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From Sanctuary Shard

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We will be using the last set of Serv UO scripts that we built. The user manual will contain only those aspects which are non-standard additions. To those who have never played UO before; this wiki does not teach you how to play UO, rather it assumes you know how, and only need to know what is new or different from standard game play. We will make an effort to provide a selection of other websites for players new to the game mechanics.

Custom and Not AOS

Our shards have always been custom shards. One of the things that my husband, Mithril, and I love to do is design new game systems. Consequently, you should be prepared for any and all of the functionality to be changed at any point. We change things for all the normal reasons; balanced, fairness, equitability, and gameplay. We also change things because we want to do something new or interesting. Here are some common guidelines we follow for design:

  1. Combat skills should be for combat, craft skills should be for crafting. Any cross over of this, such as magery bonuses from inscription or ax damage bonuses from lumberjacking will be removed.
  2. Equality in builds: We don't like "weird exceptions" that force a player to make a min/max build over a role-playing build simply to be equitable. That's not to say every weird build a role-player comes up with will be effective, but rather that the lumberjack/ax build is not equitable as it penalizes any character who chooses a sword over an ax and lumberjacking.
  3. Quality of Life: Our shard community likes a difficult and rewarding game but there are a number of annoying designs in the UO code that need to be hunted down and murdered. We'll get to them, but other things are a priority.
  4. Doesn't fit our fiction: Like most games, UO was written to fit it's fiction. We will change or remove things that don't apply to our fiction, like the UO virtue system and the elven and gargoyle races.
  5. Anti Min/Max and Twitch Gaming: As a rule, we like games that provide fair choices, builds that are easy to setup, and combat that does not require extreme feats of dexterity. Too many options in combat is not necessarily a good thing and rewards the quick-fingered.
  6. Streamlined functionality: UO is an old game, and it has a lot of systems and ability, many of which break all rules of good design and are effectively little more than skill, ability, and spell bloat. AOS itself was the beginning of this downward trend.

Consequently, we have AOS (Age of Shadow) changes DISABLED on Sanctuary. We are not using any of the elemental resists or elemental damage options now standard in Ultima Online. Instead, we are using a blend of new stuff with the elemental aspects turned off, as well as a return to the old magic item options for power, destruction, etc. We understand that some of the screens (gumps) still show elemental resists, but they SHOULD NOT affect game play. (If they do please report it.).

This means that many of the skills in-game are not exactly like standard UO; so when reading UO Stratics or UO Guide, please keep this in mind. We are working on rewriting many of the systems heavily influanced by AOS.

Known Issues & Pending Changes

Update 7/22/2020
  • Forensic Evaluation is a combination of Item Idea, Forensics, and Taste ID.
  • Devotion (was Chivalry) and Precision (was Bushido) have been completed. Deception (was Ninjitsu) is still broken but a design is pending.
  • Camping, Focus and Meditation have been given an upgrade/review.
  • There was a melee and mob combat upgrade/review on June 6th, 2020 that effected a lot of functionality: CC 6.20
  • The first two of the new magic skills Evocation and Druidry have been released for player testing. The next three are begin designed and thus Necromancy which is broken will be replaced.
  • Changes to an inscription, cartography, artistry, gate and recall are planned: Forum thread here
  • Intonation replaces Peacemaking, Provocation, and Discordance.
Please Report
We are sure that there will be a number of things we find that will need to be fixed, as it stands, between now and Go Live (9/1). Staff reserve the right to fix/confiscate anything they think is either unbalanced or just plain ugly. Please help out and report any of the following things:
  1. Glowing or spangled colored items.
  2. New or unexpected drops on mobs -- especially if it's a new mob.
PvP Balance
Many of the new skills have not been balanced for PvP. There will be a massive PvP balance after all the other skill rewrites are complete.

