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House Application

From Sanctuary Shard

The goal of your noble house is to rule an area of the map, and then to eventually rule one of the five kingdoms or support another houses' intention to rule. The ultimate goal of ruling a kingdom is to place a favored deity upon one of the Arcanum Crystals. Players accomplish this goal with the management and direction of large NPC armies in RPCSS. We expect noble house teams to be as small as three, where each of the players represent one of the house's leadership positions -- consider the "small council" of Game of Thrones.

Designing your House

I want to take a moment to offer some good general advice as you go about designing your house for Sanctuary. Noble Houses, which are part of the RPCSS world conquest system, are more then UO Guilds -- who often required nothing more then a group of friends with a love of hunting or crafting to form. The Noble Houses in Sanctuary are a vital part of the storyline and will face continual role-play challenges. It is crucial that you have a firm grasp of your own story, deity, ethics and goals. Read More ..

Submitting your Application

The process for establishing an RPCSS Noble House/Guild changed after 9/1/19 when the shard went live. The process now requires role-play establishment before an application is approved and the team set up in RPCSS. This article will explain the process in detail but the basic concept is simple -- role-play comes first. Read more ..

Application Form

Name of House
Which Kingdom do you hope to rule / Which Noble House do you intend to support?
The goal of RPCSS is to rule: either to rule directly, or to support the rulership of another house. They are not "guilds" loosely integrating players together; they have an agenda that specifically involves wanting to rule one or more of the kingdoms directly or via alliance. Tell us the goal of your Noble House. If you only want to define a banner house, please indicate that here.
What God or Goddess are you hoping to place on the Arcanum Crystal?
The point of ruling a kingdom is to bring a deity of your choosing into greater power. Tell us which god this is.
Player Names
I will need to see a total of three people, including you, in this group before it's approved.
Brief History
We do not currently have a working timeline for the kingdoms, so I don't expect anyone to have a detailed history. I just want to know how long ago the house was founded, how it was founded, and what its formation is basically about.
Membership Target
What type of characters are you looking to recruit? (Try to be as inclusive as possible)
RPCSS Army Units
RPCSS has three types of generic human-form units, infantry, knights and seige equipment. RPCSS will be connected to UO to spawn these army units in-game as mobs, functioning as champ spawns. We are unable to customize spawns, at this time, and Noble House leaders are expected to make use of these three units without any modification. Read More ..
Please confirm that you understand the initial implementation, and how it fits within your house lore.
I'd like to see a day in the life story to get a feel for how the house operates; as well as your own writing skill. Please keep it to under 750 words. I'm looking for something that captures the political agenda and role-play favor of the house. Keep scene descriptions and character specifics to a minimum.
If you are accepted to run a house in RPCSS there will be weekly requirements for your participation. They are: holding a 2-hour council chamber meeting open to anyone who needs to role-play with you, posting a short rumor/status on the shard newsletter, and submitting your RPCSS actions. Please sign that you understand the requirements and agree to them. Read More ...

Approval Steps

  1. After you post your application, it will be reviewed; this could take as long as a week.
  2. During this time, you will want to make sure you have all three players, including yourself, listed on the application. Your application won't be approved without three players.
  3. At some point a discussion or post will be made as to if there is an available slot in RPCSS for your team.
  4. Please note that not every house will have an in-game fort/castle/village to start with. If you wish to lay claim to a particular area on the map not otherwise under another team's control, please let Lara know.
  5. To keep things from getting crazy, Banner Houses will not get in-game areas as they are unable to defend them without being set up in RPCSS. Banner Houses should consider using homes in a capital for their RP base.
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