am sure, many more points that will come under consideration, but one I think must be addressed sooner rather than later. What if someone commits a crime within your borders but then flees to another's lands? What then is to be done or what if anything can we expect? We each come from a wide variety of worlds and a plethora of legal systems. Enclosed, you will find an introduction to one solution, the concept of wergeld. It is a simple concept and it is my hopes that it will serve as a possible solution -- easy to implement and with reduced need for courts and arbitrators.

I look forward to discussing this, or other proposals, at our regular gathering, mid-week.

Yours in service,
Brea Wynne Wistari
Queen of Midvegr

On the transitions in Emlyn

Three times in fewer months, the leadership of Emlyn has been thrown to a new regent, the stalwart Maeve Ennis, tender of the Hearth Home. Rumors abound of the unstable nature of the former Regent, Aradel Loren, who stepped down mysteriously after appearing in poor health. The knights and councilors, as well as the active estate holders, hold Maeve in high regard and look to support her in the face off with Emlyn's enemies. Soon after Aradel stepped down, Maeve granted Carigsay to him as custodian, though few have seen him outside the estate's bounds.

Tarafeyn Erects a Grove around Princess Leilani

Stones were being blessed and consecrated in the name of Druantia and Herne, building pillars representing the eight holy days in the year. Lilitu was seen praying, warding each pillar in clockwise fashion around the grove protecting her daughter Leilani. With the presence of the mystical stones in place, Princess Leilani had shown a swift growth spurt within the last week and almost over night as candles were brought by villagers to honor the young dryad princess.

Gossip is spreading with mirth as many who have come to bring gifts say they have heard gentle cooing and sometimes crying of an infant on the rustling leaves around the young tree.

Week Two (RPCSS Turn 6)

Turmoil in Andus

There appear to be two versions of this news spreading. The first is:

Decades, no, centuries, of oppression in Andus have been brought to an end! A coordinated uprising, spearheaded by slave-gladiators and a band of escaped slaves, swept through Al Shadiya this week. The heroes fought their way through the city, freeing slaves and bonded servants as they went. Slave masters and traders were executed for their crimes against the people, and any buildings that supported their hateful practices were destroyed. The Liberators were aided by warriors and benefactors from several other kingdoms, who will be honored by having their names etched on a stone displayed proudly above the throne of Andus. The uprising's leader, Tyrseus, has been ordained as Vizier of Andus with the approval of the people. May he rule with a fairer and more compassionate hand than the former "masters" of the city.

The second version is:

The feelings of uneasiness and unrest in Al Shadiya finally exploded into violence this week. "Discontented" slaves, probably spurred on by Al Shadiya's enemies, rose up in a bloody attack against the city's upstanding citizens. Innocent people all over the city were brutally murdered, and this beautiful jewel of a city was left bloodstained, ransacked, and burned. The mob's leader, a great brute of a minotaur, took the golden throne by force and now styles himself "Vizier". Those of us who escaped the city fear to return while the Usurper continues to terrorize our once-beautiful home.

Princess of Tarafeyn, Leilani! "Welcome to the World!"

A great hunt left Tarafeyn in bulk of venison and rabbit meat. Offering opportunity to host a giant feast inviting other kingdoms to join in the feast. Aianna the Brave helped usher in the peasants to the food line behind the stew bubbling with potatoes and sweet carrots feeding the hungry.

Cora Silverleaf entertained the villagers as they all broke bread, celebrating the season of the honey bee. She was seen doing acrobatic flips in the air flipping and twirling with ribbons about her, even gifting some of the colorful ribbons to patrons for good luck!

Amidst the feast, the Guardian had reported having contractions through out the morning, she actually gave birth with the aid of the midwife Aianna, and the encouragement of Cora, both making sure she was safe with the holy men and woman around the consecrated grounds before running off to share the details with those left at the feast.

Good News travels fast, as all come to see the new sapling being guarded at the hallowed grounds near the temple in Tarafeyn. It is said the Guardian has not left the saplings side as she wait's for her daughter the princess Leilani to emerge from her anchor in this world.

Week One (RPCSS Turn 5)

A Question of Law

At the fairgrounds there gathered a number of landed Lords and four of the five kingdom rulers to discuss just how far one's rule and law extended. The debate hinged between only as far as ones occupied hexacres or until its border met another's. There was no agreement reached but the topics ranged; who has jurisdiction if a crime is committed? Who is responsible if visitors are harmed within one's borders? Who has a claim on unoccupied estates? Some claim that might makes right and only the fittest survive. Others that we have a responsibility to all the people and lawlessness benefits no one.

As then gathering ended, a compromise was proposed for discussion and consideration. It is rumored that another discussion will be hosted this evening.

Celebration at the Tarafeyn Vineyard

This Saturday was enjoyed at the Vineyard giving dessert samples out to the villagers and party goers coming to try the new sweet wines and dessert meads. It was a quiet affair and the Guardian spent time with the Hearth Mother of Emlyn enjoying a calm evening.


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