General Information

How to Train Skills
Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..
When you die in-game you can be resurrected by a player an NPC healer or an ankh. Healer and ankh locations are marked on the WORLD MAP (not map) of the client. Zoom in to see the map labels. If you can not get back to your body, your items, minus gold and your loot bag, will go back to your bank in 10-15 mins.
UO has three basic stats; Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence which determine a characters hit points, stamina and mana. Read More ..
New player hunting is available on Summer Isle. Regular higher-end hunting is available in Summer Isle dungeons and the Underhill map. Moving armies comprised of champ and mini champ spawns are found on Cuiveinen. Read More ..
Armor on Sanctuary is pre-aos with heavy customization. Read More ..
Player vs Player
There are two ways in which player vs player conflict is initiated and resolved on Sanctuary; PvP and RPCSS. All PvP on Sanctuary is restricted to Cuiviénen (the mainland). Read More ..
Message of the Day
Sanctuary uses a message of the day command (.MOTD) which also functions as our event calendar. Players can create their own events and tag a location allowing guests to join them at the event location. All players are welcome to create and host events; this is not exclusive to seer-run events only.Read more...
Custom Player Commands
Sanctuary has a number of custom commands that players should familiarize themselves with. Read More ..
Housing and Decorating
We offer both player housing and player shops. You can have a total of 9 houses and 1 shop. Houses can not have vendors, and shops are required to have stocked vendors. Shops are restricted to specific shopping districts.Read More..
We have implemented the ability for players to decorate houses and then sell the house with the decorations inside. It is a feature of the housing sign and is open to any player with the funds to rent the house during the renovations. We have hundreds of houses, and there should be plenty of homes for players to decorate and flip. Further, it is our intention to run monthly decoration contests. Read More ..
Post System
We have a very useful custom postal service available via the Postmaster NPC. The basic postal system allows you to send a container or book to any other character (you can search by name), send items COD, and order custom items from crafters. Read Me..
Engraving Tool
We offer an engraving system to allow customization of most crafted items, either by creating a custom name or (at GM skill) a custom .look. Read More ..
Playable games pending. Read Me..
How to Quest
What to expect on a seer ran quest and how to maximize your role-play. Read Me..

Combat Skills

Most of the melee, barding, and spell casting skills have either been heavily modified or are in the process of being re-written. Please review the skills as documented.

Barding Skills

Musicianship is the support skill for Intonation is one of our two required bard skills. Read more ..
Intonation was Discordance
Combines Discord, Peacemaking and Provocation.
New Barding Design
The four barding skills are being rolled into two skills and paired up with a revised hiding/stealth, deception, and mystisicm. The Musicianship and Intonation changes have been completed. Read more ..

Melee Skills

See Also
Weapon Combat, Mob Combat
Anatomy is a necessary support skill for the melee weapon skills and healing. Read more ..
Archery is the skill needed for all bows and cross-bows. Read More ..
The fencing skill is used for most stabbing weapons. Read more ..
The Focus skill could be defined as the "Warrior's Meditation Skill." Read me ..
Healing allows you to heal close by players with bandages. Read More ...
Mace Fighting
Mace Fighting is the skill needed to use blunt and mace weapons, including staves. Read more ..
Parrying is used to block melee blows or archery shots from opponents. Read More ...
Swordsmanship is the skill needed for most of the bladed slasher weapons, including daggers, swords, and polearms. Read More ..
Tactics is a necessary support skill for the melee weapon skills. Read Me ..
This skill has been disabled on Sanctuary until the development team can take a look at its functionality. Read More ..
Wrestling is the unarmed combat skill and is rarely used. Read More ..

Warrior Specialities

Precision was Bushido
Precision is melee support skill that focuses on increasing out going direct damage while allowing you limited ability to parry with a two-handed weapon. Read more ..
Devotion was Chivalry
Devotion is a melee support skill that provides improved tanking and parry abilities. Read More ..
Deception was Ninjitsu
Deception is currently broken due to the disabling of AOS. Any player who has taking this skill should page for a skill swap. Read More ..

Spellcasting Skills

Druidry, which replaces Spellweaving, has been released for player testing. Druidry is the primary healing and buff skill of the new magic skills. Read More ..
Evocation is the primary damage-dealing magic skill.
Evaluating Intelligence
Incantation, which was Evaluate Intelligence, is the support skill for all damage spells in Evocation, Vahonomancy and Mysticism, as well as the skill used for utility spells including recall, gate and mark. Only Incantation spells can be made via Inscription. Read More..
Meditation both passively and actively regenerates mana.
Resisting Spells
Resisting spells reduces the effect/damage of incoming spells. Read more ..
Spirit Speak
Spirit Speak allows players to understand dead players as well as channel healing from monster corpses. Read More ..

Pending Spellcasting Changes

These new magic skills are currently in development. Players are advised to please read each wiki page on the skill to know the current status of the skill.

Influxion pending
This skill is being rewritten, its currently non-functional. Read More ..
Mysticism pending
This skill is being rewritten, its currently non-functional. Read More ..
Vahonomancy pending
Vahonomancy is currently being design as part of the new magic skill system, and will replace Necromancy. Read More ..

