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Sanctuary does not currently support normal UO guilds. The guild system is reserved for political alliance role-play on the main land, Cuiviénen. If you feel there is a need for another political group in the role-play you may fill out an Alliance Application and post it to the forums here. Please note that this is not the application for estate owners, that requires just the normal character application.

Active Alliances

May 5, 2020: Alliances are currently reforming. If you are the leader of an alliance that you intend to bring into the new story line, please message Lara in discord to have your listing restored. (Please note we are in the process of an RPCSS redesign.) The following allianceds are confirmed as being active.

Dawnlightbannerfile.png The Dawnlight Accord

Strife comes in many forms, leaving a blanket of darkness that weighs heavily upon all. However, slivers of light can be found if sought with diligence. The recent plight of Sanctuary has given rise to this newly formed Alliance, backed with strength, compassion, and a thirst to discover the keys to unlocking the doors to its future. It welcomes those who support the preservation and progression of life. Read More ..

GNAbannerfile.jpg The Great Northern Army

The current rulers of Kraestret and Miðrvegr have formed an alliance for the purposes of protection and the promotion of culture. They believe that Kraestret's Slavic-Germanic influence is a proper partner to the Nordic traditions of Midrvegr and have found allies to rely on. The alliance is ruled by a council of estate owners and overseen by Queen Daciana of Kraestret. Read More ..

Prismaticbannerfile.png The Prismatic Sovereignty

For centuries, over many worlds, dragons and dragon kind have both terrorized and peacefully coexisted with humans and elves. A new age has arrived, with the opportunity to see bonds between dragons and dragon riders form again, a chance to rule and expand the power afforded to those loyal to The Prismatic Sovereignty and the primordial world shapers as the Royal House of Emlyn. Read More ..


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