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The Huldra-folk of Midrvegr are relatively common as they managed to hide amoung the more human population there. Anyone who has studied the history of Cuiveinen will immediately notice the similarities between the Huldra and the earliest tales of the Children of the Forest. In fact, the Huldra claim that they are the purest of the Daoine Sídhe, perhaps even their predecessors. Their claim has met with some support from historians in Meissa as it is wildly known that Midrvegr suffered the least amount of racial blending. It is possible that it was the Tuatha De Danann who gave the Children their proto-gaelic name.

Either way, the Huldra of Midrvegr do seem to have retained most of their unusual characteristics over the last two millennia blending animal and plant traits in their natural form. They might possess patches of bark-like skin, cowtails or foxtails, softly tufted ears, a cloven foot or two, or even small horns. They are also known as Skogsrå, "forest spirits", and worship an earth mother figure known as Holda. Curiously, Huldra often have pale red hair which begs the argument that the Huldra are more Gaelic then they think. Huldra males typically have a natural beast form that is reminiscent of a bull. (We use the Oni graphic)


Stories of the Huldra abound throughout Midrvegr; tales of them seducing men and turning them into introverts, helping lost strangers, tending forge fires, tricking miners, and so on. Generally, both the male and female Huldra are far more fauna then they are flora.

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