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Limited Functionality

From Sanctuary Shard

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This skill has been deemed as being of Limited Functionality on Sanctuary and we do not support its use. If you've taken this skill by accident please page in-game for a skill swap.

August 20th, 2019

If the above text shows up on a page you were looking at we have deemed the skill to be disabled or has limited functionality on this shard and you should seriously consider if you want to waste skill slots on it. If you took this skill accidentally and want to swap it out for another skill you may page and request a change.

Limited functionality may be due to a number of reasons
  • Artwork for the skill is not currently available with our client and needs to wait for an update.
  • The skill never had any real functionality in UO in the first place.
  • We are reserving the skill for other designs not yet ready.

Please note that we may eventually implement or upgrade this skills, when that happens, we usually offer another skill swap.

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