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Known Issues (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

There are a number of Known Issues that are currently being worked on and do not need to be posted as a bug, or are responsible for what appears to be entirely seperate bugs. Please read this before posting a bug.

  • The map is VERY persnickety. The toolset we went with has been a bitch to make work smoothly. We know about it, and have been working on it for ages. If it gets all twisted up and isn't responding, actively log out and close the tab/browser and log back in.
  • Sometimes the map doesn't let you choose a hex. This happens normally when submitting more then one scout order. This is another known map issue we are hunting down. The simple fix for it is to go to the dashboard and then back to the role in-between issuing the orders.
  • Logout does not currently rest properly after end of turn. You need to either close the tab that had the website open in, or close your browser.
  • The last time submitted is off due to time zones and will be fixed eventually.
  • It is very difficult to match up hex number to map location given the current design. Do yourself a favor and make notes or take screenshots.
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