These magic skills are partially implemented and scheduled for replacement or removal.

Magery being removed soon
Magery is the primary skill of the spell caster. Magery is not recommended to first time players as it is both difficult and costly to level up. Read More ..
Necromancy being replaced
Necromancy is the primary skill of the Necromancer. Necromancy has been significantly crippled by the implementation of Pre-AOS. Read More ..

Thieving Skills

This skill has little or no use on Sanctuary. Read more ..
Detecting Hidden
Detect hidden is used to reveal hidden mobs or players. Read More ..
Forensic Evaluation
This skill is a combination of Forensic Evaluation, Arms Lore, Taste Identification and Item Identification. Using "Forensic Evaluation" from the skills menu will use one of these four skills depending on the target. Read More ..
This skill allows a player to hide from other players and mobs. Read More..
Lock Picking
This skill allows a player unlock various types of treasure chests. Read more ..
This skill allows you to apply poison potions to one-handed swords, fencing weapons or food. Read more ..
Remove Trap
This skill has little or no functionality on Sanctuary, players should page for a skill swap. Read More ..
Snooping is active on Sanctuary but stealing is not. Read more ..
Stealing is effectively useless on Sanctuary, players should page for a skill swap. Read more ..
This skill allows you to walk while hidden. Read More ..

Wilderness Skills

Animal Lore
This skill is a support skill for Animal Taming. Read Me ..
Animal Taming
This skill allows you to tame combat animals. Read Me ..
Create a secure camp to restore exhaustion and concentration. Read More ..
Herding is primarily used to butcher animals and make candles.
This skill allows you to track nearby animals. Read more ..
This skill is a support skill for Animal Taming. Read more ..

Resource, Craft Skills & Utility Skills

All crafting on this shard is restricted to one of the six town crafting halls, a handful of NPC shops nearby those craft halls, and player owned buildings set as shops. Some crafting stations have been used as static deco but do not function. The most commonly used location is near the Evervale bank on Summer Isle (starting location).

Most of these skills function like the craft skills from Grimmwold except where the Grimmwold craft skill was nearly identical to OSI/Base UO anyway; in which case, we have used the updated version of the crafting skill from ServUO circa 2016. If you discover NON-AOS updates available on OSI/Base UO, and you'd like us to investigate adding them, please put the request on the forums.

Resource Skills

Herding is primarily used to butcher animals and make candles.
Farming was Taste Id
Farming is used to harvest food and alchemy reagents. Read More ..
This skill is used to harvest fish and some crafting resources.Read More ..
Lumberjacking is used to harvest wood and magery reagents. Read More..
Mining is used to harvest ore, sand, gems, and necromancy reagents. Read More..

Crafting Skills

This skill crafts metal armor and weapons. Read More..
This skill is used to make wooden and stone furniture and decoration. Read More..
Cooking + Alchemy 
Cooking makes food, inks, dyes, paints, and alchemy potions.Read More..
Fletching aka Bowcraft
This skill is used to make bows and wooden weapons. Read More..
Inscription + Artistry + Cartography
This skill allows you to create incantation spell scrolls, paint pictures, make maps and weave baskets. Read More..
This skill is used to make clothing, rugs, leather armor, decorations and magical footwear. Read More..
Tinkering is the art of creating tools and fine crafts from metal ingots. Read More..

Book Skills

[Cooking] produces magical potions.
[Herding] Bee farming and candle making
[Inscription] Create decorative baskets.
Beer Brewing 
[Cooking] Currently only in design.
Fine Furnishing 
[Carpentry] Crafting furniture release for the Asian art expansion
[Tinkering] Create bottles and decorative glass items.
Herb Harvesting 
[Farming] For harvesting alchemy herbs.
[Farming] For growing special potted plants.
[Tinkering] Create decorative pots and clay items.
[Lumberjacking] Not yet implemented.
Magical Tailoring 
[Tailoring] Create fast shoes and arcane garb.
Sidhe Carpentry 
[Carpentry] Crafting furniture released in the elven art expansion.
Special Dyes, Inks and Paints 
[Cooking] Crafting special clothing dyes, furniture paints, magical ink, and canvas paints.
Special Mining Resources 
[Mining] For mining sand, granite, and necromancy reagents.
Stone Crafting 
[Carpentry] Crafting items and furniture made out of stone.
Wide Loom Weaving 
[Tailoring] Craft rugs and tapestries.
[Lumberjacking] Harvests magery reagents.
Wine Crafting 
[Farming] Harvest grapes and craft fine wines.
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