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November 12,2020: Our Winter Story Arc has began, Read More. Auto-account creation. Please join us in Discord.
Bem-vindo aos nossos novos jogadores brasileiros. Por favor leia

Auto Open

From Sanctuary Shard

This is the auto open page we will be using to make sure everyone is on page with the Winter Story Arc. Posts will be posted with the most recent first. All players are expected to play along with the Story Arc. We have a limited variety of alternate response. Consequently, if you do not feel as if the world impacting effects posted here would affect your character -- you may DM Lara to discuss -- you will be expected not to role-play until you have both spoken and a resolution agreed upon.

Para os nossos palestrantes portugueses - esta é uma informação importante que foi fornecida no wiki para que você possa copiar e colar facilmente no google tradutor. Isso deve ser lido todos os dias antes da encenação.

Friday, Dec 24, 2020

The following estates are available for new players to claim
Meissa, Haverbron, Arnlodge, Estervern, Raedoria, Molvernia, Tarnstead, Westleeuw, Heresevain

Thursday, Dec 23, 2020

Estate go up for grabs to the general player base tomorrow! Check back here for more details then.

Friday, Dec 18, 2020

Happy Holiday's to everyone. We would like to announce some changes to the shard, but before we get into that I feel that I have to provide some clear statements about the future of the shard.

Role-play is a team sport, a shared story, and it can not happen without players dedicated to creating role-play. The staff and admins understand that our players want seer run storylines - we really do. However, against all effort, the fact remains that our team simply does not have seers. Players will have to create their own roleplay -- all we can do is provide a mechanical framework that simulates a living world.

If you do not choose to role-play your hunting or crafting -- that is your choice. If you do not role-play with posted News and Rumors -- that is your choice. If you do not use the MOTD and Looking for RP feature to find others to RP with -- that is your choice. If you do not role-play with the activity generated in RPCSS by Estate Owners -- that is your choice. If you do not role-play with in-game quests -- that is your choice.

So that brings us to the changes we are going to make to hopefully make the mechanical options more accessible:

  1. We will be removing the alliances and returning to normal UO guild stones placeable by any player with a rented house.
  2. We will be making RPCSS estates "claimable" by any player with the UO Gold to claim one.
    • Estates will start off with an increased base number of hexes, armies, and court level.
    • The number of hexes an estate can control will be raised to 20 hexes to encourage more conflict between nearby estates.
    • NPC Estates will also be implemented to keep the living world alive and challenging.
  3. In game quests will be implemented over time. These will be simple quests in the style UO is known for.

Additional living world tools will be designed and implemented over time. It is our hope that these tools will provide additional avenues to spark role-play.

Keep an eye on the update thread for both RPCSS and the Shard to know when these chances will be officially released.

Wednesday, Dec 16, 2020

To our new players: I see we have quite a number of new players who have joined recently. I'd like to take a moment to welcome you all and give you an update of what is in the works for the shard in the next few weeks, more details will follow, but here is a quick snap shot.

We use a web based games system, think of it like a multi player online game of risk. This system allows a player to claim a castle in game, and control (virtually) the land around it, its armies, treasury and spies. This system allows players to roleplay as the owner/lord of the estate and have rp conflict with other estate owners. This provides a fascinating back drop to conflict RP.

Right now RPCSS is down while we do some updates, those updates will include the ability for any player, with enough gold, to claim an available state. So feel free to look around at the various estates on the mainland and save up your gold! The next wave of war and conquest is about to begin and you could be in the thick of things.

Sunday, Dec 6th, 2020

Good Afternoon Everyone -- Staff has been having some pow wows and are brainstorming on some ideas that will motivate players to log in. However, as you all know -- players must also be part of the process of keeping the motivation going. Our winter quest will be entering its final phase for wrap up, and as soon as we have a date and time it will be posted. In the meantime I hope everyone is safe and sound.
~ Staff and Admins

The previous posts on the Winter Story Arc have been moved to the News and Rumors page.

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