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From Sanctuary Shard

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RPCSS is a web-based game tool that simulates the land-based war between kingdoms and other noble houses. RPCSS stands for Role-Play Conquest Simulation System and is used by players (who own Estates) to build and move virtual armies, manage a treasury, go to war, make allies and spy on their enemies. This is the current beta version of RPCSS, and is the first version to be integrated into Ultima Online. The alpha edition was play tested on Second Life for six months, and introduced some of the most dynamic and intense conflict role-play Mith and I have ever had the fortune of participating in.

RPCSS allows a completely player-run storyline to be implemented fairly and efficiently without the need for seers, and without the fear of favoritism or cheating. In short, world domination can happen using RPCSS. It will take strategy and the ability to build allies via role-play. But the bar has truly been raised.


How to Get an Estate Sanctuary allows individuals to own and control one of the 25 estates on the Cuiveinen mainland. The primary point of owning an estate is to participate in the political and martial conflict which is the backbone of the shard storyline. There are five-kingdom capital estates and 20 regional estates. Estates are granted via role-play with the kingdom ruler. Read More ..
For the new estate owner Expanded details for the new estate owner and kingdom ruler. What is available to you and what do we have planned for the future. Read More ..
RPCSS Manual The RPCSS User Manual is separate from the in-game user manual because RPCSS is a separate system that is accessed via the web, not from within UO. Web Game Link Read More ..
New Player Guide A series of suggestions for new players to RPCSS from Lara. Read More ..
Introduction RPCSS will forever change the way we role-play. Never before has the UO RP community had access to this type of tool. Many shards have tried to implement the concept using dice rules and staff. RPCSS takes this to an entirely new level that is fair, immersive and timely. Read More ..
Overview This article is intended to serve as a detailed overview of how RPCSS is suppose to work in design for those who are trying to wrap their head around the concept. Further details can be found in the RPCSS category on the Wiki, as well as on the RPCSS Manual page, also on the wiki. Read More ..
Q&A RPCSS is a complex concept for new players to grasp. It is actually a very easy system to use, but because it is something almost completely new to MMORPG role-play communities it can take some time to digest. We try and keep a list of commonly asked questions and their answers update. This page was significantly updated as part of May 4th RPCSS changes. Read More ..
Status This page is for house leaders and those who are interested in becoming house leaders. It contains a running list of information that Lara has provided. Read More ..
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