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Introduction (RPCSS)

From Sanctuary Shard

RPCSS will forever change the way we role-play. Never before has the UO RP community had access to this type of tool. Many shards have tried to implement the concept using dice rules and staff. RPCSS takes this to an entirely new level that is fair, immersive and timely.

June 2019

More then 15 years have come and gone

A few weeks ago Mith and I were asked if we were ever going to put Sanctuary back up.  We promised to take a look at things and see what our options were.  Unfortunately, the old scripts and art would take far to much work to recover with no assurance that they would actually run.  So the answer was no.

However, the conversations with staff and admins continued and we started coming up with the idea of a new server that would combine the high fantasy elements of Sanctuary with the recently developed RPCSS system Mith wrote for Second Life.  Those conversations became more and more interesting, as we realized that we could integrate RPCSS with UO in ways not at all possible in Second Life.

RPCSS stands for Role-Play Conquest Simulation System and it is a web-based tool that allows players to build armies, claim territory, fight wars, manage gold, and direct NPCs.  The rules of RPCSS are very similar to Game of Thrones: The Board Game, but it is online and allows many teams of players.  Using RPCSS player teams can compete for control of areas on the map.  

In Second Life, this created a fascinating backdrop for a political conflct storyline completely created by the players.  In Ultima Online, which has the ability to spawn monsters and NPCs, the idea can move to a whole new level. 

We are proud to announce a whole new way of role playing Ultima Online.  No longer will conflict be restricted to player to player conflict or inconsistent seer run stories -- RPCSS allows players to actually move armies across the world map, fight other player and NPC armies, and claim regions, towns, and resources.  

And more then just a conquest simulation system, the combination of RPCSS with an online role-play community means that all the fascination of political, martial and economic conflict role-play becomes available.  If you loved Game of Thrones, and wished you could have written the last season yourself -- this is your chance to play out a storyline that is created by the players, never scripted.

We invite you to take a look at the teaser video that we created for Second Life last year.


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