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From Sanctuary Shard

If you are interested in playing RPCSS but do not feel you have the time to devote to running a guild, I have need of players interested in running NPC Houses.

I have room for what I am calling NPC Houses in the game. These houses are a type of seer or storyteller's role and the house will only need one person to run it, not a group of people. The house will represent some group of NPCs. The options are pretty open, as long as the idea fits in to the current map and storyline. To begin with I'm looking for 3-4 people who are willing to run RPCSS on behalf of their region and dedicate one of the character slots to playing this NPC leader.

The goals for having NPC Houses is to keep the storyline moving along. More details will follow, but here are the general guidelines:

  1. You don't get to have a house for your character, and you may only have a multi-castle as a place holder for your home hex, so don't expect 5 star housing service.
  2. You have control over your house and your NPC's action up until such time as I need you to do something to make a change in how things are going.
  3. I reserve the right to ask your house to end/die off.
  4. I expect you to play them fairly with a balance of "get along" and "create conflict" to move storylines along.
  5. You may not make allies of other houses with out my permission.
  6. These NPC house leaders are very likely to also be on staff, and that's fine.

In addition to running the house, I will need a basic write up that explains what motivates the house so that the players can have some idea as to how your house functions. Such as, "Is known to be aggressive when threatened" or "can be easily manipulated but then never forgives if discovered".

Current NPC Noble Houses

Saeculariabannerfile.jpg Imperium Saecularia, Noble House of Midrvegr

The Imperium Saecularia is a rather mysterious force within the realm of Sanctuary. Appearing seemingly overnight, their members practice and promote the propagation of secularism wherever they are found. Their followers believe that through the disavowment of both religion and the divine, inhabitants of Sanctuary may find enlightenment and self-empowerment. While all outside appearances indicate the Imperium is genuine in their endeavors, rumors speak of darker and more sinister intentions. Read More ..

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