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November 12,2020: Our Winter Story Arc has began, Read More. Auto-account creation. Please join us in Discord.
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Getting Started

From Sanctuary Shard

Welcome to Sanctuary, this page should serve to help new players acclimate to the shard as easily as possible. A variety of important tips and suggestions have been included.

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What the heck game is this ...

If you ever played any online games like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Everquest, you will be familiar with the concept. We play in a game called Ultima Online, which is old, older then Everquest and has a graphic quality like Minecraft. UO was hacked about a million years ago, and people have been running private servers of the game for over 20 years. Some private servers are into gaming, some into player vs player, some into socializing ... all of ours have always been about the RP.

The game itself is pretty cool, its not as grindy as skyrim or WoW, its sort of half way between most MMORPGS and things Like Second Life and MVU. It's what they call a sandbox game. It is in fact the original sandbox game.

What platform can you play this game on? PC?
Windows, Mac , and Linux, but not on tablet or phone.
Does it cost money?
No, it doesn't cost anything to either download or play.

See Also

Getting Help

Unfortunately, one page doesn't explain it all, and we encourage you to use the search feature of this wiki to answer other questions that you have. If you can not find an answer to your question we have a #game-questions channel in our Discord.

Our shard is founded on the basic premise that you are our welcome guest and that we will strive to be good hosts. We have a friendly and helpful community that wants to get to know both you and your character. Please do come join us in discord as well as in the game.

Bug reports and game questions should be posted to the forums. Please make an account.

Jump Right In

Unless you want a shape change before you begin playing, there is no need to create an application before creating an account. You can head directly to our Downloads section and follow the instructions to download the client and our custom files. We are set up for auto-account creation so you may log in immediately.

All player characters are heroes coming from alternate worlds, they are not natives. Consequently, you do not need to know all of the lore of the shard to start playing. We encourage you to read the Origin Myth and the Upon your arrival ... page however.

Please note
  1. We require standard role-play naming conventions for both characters and pets.
  2. Do not choose elf or gargoyle during character creation. Both are broken to some degree.
  3. We do not wish to have "earth religions" introduced by "characters from historical earth". Lets keep things in the fantasy realm, earth-like religions from earth-similiar worlds are just fine.

Play Styles

There is plenty of room here for a variety of play styles. If you are a casual role-player or prefer light low-conflict role-play, Summer Isle/Underhill is ideal for you. If you like hard-core conflict driven role-play with mature experienced role-players the world map, Cuivienen, is designed for just for this. More information can be found on the Map & Facets page.

Role-play PvP is only possible on Cuivienen as part of the shard storyline, it is not possible on Summer Isle or Underhill.


We encourage you to take your time considering the wiki and the shard storyline before you submit an application. Here are some of the common issues that come up during the application process.

One, if you do not wish a shape change or a role-play ability then you do not need to submit an application at all.

Two, if you wish to claim a Feudal Estate you will need to apply.

Choosing Skills

We are in continual development of our game mechanics as we retro-fit a recent set of UO mechanics to a pre-AOS state. This means that skills may not work as you assume they work, or even that the manual may not yet have caught up to the storm of changes being done every week. See: User Manual

Our .spec system:

  • Is required for all characters
  • Immediately trains the chosen skills to 60
  • Can be changed and any time during the first six days and still get your choosen skills to 60. Afterwhich yu can change skills but don't get the 60 bump.


Gold is easy to come by for new players now that we have implemented the Job System.

  • Conserve your starting gold, and check out our Job System to earn some gold.
  • Take a resource/harvest skill.
  • Train expensive skills, like magery, last.
  • Don't assume you can sell everything to NPCs. Check what NPC vendors sell, because it is usually what they buy.
  • Look to join a guild/noble house, most of them help out new players.

Our player run economy is slowly developing. All player vendors are in the starter area, the town of Evervale, on Summer Isle.

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